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Go Animate

Go AnimateA Web 2.0 Tool for the Classroom By: Suzanne bryant // Fall 2014

Go Animate About Go! Animate is a drag-and-Drop Web 2.0 program where teachers and students can create animated videos complete with scenes, actions, dialog, and music.

Go! Animate is available to schools at a very low cost, and the higher order thinking skills students will use is priceless!

Go Animate What With Go! Animate, teachers and students can:

*Create videos in a safe online environment.

*Add characters, swap a background, or start a scene just by dragging & dropping.

...*Browse the library for props, actions, settings, & Styles.

*Type dialog with automatic lip-sync or record your own voice.

Go Animate How With Go! Animate, students can:


*Create reports, presentations, & stories with videos, helping them convey their creativity.

*Check for understanding with video assignments. *Can practice grammar, spelling, foreign languages, & sentence structure with text-to-speech technology. *Can create videos on bullying, respect or other character traits.*Student Organizations can use videos to promote activities.*Instead of a written book report, PowerPoint, or science research paper, students can create an animated video.


Go Animate in Math How Students of all ages can use Go Animate in the math classroom to practice using correct vocabulary, to explain how to solve a problem, to animate word problems, and to teach a lesson to their classmates.


Go Animate in Science How Whether in elementary science or high school chemistry, students can create videos about scientific investigation, science lab safety rules, to teach a concept, or review for a test.


Go Animate in ELA How Go Animate is great for story retelling, sequencing, spelling, sentence structure, chapter summaries, and comprehension practice.


Go Animate in Fine Arts How In the fine arts classroom, go animate can be used to create video art projects, student created music videos, or videos on famous artists or musical instruments.


Angles &Protractors Sample Click Video for Sample:


Go Animate Tutorial 2. Choose a background by scrolling through the many options.

1. Go to http://goanimate4schools.com. 10

Go Animate Tutorial 3. Select your character(s) to place in the scene.


Go Animate Tutorial 4. Click on the options to make the character dance, walk, talk, hold props, and more.


Go Animate Tutorial 5. Click Dialog to make the character talk. You can record your own voice, upload a sound, or click on Text-to-speech to type dialog that the character can say using different voices and languages!


Go Animate Tutorial 6. When ready to add more, just click on the plus sign to add a new scene. You can change the background, add more characters, props, actions, or dialog. Keep adding scenes until you have a finished product.


Go Animate Tutorial 7. Preview your video and either edit it or save the video to share.


Get Started! Go tohttp://goanimate4schools.com