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With our small population, abundant sunshine and limited travel distances, Bermuda might just be the perfect place to Go Green.


  • Go Green: a special advertising section of tHe BerMUda sUn 1

    GOGreena special advertising section of tHe BerMUda sUn noveMBer 28, 2012

    HSBC takes the LEED in environmental designSupplied by HSbC bank bermuda ltd

    Not long ago, HSBC Bermuda built a brand new flagship building in the heart of Hamilton.

    The building was des-tined to become Bermudas first owner-occupied, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver Certified building for New Construction Buildings and Interiors.

    LEED has become a familiar accreditation for green workplaces world-wide. HSBC takes great pride in its unwavering commitment to sustain-able development, making HSBC Bermudas recent LEED silver certification a major achievement in environmental steward-ship.

    MilestoneIn Bermuda, up to 300

    HSBC staff members occu-py HSBCs Harbourview Centre and have embraced and supported the new environmental standards of a green building.

    This wonderful achieve-ment is a milestone for Bermuda. So, how did Harbourview Centre achieve LEED Silver Certification? Or, in other words; what makes a build-ing Green?

    There are four primary categories that we were required to focus on to obtain LEED certification.

    First, the design had to be energy efficient; second,

    sustainable materials and construction methods had to be employed.

    The most memorable construction method being; all vehicles leaving the site had to be hosed with clean water before leaving.

    Third, the indoor air quality must meet the highest standards and be maintained; and finally, environmentally conscious practices have to be imple-mented after occupancy.

    The indoor environ-mental quality includes a cleaning programme which uses environmental-ly-friendly cleaning prod-ucts and methods.

    The building is highly-insulated and water-resis-tant, to limit exposure to mould and mildew.

    Ventilation is controlled by workspace carbon diox-ide sensors; as the level of carbon dioxide goes up as more fresh air is auto-matically brought into the workspace.

    Harbourview Centre harvests daylight; mean-ing the lights automati-cally dim when the sun is bright, further reducing energy consumption.

    Installation of specialty window glass balances thermal heat gain and con-tinues to maximize day-light into the space.

    LEED certification requires the occupants of a building to practice new behaviours.

    The Harbourview Centre has indoor and outdoor meeting places, to encour-age staff to change their

    environments during working hours. All work-spaces are trash can-less reducing the need for more than 300 trash bags per night.

    It is proven that through various academic studies that occupying a green building often times results in the following benefits at work; pro-ductivity increases, staff absenteeism is reduced, the environmental impact on the commu-nity is reduced, and sales increase.

    HSBC Harbourview

    Centre is a sophisticated building with innovations, unique designs and energy

    save solutions. Staff occupying the build-

    ing are a fantastic example that we can deliver an exceptionally high quality green product within a high profile, pressure-filled environment.

    Each office floor features a central village which consolidates all recycling, houses a central trash collection, printing, plus kitchen appliances.

    SustainableHarbourview Centre

    stands as a superb example of a modern, high-tech green office and retail construction development, while sustaining the tradi-tional architectural char-acteristics of Bermudas most prestigious water-front commercial district.

    The location is perfect for Hamilton pedestrians to access the building from Front or Reid Street, and to experience an environmen-tally-friendly thoroughfare.

    The Front Street lobby houses an ongoing envi-ronmental education

    Green Screen and visitors are welcome to stop and explore the touch screen and discover, in real time, the numerous energy-sav-ing features and measure-ments being realized in the Harbourview Centre.

    The success of the LEED silver certification, which is based on a points sys-tem, is quite a feat for an island where there are no local natural building material resources.

    But why not go for gold? HSBC Bermuda is pres-ently investigating LEED Gold Certification, which presents some exciting island-wide environmen-tal lifestyle changes we believe could have a long-term impact on the sus-tainability of Bermuda.

    Mollie Beattie, the first woman to run the US Fish and Wildlife Service, once said: In the long term, the economy and the environ-ment are the same thing.

    If it is un-environmen-tal, it is un-economical. That is the rule of nature. n

    n Photo suPPlied

    cuttinG edGe: ThetraditionalfacadeofHSBCBermudasHarbourviewCentreconcealshigh-techsustainable,greenmethodsanddesign.


    to save energyand moneyFollow these 10 simple steps and youll save energy and money.

    Energy efficiency is key if we want to maintain a secure energy

    supply for the future, as well as minimise our global dependence

    on fossil fuels. Even small changes in energy usage can cause

    significant change. Best of all, your bills will be reduced. Formore information visit www.belco.bm

    Look after yourfridge & freezer.Set your fridge to only as cold as

    you need. Fridges with an Energy Star

    label could save you much on energy

    costs. Always use the energy-saver

    setting. Also, defrost your freezer

    when it collects more than a one-

    eighth of an inch of ice.




    Use your microwavefor cooking.Microwave ovens cook foodfaster and require a lot lessenergy. They also produce less heatin your kitchen, which also means

    less energy needed for cooling.

    Turn the lights offwhen you dont use them.Why pay for electricity when you dont haveto? The average Bermudian household wastesmoney every year on lighting empty rooms. If you

    leave the room, turn the lights off. Also, before

    you go to bed, make sure no lights are left on.

    When you turn thingsoff, turn things off.Even when your appliances areturned off, they use energy. Thatsbecause a constant trickle of electricity

    is needed to keep them on standby.

    These phantom loads quickly add up.

    Some can use up to 30% energy while

    being on standby. When its unplugged, 0%.

    Set your water heater to 120F.Use hot water wisely.Lowering the temperature

    just a few degrees can save

    a huge amount of energy.

    Set your water heater at 120

    Fahrenheit. Its hot enough

    for your dishwasher, washing

    machine and showers.

    Dont air conditionmore than necessary.Air conditioning is the most expensive part of theaverage energy bill. Make sure your new air-conditioneris energy efficient. Clean your air filter regularly to increase

    performance. It prolongs the life of your equipment too.

    Use CFLs and LEDs.The biggest electricity saver in yourhouse could be a lightbulb. Switchingfrom old-fashioned incandescent bulbs to

    compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs) or

    light emitting diode (LED) bulbs can make

    a big difference in you electricity bill, and

    the new bulbs last a long time.





    Use yourdishwasher efficiently.Most of the energy used by your dish-

    washer goes to heating the water. Use your

    dishwasher only when its full and use the most

    energy efficient setting. Remember to scrape

    excess leftovers into your bin beforehand.



    4Use timers.A timer can save youhundreds of dollars ayear. It can give you hotwater when you need it.

    Timers can also save energy

    for other items in your

    house. And turn your water

    heater off when you go on


    When replacing appliances,buy energy efficient ones.Efficiency is key when choosing an appliance.Energy Star appliances use less energy and save

    money. Whether youre looking for a kitchen or home

    appliance, look for the Energy Star label.

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  • Invested in the Environment.Invested in Bermuda.

    Issued by HSBC Bank Bermuda Limited which is licensed to conduct Banking and Investment Business by the Bermuda Monetary Authority.

    Education, Environment, Communitywww.hsbc.bm

    The future of our island depends on how well we care for it today.

    The return oninvestment will begreater than wecan imagine.

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