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In this presentation the Global Youth Leadership Institute introduces itself, and encourages you to become active


  • 1. Leadership in Distribution of Water ResourcesGlobal Issues NetworkEuropean Fall ForumOctober 2, 2009

2. What Is GYLI?Who Am I?
Jesse Blom
GYLI Assistant Director
3. GYLI Mission
To nurture collaborativeleadership for global communities and to assist schools in their missions to inspire sociallyresponsibleyoungpeople
4. GYLI Summer Leadership Institutes
5. Goals for Today
Experience collaboration and leadership in action
Gain awareness of water as a shared community resource
Practice negotiation skills
Explore your role as a leader in water issues
Have fun!!
6. Questions about Water Simulation
How were your groups collaboration skills?What different roles did group members take on?

  • Were you willing to make sacrifices when negotiating with other communities?What were you NOT willing to negotiate? 7. What have you learned about water as a shared resource from this activity?

Leadership in Water Issues
What type of leadership emerges in response to this situation?
Whatdoes the water situation in Osa, Costa Rica teach us about water as a shared resource?
How does the situation in Osa relate to water issues in our own communities?
8. What Can I Do as a Young Leader with Regards to Water Issues?
Ask questions!!!

  • Where does my water come from? 9. Where does my wastewater go? 10. Ask questions!!! 11. Do something!!! 12. Start a club at your school that investigates water issues 13. Build a rain barrel or rooftop garden

2010 Institute for Student Leaders India
A 10-day gathering of students and teachers from around the world
June or July, 2010 exact dates TBD
Mahindra United World College India (
ISL Themes:

  • Cross-cultural communication 14. Environmental awareness 15. Local solutions to global problems


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