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Going Green. An Introduction to Implementing Green Cleaning Programs. David R. Holly 612.605.6651 DavidHolly@AshkinGroup.com www.AshkinGroup.com. Who IS The Ashkin Group?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Going GreenAn Introduction to Implementing Green Cleaning ProgramsDavid R. Holly612.605.6651DavidHolly@AshkinGroup.comwww.AshkinGroup.com

  • Who IS The Ashkin Group?The Ashkin Group is dedicated to creating healthier, more productive indoor environments with lower burdens on our natural systems, while creating sustainable value for our clients.Our commitment to Green Cleaning is more than our business, it is our passion, our calling, our mission in life - to transform the cleaning industry.We believe that we can demonstrate that one can "do well by doing good."

  • Putting the Green CleaningPieces Together Can Be PuzzlingDefinitionsCommon MisconceptionsWhy its so ImportantHow to ImplementQuestions

  • The First Piece of Our Puzzle -What is Green Cleaning?

  • We Must ReduceHealth & Environmental Impactsproducts and services that reduce the health and environmental impacts compared to similar products and services used for the same purpose Executive Order 13101

  • The Simplest Definition is anExcellent Working DefinitionGreen Cleaning Cleaning that protects health without harming the environment.

  • Green Cleaning is MoreThan Changing to a Milder Soap

  • A Green Cleaning Program isa Complete Approach to Cleaning

  • What is Sustainability?Meeting OUR needs today, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their OWN needs...

  • Green Cleaning and theTriple Bottom LineEconomic impactEnvironmental impactSocial impact

  • The Shades of GreenSocial issues living wage, benefits, advancement, etc.Healthy, high performance cleaningHigh performing equipment, micro fiber, recycled products, entry matsEfficient operations, green chemicals and dispensing equipmentHardAdds CostEasyNo Added Cost

  • There are Some Misconceptionsabout Green CleaningGreen products dont workGreen products are too expensiveImplementing a Green Cleaning program is too expensiveGreen Cleaning is a fad - this too shall pass...

  • However, The Reality ofGreen Cleaning is Very PositiveGreen products ARE effectiveGreen products are competitively pricedImplementing a Green Cleaning can be cost neutralGreen Cleaning has an economic benefit - it is NOT a fad

  • The Next Piece of Our Puzzle -Why Green Cleaning?Economic impactHealth impactEnvironmental impact

  • Why Build Green?

    Selling Price$250,000????Construction Cost$175,000$177,500Utilities / Month$500$250Maintenance / Month$20$30

  • Why Build Green?

    Selling Price$500,000????Replacement CostsRoof, Furnace...$0Utilities / Month$3000$1500Maintenance / Month$40$60

  • The Quality of the IndoorEnvironment Impacts Everyone

  • Green CleaningImproves a Buildings ROI

  • Financial Benefits of Green

    Category20-yr NPV ($ per ft2)Energy Savings$5.80Emissions Savings$1.20Water Savings$0.50O&M$8.50Productivity and Health Value$36.90 - $55.30Subtotal$52.90 - $71.30Avg premium for building Green(-$3.00 to -$5.00)Total 20-yr Net Benefit$49.00 to $66.30

  • Business Impact of GreenSource: USGBC case studies

    ProjectSq. Ft.Annual SavingsAnnual Savings per Sq.Ft.Brengel Technology Center440,000$333,000 $0.76JohnsonDiversey, Inc.278,000$137,000$0.49National Geographic Society1,000,000$600,000 $0.60CA EPA960,000$950,000 $0.99Janssen Pharmaceutica475,000$70,000 $0.15Owens Corning394,000$112,965 $0.29

  • Green Cleaning ImprovesOccupant Health & Productivity

  • West Bend Mutual Insurance

  • Cleaning Can Impact aStudents Ability to LearnIf children are sick in class, or too ill to attend how will they learn?If teachers & staff are sick during the day, or too sick to report how will they teach?

  • Green Cleaning Can Improve aStudents Ability to Learn25% improvement in number of students meeting or exceeding basic levels on math & reading testsDramatic decreases in reported illnesses & nurse visitsDramatic improvements in reported attitudes from students & staff

  • Patients & Staff in Health CareFacilities are Vulnerable to CleaningPatients may suffer with compromised immune systemsDifficult to isolate them from the impacts of cleaning2 Million nosocomial infections acquired annually

  • How We Clean Also ImpactsThe People Who DO the Cleaning2nd largest employer3 million employeesWorkmans CompensationSocial issues

  • The Cleaning Industry Has aMajor Impact on the Environment6 billion pounds of chemicals27 million trees35 million trash bags / day10,000 dump trucks of equipment

  • The Next Piece - Implementing a Green Cleaning ProgramRoadmaps5 easy stepsSupport & guidance

  • Green Cleaning RoadmapsUSGBC - LEEDGreen Guide to Health CareCollaborative for High Performance SchoolsQuick & Easy Guide to Green Cleaning in SchoolsCarpet & Rug InstituteEPA

  • Begin w/ the End in MindThe Shades of GreenSocial issues living wage, benefits, advancement, etc.Healthy, high performance cleaningHigh performing equipment, micro fiber, recycled products, entry matsEfficient operations, green chemicals and dispensing equipmentHardAdds CostEasyNo Added Cost

  • Planning Your First Green Project

  • Set & Communicate ClearGoals and Expectations

  • Consider Startingwith a Pilot Project

  • Five Easy Steps toImplementing a Green ProgramSwitch to Green Cleaning ChemicalsAdd Green Equipment & SuppliesAdopt Green Cleaning ProceduresAdd Green Paper & PlasticShare the Responsibility

  • Begin by Choosing CertifiedGreen Cleaning ChemicalsGreen SealEcologoGreen ContinuumDispensing Equipment

  • Choose Equipment to CaptureAnd Contain Dirt & Dust

  • Choose Ergonomic EquipmentThat Improves Productivity

  • Complete Your Green Shopping With Additional ProductsEntryway matsMicro fiber cloths & mopsRecycling binsTrash cans & linersPest management productsWater-saving devicesIce melt

  • Choose Paper With Post-Consumer Recycled Content

  • Use EPA GuidelinesTo Choose Janitorial Paper

    ItemPost-Consumer Fiber %Recycled Fiber %Toilet Tissue20 6020 100Paper Towels40 6040 100Paper Napkins30 6030 100Facial Tissue10 1510 100General Purpose Wipes4040 100Plastic Liners10 10010 - 100

  • Effective ImplementationRequires Effective Training

  • Maximize Labor Productivityto Minimize Costs

  • Document Results andImprove the Process

  • What About the Cost of aGreen Cleaning Program?

  • Develop a Stewardship PlanFor Sustainable Results

  • Resources and SupportKnowledgeable distributor / supplierRespected consultantswww.GreenCleaningForDummies.comwww.healthyschoolscampaign.orgwww.USGBC.orgwww.DestinationGreen.comwww.GreenSeal.org

  • Going GreenThank You!David R. Holly612.605.6651DavidHolly@AshkinGroup.comwww.AshkinGroup.com

    Office workers are often dissatisfied with the temperature, indoor air quality, acoustics and lighting.

    The West Bend Mutual Insurance Company documented a 16% productivity gain in the early 1990s due to their new 150,000 sq.ft. green building. With an annual payroll of $13 million at that time, the increase was worth over $2 million each year. Design strategies included daylighting, individually-controlled workstations, connectivity to nature, and improved lighting. Correspondingly, compared to the previously used facility, energy costs were reduced by an estimated 40%.

    For more case studies on this topic, see:Betterbricks.com, an information-sharing program created to help businesses discover the employee productivity gains that can be made in a well-designed workspace. Greening the Building and the Bottom Line and Green Developments in Real Estate by Rocky Mountain Institute, www.rmi.org.

    Sources for West Bend case study: Beck, Paul, 1993, Intelligent Design Passes IQ Test, Consulting-Specifying Engineer, January 1993, pp. 34-38.Lenssen and Roodman, 1995, Worldwatch Paper 124: A Building RevolutionKroner, W., Stark-Martin, J., Willemain, T., 1992, Using Advanced Office Technology to Increase Productivity The Impact of Environmentally Responsive Workstations (ERWs) on Productivity and Worker Attitude. The West Bend Mutual Study, Center for Architectural Research, Rensellaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY.