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  • 1. Going mobile - tips, tricksand tools for building... ....mobile web-apps. Joshua May

2. /whois notjosh Joshua May Web developer Tinkererer 3. So, hows mobile these days? 4. Short answer Better Faster Stronger 5. Less short answer More handsets More capable networks More powerful devices 6. Exhibit A 7. (predictably) 8. A dream come true Standard Capable Emulator exists 9. Lets take a look.. 10. Looks good, no? 11. But then.. 12. Standard no more! 13. Exhibit B 14. The dream..+ 15. The dream..+ 16. And suddenly, reality checks in.. 17. A world of problems awaits.. 18. Lets start with the obvious 19. No mouse 20. Small screen 21. (often) num-pad input 22. And then less obvious(but more painful reality) 23. 100s of devices 24. 100s of rmwarerevisions 25. Resolutions Fonts Capabilities Orientation 26. :( 27. Put in familiar terms.. 28. versus many many MANY Nokias webkit versions Openwave on Opera mini & mobile many many MANY Pocket IEdevices Docomo(..& more!) (and resolutions) 29. IE6 isnt so bad after all now, is it? 30. It only gets worse.. 31. Semantic HTML (using lists properly, text-replacement with images, etc) 32. No. 33.

34. Maybe sometimes. 35.