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2. Ambient environment Hotel EMS ISO 14001:2004 Hotel environmental objectives & best practice CONTENT 2 3. Ambient environment 3 4. Global warming Climate change AMBIENT ENVIRONMENT 4 5. What is climate change ? AMBIENT ENVIRONMENT 5 6. CONSEQUENT 6 7. REASONS 8. Hotel EMS ISO 14001:2004 Note : EMS - Environmental Management System 8 9. 9 Hotel Department by Department A B C Departments HOTEL EMS ISO 14001HOTEL EMS ISO 14001 EMS Environmental Management SystemEMS Environmental Management System Review Legal and Other Requirements Aspects / KCMT Legal Requirements/ Yu cu lut php Significant evaluation Regulated Potential Release Energy and Business Plan Env. Load Significant Aspects/ KCMT c ngha Not Significant 10. Activities/ Hot ng Aspects/ Kha cnh Impacts Office activities/ Hot ng vn phng - Paper consumption/ Tiu th giy - Energy consumption/ Tiu th in - Depletion of natural resources/ Tiu th TNTN - Global warming/ Tri t nng ln REASONS ENVRIONMENTAL ASPECTS 11. 11 Categorize Objectives and Targets Develop Environmental Management Programs Project Plan HOTEL EMS ISO 14001:2004HOTEL EMS ISO 14001:2004 EMS Environmental Management SystemEMS Environmental Management System Develop Procedures and Work Instruction Tasks, Responsible Parties, Time Frames Operational Controls Monitoring and Measurement EMPs Procedures Guideline.1 Guideline.2 Guideline.3 Objectives and Targets/ Mc tiu v ch tiu Environmental Management Programs / Chng trnh MT Procedures - Work Instruction/ Th tc hng dn cng vic Control/ Maintain (e.g., Regulatory Compliance) Improvement (e.g., Energy Reduction) Study (e.g., Feasibility Study) Significant Aspects/Significant Aspects/ KCMT c nghaKCMT c ngha 12. 12 ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY Creating a better environmental quality both inside and outside the hotel. Achieving compliance with the Vietnamese legislation Reducing the negative impacts on the environment. Advance technologies and equipment continuously to increase productivity, save materials and fuel, limit and prevent pollutions Value the hotels environmental vision at all time. Establishing, implementing and maintaining Environment Management Systems in accordance with ISO 14001 Lend a hand to all stakeholders, and our staff to make concerted efforts on environmental protection Learn through training and concerned activities to enhance our awareness on environmental protection Encouraging all of the Hotels staff to support the Environmental Policy 13. 13 ENVIRONMENTAL DOCUMENT Level 1: Environmental manual Level 2: Procedures: - Environmental aspects - Document control - Legal requirements - Emergency response - Training - Nonconformity - Communication - Internal audit Level 3: Guideline - Green office practices - Waste management - Chemical management Level 4: Record 14. Energy saving : 3% Water saving : 20% Objectives Waste sorting Stationery Utilization Green purchasing Increasing staffs awareness 14 HOTEL OBJECTIVES & BEST PRACTICES 15. 15 HOTEL BEST PRACTICES 16. 16 ENERGY SAVING 17. 17 WATER SAVING 18. 18 STATIONERY UTILIZATION Double-side paper Recycled paper 19. 19 WASTE SORTING 20. 20 GREEN PURCHASING 21. 21 INCREASE STAFFS AWARENESS