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    MCs Social Contribution ActivitiesMCs corporate culture is based on the desire to grow together with local and international communities in order to contribute to building truly prosperous societies around the world. With this in mind, we are engaged in a diverse range of ongoing social contribution projects and actively support the participation of our employees in volunteer activities.

    Establishment of Maternity Hospitals in Dakar (Senegal)

    MC helped build two maternity hospitals on the outskirts of Dakar, the capital of Senegal, as an initiative to help improve the condition of medical care in the country, which continues to be plagued by a chronic shortage of these types of hospitals.

    Public Welfare 1

    The British Museum and MC signed a 10-year sponsorship agreement in January 2008 under which MC will be the sole sponsor of the permanent galleries dedicated to Japanese culture in the Museum.

    Permanent Galleries for Japanese Culture at the British Museum (U.K.)

    Culture and Arts 2

    Vehicles Donated to Bardo Museum (Tunisia)

    In fi scal 2007, MC donated a pickup truck to the Bardo Museum, which will use the vehicle for its archeological surveying and excavation work as well as for transporting art works and other uses.

    Culture and Arts 3

    Experimental Project in Forest Regeneration (Kenya, Malaysia, China and Brazil)

    Global Environment

    Since 1990, MC has been engaged in the intensive, mixed planting of tree species native to each region. The aim of this project is to regenerate near-natural forest ecosystems in a short space of time.







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    Donation of Solar-powered Lamps to Villages Without Power (India)

    With the cooperation of the MS Swaminathan Research Foundation, MC has donated 200 solar-powered streetlights to villages without electricity in the Koraput region of Orissa in eastern India.


    Global Coral Reef Conservation Project (Okinawa, Midway Atoll, Republic of Seychelles)

    Global Environment

    Since fi scal 2005, MC has been engaged in a project that is actively researching the causes and effects of the coral reef crisis. The project aims to help conserve coral reefs around the world through a research based approach.


    Activities Around the World

    Public Welfare

    Culture and Arts

    International Education

    Global Environment

    Basic Policy on Social Contributions

    (Established in 1991)We engage in a wide range of activities that contribute to communities around the world based on an awareness of our responsibility to be a good corporate citizen.


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    Ecology Education Afforestation Project (China)

    Global Environment

    Every year since 2003, employees of a local subsidiary in Beijing in Chinas Hebei province have gathered with their families to plant fruit trees in an effort to greenify the area. This is a multifaceted social contribution program in that it also involves local farmers who are asked to manage the land.


    Supporting Facilities for the Disabled (Taiwan)

    Public Welfare

    MC continues to support Taipei Municipal Yang Ming Home for The Disabled, a facility for the intellectually disabled in Taipei. In 2007, pickup trucks were donated for transporting residents and glasshouses for growing vegetables so that residents can gain experience in agriculture.



    Since 2006 MC has been participating in a project that donates classrooms to elementary and junior high schools in rural regions of the Philippines. The project was originally initiated in response to a call by the Philippine government for help in addressing the countrys chronic lack of classroom space.

    Schools for the Future (Guatemala)Education

    MC has lent a hand to a project run by the Guatemalan education ministry to provide educational support to impoverished areas of the country. MC has donated two pickup trucks which will be used to transport equipment and teachers to schools.


    Tokyo Greenship Action (Japan)Public Welfare

    MC volunteers have participated in preservation activities in a Tokyo Metropolitan Government-designated conservation zone since fi scal 2005. Around 50 MC employees and family members participate in this program twice a year. The program is coordinated by a local NPO.


    Exchange Student Scholarships (Japan)Education

    Since 1991, MC has provided scholarships to international students attending Japanese universities. A total of 70 students benefi ted from this system in fi scal 2007. From fi scal 2008, MC plans to expand the program to around 100 students.





    New Early Childhood Care and Development Center in Earthquake Stricken Central Java (Indonesia)

    MC teamed up with Plan Japan (a national branch of the Plan International organization) to build a new Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) center to help with restoration efforts in Central Java following a major earthquake in May 2006.

    Disaster Relief


    Donating Classrooms for Elementary and Junior High Schools (The Philippines) 8

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    Global Corporate Citizenship

    As of January 1, 2008, the Chief Regional Offi cer for North America, currently Mr. Ryoichi Ueda, has been appointed Chief Sustainability Offi cer (CSO) for North America as a way to strengthen MCs long-standing commitment to conducting our business in a socially and environmentally sustainable manner. The CSO will ensure that assessing the sustainability of our business practices, and proactively seeking new green business opportunities, will be made an integral part of our strategic planning processes, and will guide us in developing new business and assessing ongoing business operations throughout North America. During the fi rst quarter of 2008 the CSO initiated a CSR survey and enhanced existing CSR policies and CSR education initiatives as the fi rst step in rolling out a comprehensive CSR plan and green business strategy for North America.

    CSR Education at Mitsubishi International CorporationSeveral CSR-related education programs have been implemented at Mitsubishi International Corporation (MIC), MCs primary subsidiary in the U.S. One is the CSR Lunch Series, which provides employees and stakeholders with an opportunity to exchange opinions and ideas regarding CSR several times a year. In December of 2007, for example, Mr. Michael Northrup, the Sustainable Development Program Director for the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, came to speak about the urgency of the climate crisis and the role corporations can play in response to the crisis. CSR has also been added to the agenda of new hire orientations, human resource workshops and senior vice president meetings at MIC.

    Robust Volunteerism at Mitsubishi International CorporationVolunteerism has long been a signifi cant part of MICs corporate citizenship activities, and President and CEO Ryoichi Ueda, in his role as CSO, has placed an even greater emphasis on corporate volunteerism at MIC. Leading by example, Mr. Ueda, as a trustee of the New York Botanical Garden, has raised more than half a million dollars for the Garden. On Earth Day, April 22, 2008, Mr. Ueda led a group of MIC employees to lend their green thumbs for some Spring weeding at the Garden. During a CSR lunch held just before Earth Day, Ms. Grace Velardi from the Earthwatch Institute came to speak about the importance of volunteerism and its impact on business and the communities in which they operate.

    Chief Regional Offi cer for North America Designated Chief Sustainability Offi cer

    Mitsubishi Canada Limited (MCL), following the lead of Mitsubishi Corporation in Japan and Mitsubishi International Corporation in the U.S., has adopted a volunteer leave policy allowing employees up to fi ve days of paid time off for specifi ed volunteer programs. Guided by the new CSO, MCLs President, Mr. Kowase announced that starting in June of 2008 MCL will join Mitsubishi Corporations global Earthwatch program by sending one employee a year as a volunteer on an Earthwatch expedition to assist scientists conducting environmental research. MCL is also receiving advice and guidance from the CSO on strategic philanthropy. This enhanced volunteer program follows on the heels of MCLs successful participation in the 2008 Annual Vancouver Sun Run in which more than one third of MCLs employees braved chilly temperatures to raise money and awareness for literacy programs for children in the province of British Columbia.

    Mitsubishi Canada Limited Bolsters CSR and Volunteer Programs

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    MCs European Corporate Centre (ECC) supports the MC ECC Earthwatch Fellowship Programme which enables staff volunteers from Mitsubishi Corporation offi ces to participate in Earthwatch expeditions, assisting scientists and specialists on some of Earthwatchs 120 conservation projects worldwide. By joining these research projects, MC employees are able to enhance their awareness and understanding of environmental issues while playing an important role in vital data collection. This year, the scope of the fellowship programme was expanded to include not only all staff in Europe but also those in the Middle East and Johannesburg, giving more staff than ever the opportunity to gain a unique insight into the implementation of global conservation projects. This years volunteers will join the 75 MC staff members who have already spent up to two weeks as volunteers, contributing over 5,000 hours of fi eldwork in total.

    MC European Corporate Centre Earthwatch Fellowship Programme

    For the past 5 years, employees at Mitsubishi Venezolana, C.A. (CCS), in coordina


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