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<ul><li><p>11/3/2015 GNU Emacs Manual - Editing Pictures</p><p>data:text/html;charset=utf-8,%3Cp%20style%3D%22color%3A%20rgb(0%2C%200%2C%200)%3B%20font-family%3A%20'Times%20New%20Roman'%3B%2 1/1</p><p>To edit a picture made out of text characters (for example, a picture of the division of a register into fields, as a</p><p>comment in a program), use the command M-x edit-picture to enter Picture mode.</p><p>In Picture mode, editing is based on the quarter-plane model of text, according to which the text characters lie</p><p>studded on an area that stretches infinitely far to the right and downward. The concept of the end of a line does</p><p>not exist in this model; the most you can say is where the last nonblank character on the line is found.</p><p>Of course, Emacs really always considers text as a sequence of characters, and lines really do have ends. ButPicture mode replaces the most frequently-used commands with variants that simulate the quarter-plane model of</p><p>text. They do this by inserting spaces or by converting tabs to spaces.</p><p>Most of the basic editing commands of Emacs are redefined by Picture mode to do essentially the same thing but</p><p>in a quarter-plane way. In addition, Picture mode defines various keys starting with the C-c prefix to run special</p><p>picture editing commands.</p><p>One of these keys, C-c C-c, is pretty important. Often a picture is part of a larger file that is usually edited in</p><p>some other major mode. M-x edit-picture records the name of the previous major mode so you can use</p><p>the C-c C-c command (picture-mode-exit) later to go back to that mode. C-c C-c also deletes spaces</p><p>from the ends of lines, unless given a numeric argument.</p><p>The special commands of Picture mode all work in other modes (provided the p`icture' library is loaded), but</p><p>are not bound to keys except in Picture mode. The descriptions below talk of moving "one column" and so on,</p><p>but all the picture mode commands handle numeric arguments as their normal equivalents do.</p><p>Turning on Picture mode runs the hook picture-mode-hook (see section Hooks).</p></li></ul>