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Gluten Free. Heaven & Health Gluten Free Products For the entire family. Introduction. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Gluten Free

Gluten Free Heaven & Health Gluten Free Products For the entire family

IntroductionHeaven & Health was founded by Michael Hadad 12 years ago in Israel, based on a growing need for gluten free products. Heaven & Health has always been driven by innovation, and has constantly strived to improve the quality of Gluten Free products , that often suffer from aftertaste , heavy texture and limited product line. Heaven & Health has developed and launched a line of gluten-free frozen products such as pasta , bread, and unique ethnic products (pita bread, baguette, puff pastry).

BenefitsHeaven & Health Gluten Free Products- combining quality and convenience.Our products are characterised by the following attributes:

Authentic look with great taste and smell of freshly baked bread directly after warming upThe bread is airy, fluffy and moist, but remains stable while being prepared, filled, and eatenIt can be frozen up to one year and will take on its form and extraordinary qualities directly after defrostingA healthy alternative with a high level of nutritional fibers, cholesterol-free and without added trans fats. All natural: no preservatives, additives or food coloringNo aftertaste A large range with or without soya, sugar free, and egg free.Tailor made products for specific customers and markets High enjoyment value! Certified quality for foodservice and retail All of Heaven & Health products are IS 9002 certifiedAll production processes fulfill the highest kosher standards

Range of productsBreads - white / whole grain / nuts/ dry tomato Rolls - sandwiches / hot dog / Burger French Baguette Pita Bread - no egg/ soy / without soy Garlic snack bread

4Puff Pastry Sheets Puff Pastry fillingPlan puff Pastry sheets Puff pastry with cheese/potato Rogalach ( pastry & cocoa )

Ravioli Gnocchi potato /sweet potato Krepalach ( Jewish Dim Sam )Pattuchini

Italian Pasta Gluten Free

Italian Pasta Gluten Free

The OpportunityUntil recently, gluten-free products were focused on the Celiac disease market.

No longer ....

Market consumption of gluten-free products has evolved in different directions, with a whole industry of dietetic products, with a healthy image.This market is still growing rapidly, with room for new players . Gluten-free products are found in many homes today. New subpopulations are consuming gluten free products such as children with ADHD

WHY IS THIS THE TIME TO COME TO THIS MARKET Dallas, Texas-based market research company and consulting firm Markets and Markets, has released a new report, which projects that the global market for gluten-free products will reach $6,206.2 million at a CAGR of 10.2% by 2018.Gluten sensitivity and Celiac disease are be coming more common, and as a result many opt to avoid the gluten thats present in wheat, barley, rye and their derivatives. Further, gluten-free has become more or less synonymous with healthy. and many consumers opt for gluten-free products simply based on their good for you perception.

According to Markets and Markets report, major demand in this category is anticipated to come from countries such as the U.K., U.S., Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Canada and India. The report finds North America to be the largest consumers of gluten-free products, and predicts Europe will show significant growth in the market in the near future.

Also, the report finds gluten-free products moving from health food stores, and expanding more into traditional grocery stores. As large supermarkets and mass market retailers focus more on free-from products, gluten-free sales by health and natural food stores are reducing. Products such as gluten-free snacks, breakfast cereals, bakery and confectionary are becoming commonplace in traditional grocery store settings.For the full report, visit:

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