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In this presentation the Global Youth Leadership Institute introduces itself, and encourages you to become active


<ul><li> 1. Leadership in Distribution of Water ResourcesGlobal Issues NetworkEuropean Fall ForumOctober 2, 2009<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. What Is GYLI?Who Am I?<br />Jesse Blom<br />GYLI Assistant Director<br /> 3. GYLI Mission<br />To nurture collaborativeleadership for global communities and to assist schools in their missions to inspire sociallyresponsibleyoungpeople<br /> 4. GYLI Summer Leadership Institutes<br /> 5. Goals for Today<br />Experience collaboration and leadership in action<br />Gain awareness of water as a shared community resource<br />Practice negotiation skills<br />Explore your role as a leader in water issues<br />Have fun!!<br /> 6. Questions about Water Simulation<br />How were your groups collaboration skills?What different roles did group members take on?<br /></p> <ul><li>Were you willing to make sacrifices when negotiating with other communities?What were you NOT willing to negotiate? 7. What have you learned about water as a shared resource from this activity?</li></ul><p>Leadership in Water Issues<br />What type of leadership emerges in response to this situation?<br />Whatdoes the water situation in Osa, Costa Rica teach us about water as a shared resource?<br />How does the situation in Osa relate to water issues in our own communities?<br /> 8. What Can I Do as a Young Leader with Regards to Water Issues?<br />Ask questions!!!<br /></p> <ul><li>Where does my water come from? 9. Where does my wastewater go? 10. Ask questions!!! 11. Do something!!! 12. Start a club at your school that investigates water issues 13. Build a rain barrel or rooftop garden</li></ul><p>2010 Institute for Student Leaders India<br />A 10-day gathering of students and teachers from around the world<br />June or July, 2010 exact dates TBD<br />Mahindra United World College India ( <br />ISL Themes:<br /></p> <ul><li>Cross-cultural communication 14. Environmental awareness 15. Local solutions to global problems</li> </ul>