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  • GLOBAL CONNECTEDCARS MARKETTrends & Forecast: 20152020

    The connected cars market is not new to the market but now it is one of

    the hottest market where everybody are trying to be a part of it

    considering enormous potential the market beholds. Globally 700

    million cars are there on road and 60 million connected cars are

    produced annually. Government initiatives and spending on smart

    cities will favour the connected cars market. Car manufacturers

    such as BMW, Audi, Daimler AG are focusing on bringing in new

    technologies which makes the car driving experience safer and

    more personalised. Telematics companies have tie ups with the

    car manufacturers and network connectivity providers to expand

    their portfolio of services to a whole new market. Large vendors,

    as a part of their expansion strategy, will continue to acquire small

    players in the market. North America and Europe are the major

    market for connected cars whereas the emerging region Asia-

    Pacific (India and China) is expecting a high growth in industrial

    and infrastructure sector in the next five years.

    Connected cars will enhance safety, traffic controllability, and

    overall car experience. The Global Connected Car market is

    expected to grow in the future mainly driven by adoption of

    technologies by customers and government initiatives in various

    regions. Automotive companies, tier1 suppliers, network carriers,

    modules plug-in, technology enablers, telematics provider and

    other will continue forge partnerships and create better connected car solutions. The

    global connected car market is expected to reach 153.6 billion by 2020.

    TRENDS & FORECASTBase Year: 2014

    Forecast Year: 2015-2020


    MARKET, BY CONNECTIVITYEmbedded, Integrated, Tethered

    MARKET, BY APPLICATIONSLocation Based Applications,

    Infotainment & HMI, Safety &

    Security, Convenience, Driver


    MARKET, BY REGIONSNorth America, Western Europe,

    Asia-Pacific, Central Eastern Europe,

    Middle East & Africa, Latin America

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    Global Connected Cars Market Revenue, 2015-2020 (Y-o-Y) %

    Some of the drivers of the Global Connected Cars market are:

    Some of the restraints of the market are:

    Key question answered in the report:

    Demand from Consumer for Digital Services and Safety

    Government Regulations


    Investment by Manufacturers

    Security Concerns

    Cost Concerns

    What will the parent and connected market size be in 2015-2020?

    What all are the changing dynamics of the market in IoT industry?

    Where and what vendors are present in the competitive landscape?

    What all the technologies are being used in the connected cars market and what are the opportunities for the providers?

    Historical, current and projected market size in terms of value, segments, and regions

    Strategies of key players with their product offerings

    What all are the potential and niche segments with geographical regions exhibiting promising growth?

    Market footprint of the players and companies that have scope of leading in coming three to four years

    Global Connected Cars


    General Motors

    Ford Motor Company

    Delphi Automotive PLC

    NXP Semiconductors

    Daimler AG

    Garmin International

    Apple Inc.

    Google Inc.

    IBM Corp.

    AT&T Inc.

    Intel Corp.

    Zubie Inc.

    Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (IMS)


    Jasper Technologies, Inc.


    Autonet Mobile

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    1 Industry Overview 6 Technology: Market Size & Analysis

    1.1 Industry Trends 6.1 Overview

    1.2 Future Possibilities 6.2 2G

    6.2.1 Overview

    2 Report Outline 6.2.2 Market Size & Analysis

    2.1 Report Scope 6.3 3G

    2.2 Report Summary 6.3.1 Overview

    2.3 Research Methodology 6.3.2 Market Size & Analysis

    2.4 Report Assumptions 6.4 4G

    6.4.1 Overview

    3 Market Snapshot 6.4.2 Market Size & Analysis

    3.1 TAM & SAM 6.5 Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)

    3.2 Global Connected Cars Market Revenue 6.5.1 Overview

    3.3 Global Connected Cars Shipment 6.5.2 Market Size & Analysis

    3.4 Connected Cars impact on Non- 6.6 Others

    Automotive Industries 6.6.1 Overview

    3.5 Related Markets 6.6.2 Market Size & Analysis

    3.5.1 Smart Cities

    3.5.2 Smart Homes 7 Connectivity: Market Size & Analysis

    3.5.3 Wearable Consumer IOT 7.1 Overview

    7.2 Embedded

    4 Market Characteristics 7.2.1 Overview

    4.1 Evolution of Market 7.2.2 Market Size & Analysis

    4.2 Value-Chain 7.3 Integrated

    4.3 Market Segmentation 7.3.1 Overview

    4.4 Market Dynamics 7.3.2 Market Size & Analysis

    4.4.1 Drivers 7.4 Tethered Demand from Consumer for Digital 7.4.1 Overview

    Services and Safety 7.4.2 Market Size & Analysis Government Regulations Standards 8 Applications: Market Size & Analysis Investment by Manufacturers 8.1 Overview

    4.4.2 Restraints 8.2 Location Based Applications Security Concerns 8.2.1 Overview Cost Concerns Point of Interest and Navigation

    4.4.3 Opportunities Traffic and Alternative Routing New Market for Mobile Network Geo-fencing Applications

    Operators 8.2.2 Market Size & Analysis Emerging Domain for Cloud Providers 8.3 Infotainment & HMI Target Marketing 8.3.1 Overview

    4.4.4 DRO Impact Analysis Music and Video Streaming

    4.5 Porter 5 (Five) Forces Social Networking News and Alerts

    5 Trends and Roadmap 8.3.2 Market Size & Analysis

    5.1 Market Trends & Impact 8.4 Safety & Security

    5.2 Technology Roadmap 8.4.1 Overview Emergency Services

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    TABLE OF CONTENTS Anti-theft System 11.1.1 Overview Monitoring Vehicle 11.1.2 Financial Health

    8.4.2 Market Size & Analysis 11.1.3 Business Units

    8.5 Convenience Overall

    8.5.1 Overview Market Specific Remote Controlling 11.1.4 SWOT Analysis Parking 11.1.5 Key Business Priorities Vehicle Diagnostics 11.1.6 Business Strategies & Views

    8.5.2 Market Size & Analysis 11.2 Ford Motor Company

    8.6 Driver Assistance 11.2.1 Overview

    8.6.1 Overview 11.2.2 Financial Health

    8.6.2 Market Size & Analysis 11.2.3 Business Units

    8.7 Others Overall

    8.7.1 Overview Market Specific Usage Based Insurance 11.2.4 SWOT Analysis Fleet Management 11.2.5 Key Business Priorities Electric Vehicles Services 11.2.6 Business Strategies and Views Vehicle Relationship Management 11.3 Delphi Automotive PLC Electronic Tolling Collection 11.3.1 Overview

    8.7.2 Market Size & Analysis 11.3.2 Financial Health

    11.3.3 Business Units

    9 Regions: Market Size & Analysis Overall

    9.1 Overview Market Specific

    9.2 North America 11.3.4 SWOT Analysis

    9.2.1 Market Size & Analysis 11.3.5 Key Business Priorities

    9.3 Western Europe 11.3.6 Business Strategies and Views

    9.3.1 Market Size & Analysis 11.4 NXP Semiconductors

    9.4 Asia-Pacific 11.4.1 Overview

    9.4.1 Market Size & Analysis 11.4.2 Financial Health

    9.5 Central Eastern Europe (CEE) 11.4.3 Business Units

    9.5.1 Market Size & Analysis Overall

    9.6 Middle East & Africa Market Specific

    9.6.1 Market Size & Analysis 11.4.4 SWOT Analysis

    9.7 Latin America 11.4.5 Key Business Priorities

    9.7.1 Market Size & Analysis 11.4.6 Business Strategies and Views

    11.5 Daimler AG

    10 Competitive Landscape 11.5.1 Overview

    10.1 Competitor Comparison Analysis 11.5.2 Financial Health

    10.1.1 Automotive Companies by Connectivity 11.5.3 Business Units

    10.1.2 Vendors By Operating Application Type Overall

    10.1.3 Automotive Companies by Applications Market Specific

    10.2 Market Landscape 11.5.4 SWOT Analysis

    10.2.1 Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) 11.5.5 Key Business Priorities

    10.2.2 Joint Ventures & Collaborations 11.5.6 Business Strategies and Views

    11.5.7 Continental AG

    11 Vendor Profiles Overview

    11.1 General Motors Financial Health

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    TABLE OF CONTENTS Business Units 12.4.2 Key Offerings Overall 12.4.3 Objectives and Progress Market Specific 12.5 Intel Corp. SWOT Analysis 12.5.1 Overview Key Business Priorities 12.5.2 Key Offerings Business Strategies and Views 12.5.3 Objectives and Progress

    11.6 Garmin International

    11.6.1 Overview 13 Companies to Watch For

    11.6.2 Financial Health 13.1 Zubie Inc.

    11.6.3 Business Units 13.1.1 Overview Overall 13.1.2 Key Offerings Market Specific 13.1.3 Objectives and Progress

    11.6.4 SWOT Analysis 13.2 Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (IMS) Inc.

    11.6.5 Key Business Priorities 13.2.1 Overview

    11.6.6 Business Strategies and Views 13.2.2 Key Offerings

    13.2.3 Objectives and Progress

    12 Global Generalists 13.3 Jasper Technologies, Inc

    12.1 Apple Inc. 13.3.1 Overview

    12.1.1 Overview 13.3.2 Key Offerings

    12.1.2 Key Offerings 13.3.3 Objectives and Progress

    12.1.3 Objectives and Progress 13.4 Mojio

    12.2 Google Inc. 13.4.1 Overview

    12.2.1 Overview 13.4.2 Key Offerings

    12.2.2 Key Offerings 13.4.3 Objectives and Progress

    12.2.3 Objectives and Progress 13.5 Autonet Mobile

    12.3 IBM Corp. 13.5.1 Overview

    12.3.1 Overview 13.5.2 Key Offerings

    12.3.2 Key Offerings 13.5.3 Objectives and Progress

    12.3.3 Objectives and Progress

    12.4 AT&T Inc. Annexure

    12.4.1 Overview Acronyms

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