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  • Global Shelters Temporary shelters for emergency use.
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  • The Global Village Many traditional homes around the world resemble what we think of as shelters. Here are some North American Tepees.
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  • A world of shelters Many cultures have traditionally lived in a variety of shelters
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  • Shelters in the UK In this country too.
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  • EMERGENCY! A political or environmental crisis can be devastating. War and persecution can drive people from their homes making them refugees. Floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters also lead to people losing their homes A temporary replacement is neededand quickly.
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  • Homework Task To design a shelter for an emergency Suitable for basic needs: (eating & sleeping) Easy to transport to the disaster zone Can it be built from local materials? Eco friendly?
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  • Choice of presentation Build a 3D model Draw a 2D design on A3 paper; list the materials that you would use and estimate the cost. Include a paragraph explaining why it is suitable for the disaster area. Where in the world would your shelter suit. (One paragraph).
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  • 3D Model Make a framework: triangle joints Geodome Decide on materials for outer skin.
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  • 2D Design
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  • Visit the APMS webpage All information (including ppt) Web links Google emergency shelters Homework club Base Wednesday Ask MD before the end of Friday


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