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Going Green Organization!. By: Breana Harty. Situation. Small space Hard to employee more people Some workers don’t have office space to work in Bad decoration (Look) . Office space now . Action. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Going Green Organization!

Going Green Organization!By: Breana HartySituation Small space Hard to employee more people Some workers dont have office space to work in Bad decoration (Look)

Office space now

ActionRent, or lease more office space outside from the city that we are currently in (San Diego, California) to rent out a bigger office space outside of the city is currently $2600.00 a month. Our other option is to lease a building for three years at the price of $2330.00. Build our own office to build our own office would cost about $500,934.00. Good things about building our own office is that it would be to our liking and we could get it to be as big as we need it. Down falls to this is that it would cost a lot more money. Buy to buy a building outside of the city the price is about $67,950.00. Its a nice building and attracts people in from the look of it on the outside. The building is a little smaller than want.Recommendation Length and width: 587 square feet building will be large enough to have at least 50 small offices allowing people to have an office to do their work in. Outside look: painted, with our company name a Lego big and bold on the outside to catch peoples eyes and attract them to come in. Inside look: A sitting area for the volunteers, a cafeteria where you can purchase food and drinks, bolt proof glass dividing each of the offices allowing the area to look more open and welcoming. Transportation: A van taking the volunteers place to place to pick trash, well need several vans. Parking lot: about 200 parking spots, black tar

Implement Branch out and get more businesses.At some point get more businesses in each state.Be successful.Get enough employees for each company place.Get more and more people to help raise money for the organization.

Evaluate With expanding branches and expending the business we hope our organization will become more successful and make more money. We hope more people will attend our events. Our goal is to get more and more people every year join our organization and help clean up the city. With getting a new building we plan on making it look nicer and more presentable to catch peoples eyes and want to come in. We hope our organization will want more people to volunteer and help clean up the environment!StoryWe first started our organization when a friend and I were walking on the beach, and saw a baby turtle washed upon shore with a plastic bag around its fin and neck. My friend and I proceeded to unwrap the turtle from the plastic and let the turtle free. We then walked down the beach a little farther when we saw a bunch of plastic bags and garbage floating in the water. The friend and I cleaned up all the garbage. And thats when we decided to start the going green organization, to help clean up the environment.

New Office Space

Status Quo If I dont receive the money I need for my organization we will stay in the building we have now until we get enough money to branch out.