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  1. 1. GO GREEN AND GO HOME! Part 2: Summary of research findingsNancy Van Leuven, Ph.D. Global Civic Education and Leadership FellowCenter for Legislative Studies Bridgewater State University
  2. 2. FINDINGS: MIX OF SOCIAL ISSUES Sturdy, transplanted grass rootsCampaigns beyond tent cities, homelessnessOfficial nightmares: Memes, moving targets, challenges to laws
  3. 3. Face-to-face interactions +Tagging-basedmedia, live-streaming
  4. 4. NETWORKS OF MESSAGESOWS: Come together!Tar Sands Action: This is it! Public officials: Go green and go home!
  5. 5. Actor rankings in OWS Sustainability DiscussionsSocial media: TWITTER 19362 links Facebook, Foursquare, wearethe99percent.tumblr.comDIY:howtooccupy.org, occupytogether.org, wordpress.com Niche audiences: occupydesign.org, rockupy.org .orgoccupyeducated.org Talk to the Man: senate.gov (drums, permits, etc.)
  6. 6. Strategic campaigns invitingpublic empathy, investment
  7. 7. Crisis comm: How to negotiate widespread distrust in government
  8. 8. Protesters Win in Public Arena Solidarity of protesters vs. Singularity of pepper sprayBut do issues?
  9. 9. MEMES:Oh, bother
  10. 10. Human Oil Spill at Speaker Boehners office (Moves from economy to all justice)December 14, 2011
  11. 11. Seattle: A clash of public spaces
  12. 12. Classes at Seattle Central Community College:Why we support Occupy(and Mother EarthLegislative LobbyingThe Art of theProtest Sign Filming to DocumentHuman Rights Violations
  13. 13. Multiple tribalenvironmentalissues OccupyWisconsin:Support Band River Tribefighting PenokeeMine!
  14. 14. OPPOSING NEEDSSuccessful movementvs.Peace/status quo Case in point:Shifting messages in Oakland
  15. 15. LEADERLESS TO CATALYTIC STRUCTURE?Tar Sands --- 350.org OWS winter offshoot: 99 Percent(currently haunting G.E. and Wells Fargo)
  16. 16. Call to Action:As did the Tea Party Small, active group,Screaming at town halls.Lost first fight,BUTcaptured momentum.
  17. 17. Large gulps ofconversations small sips ofonline connections
  18. 18. Next up:Tuesday, May 1
  19. 19. STRUCTURES Language ---> Political affordances Technology ---> Political organizationOrganizations ---> Cross-issue discourseNEXT: Part 3, DiscussionAll three presentation segments available at nancyvanleuven.com