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<ul><li> 1. CICOM BRAINS Inc. Requirements for business leaders on the global stage What was needed Strong academic background Head office connection Ability to achieve set goals Logical thinking skills Interpersonal skills within the organization What is now needed Broad network &amp; experience Stretch assignments in emerging markets Resilience in a chaotic environment System thinking skills Interpersonal skills across organizations/cultures VUCAVolatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity Emergence of developing countries Concern for economic / environmental sustainability Background </li></ul> <p> 2. CICOM BRAINS Inc. CICOM BRAINS FUNCTIONS 1. Leadership Challenge Self-understanding by personality assessmentHogan Assessment Gaining managerial/broader point of view through Organizational Development Spread MVVMissionVisionValue)Action LearningTeam Building etc. 2. Diversity Challenge Assessment of Cultural Intelligence Trainings to gain intercultural adjustment skill Intercultural Management Program before overseas postUnderstanding Japanese for foreign employees etc. 3. Out-of-box Experience Coordinating experimental learning using overseas network Mentoring, facilitation in travelling destination Project experience in local companyMarket research in emerging countriesNew business planning workshop etc. 3. CICOM BRAINS Inc. CICOM BRAINS ASIA NETWORK Offices in Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore Ensuring uniformity of multinational talent management Can be customized in local languages, characteristics Coordinating with local consulting firms and MBA schools in Thai, Indonesia TrainingandConsul.ngFirms MasterofManagementUniversitasGadjahMada ImgindiaInsu.tue AdamLankaIns.tute MBASchools IndianIns.tuteof ManagementBangalore CollegeofManagementMahidolUnivesity iLumi.cs CICOM BRAINS Inc. CICOM BRAINS Learning Media Inc. CICOM BRAINS (Shanghai) CICOMBRAINS(Asia)Pte.Ltd. Hanoi Delhi Colombo Bangalore Bangkok Jakarta Tokyo Tokyo Shanghai Singapore Design &amp; Implement trainings Open enrolment programs Development of training material using ICT and media Design &amp; Implement trainings in China Open enrolment courses in Shanghai Design &amp; Implement trainings in southeast Asia and India Open enrolment courses in Singapore </p>