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People who are sensitive to peptides are said to be suffering from gluten intolerance. They should avoid foods that contain gluten otherwise they may suffer from serious consequences.Another similar ailment is the leaky gut syndrome and many people suffer from this. This is a condition that adversely affects health.In the US a lot of people suffer from this condition and it is on the rise. Here too people have to avoid certain foods. Processed foods, junk foods, foods with high sugar content etc are said to be the culprits. To resist this syndrome you require proper nutritional support along with lifestyle changes.


  • 1. The leaky gut syndrome is a notorious disorder related to the damaging andmodifications that are caused to the inner lining of the bowel system. Thisdisorder mostly goes unnoticed by many people simply because of the variousreasons that can cause the damage to the intestine lining. Right from parasitesliving inside our body to a unhealthy diet, the leaky gut syndrome can happento anyone with an unusual activity related to the digestive system. The disorder,however, derives its name from the fact that the person contracting this has a gutwall which becomes unusually permeable to dietary molecules and other largesize particles. This is extremely harmful to the body because even the parasitesor the harmful molecules can seep into our body creating other diseases anddisorders.The leaky gut syndrome is most commonly associated with gluten intolerance, asthe body is not able to bear the compound and hence the syndrome gets worsewith its consumption. Hence, the doctors handling such cases strictly order thepatients to completely get off improper diet which may result into glutenintolerance. Considering the fact that the leaky gut syndrome is related to thedigestive system, it is an obvious conclusion that it can be controlled and treatedby maintaining a healthy diet. For this, you should consult a good physician and adietician, who would suggest the best form of diet for your condition. For this, it is

2. suggested to start having a fiber rich diet as it would improve the absorbability ofthe gut lining and slowly help rebuilding it. Besides this, you can also ask forsuggestions related to the kind of dietary supplements to negate the effects ofgluten intolerance in your body.Also, there are some helpful medicines available in the market which you can useto speed up the process of recovery for your bowel lining. Having had the disorderfor a while, chances are that some harmful substances would have seeped intoyour blood stream as well. So to fight off those molecules, you should get yourblood tested and have the necessary medication for that as well. But, in case youare not too keen on pumping more chemicals into your body through drugs, youcan turn to alternative medicine forms such as ayurveda or homeopathy as well.So with proactive measures, you can fight off the impact of gluten intolerance andleaky gut syndrome.The list of diseases and disorders marring the lives of humans keeps onincreasing with each passing year. Some have a cure, and some take people tothe grave. But it is now almost a trend that the unhealthy lifestyles being followedby people is the main root cause of many diseases that are prevailing these days.While the nature has its own way to balance out everything by birth and death,our own actions are adding unnecessary numbers to the death list. There are,however, some disorders which can be controlled or cured through early detectionand timely action. One such problem pertains to our digestive system, called asthe Leaky Gut syndrome. While it may sound funny, but it can be consideredpotentially very harmful because of the implications it has on the patient.The leaky gut syndrome and its related gluten intolerance is the acute state ofthe inner lining of our intestines being thinned down. This happens after a longtime of unhealthy diet and other factors, which result into the damage of theinner wall of the bowel and making it highly permeable to a lot of micro andmacro molecules. The permeability of the gut is dangerous because it losses allcontrol over the kind of materials that are absorbed by the blood vessels. Hence,even the poisonous substances and parasites can enter our body and create aworld of problems for us.Gluten intolerance is one of the most prominent factors to take care of for thepeople suffering from the leaky gut syndrome. It is the result of prolonged intakeof gluten in the diet, which causes high levels of indigestion and ultimately leadsto gluten intolerance. The loss of inner gut lining can be related to it, and can 3. only be cured by following strict diet on a regular basis. A person facing theseissues can simply get hold of the dietary plan from their medical consultant, andeven ask for some medication to neutralize the impact of leaky gut syndromewhich occurred before its detection.Most people believe that gluten intolerance and the leaky gut syndrome arejust a temporary issue which will not persist for long. However, these people areabsolutely wrong, because once the gut lining is damaged; it takes a long time forit to recuperate. The only thing you can do to speed up the recovery is byfollowing a fibre rich vegetable and fruit diet and prevent any other type ofdamage to your digestive system.The established meaning of the word diet is the quantity as well as the quality ofthe word consumed by an individual or any living organism. Diet is associatedwith what we eat in terms of nutrition, its analysis and what type of food habitsone should follow if he or she wants to lose weight. A good diet is whatcomprises of edible things which include all the nutrients such as vitamins,minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, fats which are essential for the properfunctioning of a human body which is somewhat like a machine. Our diet can beinfluenced from where we are born as the climatic conditions of a place has amajor influence on our diet and so does the culture and family traditions webelong to. Many a times our diet is also determined by our religious beliefs as wehave often seen that when people convert from one religion to other even their 4. dietary pattern changes.In case one has got some disease which is not a major one, one can cure it athome by just including some necessary fruits or vegetables which can help inmaking up for the deficiency or providing nutrient which can cure the diseaseslowly and gradually. For example if one is suffering from candidiasis, a form ofyeast infection which affects the reproductory organs of males and females, onecan cure it at home by following a candida diet which tells you what to eat andwhat not to eat in order to get rid of the disease. Similarly constipationremedies include a diet which is rich in fibres and laxatives. The importance ofdiet can also be seen among those who are very much weight conscious ascontrolling diet is a major aspect of weight management. Losing weight does notmean that one should avoid eating at all but one should include such a diet in hisor her lifestyle which is not very high on carbohydrates and fats and at the sametime it should be seen that the diet followed does not deprive the body ofnecessary minerals and nutrients. Therefore it is very essential for human beingsto know about the importance of a healthy diet as our wellbeing directly dependson what we eat. 5. Contactwww.brendawatson.com198 Palm Harbor Blvd. S. Palm Harbor, FL 34683(800)830-4778


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