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Gluten Free Foods

Gluten Free

1Gluten Free FoodsBring up your Children VeganPhoto Credit: Pharmalys.chEating habits are set in early childhood. Children who are raised on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes grow up to be healthier and even live longer than their meat-eating friends.Gluten Free Foods

It is much easier to build a nutritious diet from plant foods than from animal products, which contain saturated fat, cholesterol, and other substances, that are harmful for growing children. All essential nutrients can be sourced from plant based food adequately. A varied and nutrient dense vegan diet offers a healthier and humane alternative.First and foremost, raising your child vegan isnt as difficult or complicated as popular media might lead you to believe. Babies need lots of love and care during their first year along with informed and concerned parents. Home is the first learning ground of the children and the values they imbibe from their parents guide them throughout life. As adults they can make their own decisions. In truth most of the vegetarian households in India bring up their children as vegetarians. The need of the hour is to embrace diversity in our diet as well as our childs life. We must make a conscious effort to add nutrients and minerals to the diet of our little ones. There are many varied sources of vegan protein available along will healthy fats and carbs. Vegan diets provide excellent nutrition for all stages of childhood, from birth through adolescence. An infants nutritional needs are best met by his or her mothers breast milk. Its natures way of boosting the babys immunity as well as his or her psychological well-being.Gluten Free FoodsDoctors recommend introducing solid foods in the 5-6 month of the first year. The best weaning foods are soft plant foods such as ground, cooked cereals, mashed fruits, and well-cooked vegetables. School-aged children are often curious about where their food comes from and delight in learning how to cook, visiting farmers markets, and gardening. Teenagers and Preteens raised on a vegan diet often find they have an easy time maintaining a healthy weight and have fewer problems with acne, allergies, and gastrointestinal problems than their meat-eating friends.Healthy eating habits are established at a young age. Children who acquire a taste for chicken nuggets, roast beef, and French fries today are the cancer patients, heart patients, and diabetes patients of tomorrow. Children who are raised on whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and legumes have a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and many obesity-related illnesses compared to their counterparts raised on the average animal food based diet.Gluten Free FoodsThe complex carbohydrates found in whole grains, beans, and vegetables provide the ideal energy to fuel a childs busy life. Cultivating a taste for brown rice, whole wheat breads and pastas, rolled oats, and corn, as well as the less common grains barley, quinoa, millet, and others will boost the fiber and nutrient content of a childs diet. That is a good way to induce gluten-free foods in their diet. In addition, steering children away from sweets, sugary drinks, highly processed baked products, and overly sweet cereals helps them to avoid overeating and gaining unwanted weight.Children need protein to grow, but they do not need high-protein, animal-based foods. A varied menu of grains, beans, vegetables, and fruits supplies plenty of protein for their daily needs. Very young children may need a slightly higher fat intake than adults do. Healthier fat sources include soybean products, avocados, and nut butters. Parents must make sure their childs diet includes a regular source of vitamin B12, which is needed for healthy blood and nerve function. The body also requires vitamin D, which can be obtained by simply playing outdoors in the sun. Fifteen to twenty minutes of daily sunlight on the hands and face is enough sun exposure for the body to produce the necessary vitamin D. In the Indian tradition infants are given oil massage and then kept in sunlight for some time, this is an apt example of how tradition meets science in age old practices.Gluten Free FoodsFor calcium, beans, dried figs, sweet potatoes, and green vegetables, including collards, kale, broccoli, mustard greens, and Swiss chard, are excellent sources. Growing children also need iron. It is found in a variety of beans and green, leafy vegetables. The vitamin C in vegetables and fruits enhances iron absorption, especially when eaten together with an iron-rich food. Making these small yet meaningful changes in the diet of your children will help them in their later years. They will grow up to be healthy, compassionate, enlightened and sentient and adults.You can also refer to a chart of protein rich vegan food that I have shared on www.vegalyfe.wordpress.comGluten Free Foods

Classic GranolaThe bar is designed to maintain steady energy with the right balance of Glycemic Index and vital macro/ micro nutrients.

Unprocessed natural ingredients makes it perfect for all ages.

Good for all day eating, travel, work, school, recovery and endurance/ cardio fitness activities.

Brand : Grainny'sGluten Free FoodsGluten Free Foods ProductsGluten Free Foods7

Made with pure almonds, figs, cashew, dates and coconut. 100% natural, with no added sugar, fat, or flavouring.Make your festival days special, and any normal day- Festive!

Brand : Grainny's'Meva Khajur' The Raw Vegan Laddoos.Gluten Free Foods

Gluten Free FoodsSundried Apricots

Apricots are rich in many plant antioxidants.

Adds very few calories to your dail total calory intake

Apricots are a good source of both vitamin A (from beta-carotene) and vitamin C.Gluten Free FoodsTrail mix

A time tested traditional recipe now uniquely fortified with sustained supply of energy, proteins, micronutrients, anti-oxidants, and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Ready to eat anytime, at all times.

Brand : Grainny'sGluten Free FoodsCarrot Kanji

Tangy Cooler for winters.

Fermented carrots with salt, spices and carrot chunks.

Also called as red carrot kani.

Popular in North India.

Abundant with probiotics from the fermentation process, kanji is an excellent daily drink to restore health, strength, or well-being.Gluten Free FoodsAlmond Mylk

Made from organic almonds

No preservatives or added chemicals

Freshly PreparedGluten Free FoodsVitalitea, Himalayan Herbal Tea

Gluten Free Foods

Gluten Free FoodsShadow Dried Rosemary

Rosemary contains substances that are useful for stimulating the immune system, increasing circulation, and improving digestion.

Rosemary also contains anti-inflammatory compounds that may make it useful for reducing the severity of asthma attacks.Gluten Free Foods

Gluten Free FoodsCashew Cheese

Ingredients used - Cashew, Garlic, Green chillies and pepper

Have with salads, as bread spread, with chips,

comes in a glass jar with net weight 450 gms

This product has no trace of dairy/animal products.

This is 100% Vegan and Chemical free.Gluten Free FoodsGluten Free

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