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<ul><li><p>GLOBAL CONNECTEDCARS MARKETTrends &amp; Forecast: 20152020</p><p></p><p>The connected cars market is not new to the market but now it is one of </p><p>the hottest market where everybody are trying to be a part of it </p><p>considering enormous potential the market beholds. Globally 700 </p><p>million cars are there on road and 60 million connected cars are </p><p>produced annually. Government initiatives and spending on smart </p><p>cities will favour the connected cars market. Car manufacturers </p><p>such as BMW, Audi, Daimler AG are focusing on bringing in new </p><p>technologies which makes the car driving experience safer and </p><p>more personalised. Telematics companies have tie ups with the </p><p>car manufacturers and network connectivity providers to expand </p><p>their portfolio of services to a whole new market. Large vendors, </p><p>as a part of their expansion strategy, will continue to acquire small </p><p>players in the market. North America and Europe are the major </p><p>market for connected cars whereas the emerging region Asia-</p><p>Pacific (India and China) is expecting a high growth in industrial </p><p>and infrastructure sector in the next five years.</p><p>Connected cars will enhance safety, traffic controllability, and </p><p>overall car experience. The Global Connected Car market is </p><p>expected to grow in the future mainly driven by adoption of </p><p>technologies by customers and government initiatives in various </p><p>regions. Automotive companies, tier1 suppliers, network carriers, </p><p>modules plug-in, technology enablers, telematics provider and </p><p>other will continue forge partnerships and create better connected car solutions. The </p><p>global connected car market is expected to reach 153.6 billion by 2020.</p><p>TRENDS &amp; FORECASTBase Year: 2014</p><p>Forecast Year: 2015-2020</p><p>MARKET, BY TECHNOLOGY2G, 3G, 4G, GNSS, Others</p><p>MARKET, BY CONNECTIVITYEmbedded, Integrated, Tethered</p><p>MARKET, BY APPLICATIONSLocation Based Applications, </p><p>Infotainment &amp; HMI, Safety &amp; </p><p>Security, Convenience, Driver </p><p>Assistance</p><p>MARKET, BY REGIONSNorth America, Western Europe, </p><p>Asia-Pacific, Central Eastern Europe, </p><p>Middle East &amp; Africa, Latin America</p></li><li><p>Copyrights 2015-2016 | Infoholic Research</p><p>Global Connected Cars Market Revenue, 2015-2020 (Y-o-Y) %</p><p>Some of the drivers of the Global Connected Cars market are:</p><p>Some of the restraints of the market are:</p><p>Key question answered in the report:</p><p> Demand from Consumer for Digital Services and Safety</p><p> Government Regulations</p><p> Standards</p><p> Investment by Manufacturers</p><p> Security Concerns</p><p> Cost Concerns</p><p> What will the parent and connected market size be in 2015-2020?</p><p> What all are the changing dynamics of the market in IoT industry?</p><p> Where and what vendors are present in the competitive landscape?</p><p> What all the technologies are being used in the connected cars market and what are the opportunities for the providers?</p><p> Historical, current and projected market size in terms of value, segments, and regions</p><p> Strategies of key players with their product offerings</p><p> What all are the potential and niche segments with geographical regions exhibiting promising growth?</p><p> Market footprint of the players and companies that have scope of leading in coming three to four years</p><p>Global Connected Cars </p><p>COMPANIES COVERED</p><p> General Motors</p><p> Ford Motor Company</p><p> Delphi Automotive PLC</p><p> NXP Semiconductors</p><p> Daimler AG</p><p> Garmin International</p><p> Apple Inc.</p><p> Google Inc.</p><p> IBM Corp.</p><p> AT&amp;T Inc.</p><p> Intel Corp.</p><p> Zubie Inc.</p><p> Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (IMS) </p><p>Inc.</p><p> Jasper Technologies, Inc.</p><p> Mojio</p><p> Autonet Mobile</p></li><li><p>Copyrights 2015-2016 | Infoholic Research</p><p>TABLE OF CONTENTS</p><p>1 Industry Overview 6 Technology: Market Size &amp; Analysis</p><p>1.1 Industry Trends 6.1 Overview</p><p>1.2 Future Possibilities 6.2 2G</p><p>6.2.1 Overview</p><p>2 Report Outline 6.2.2 Market Size &amp; Analysis</p><p>2.1 Report Scope 6.3 3G</p><p>2.2 Report Summary 6.3.1 Overview</p><p>2.3 Research Methodology 6.3.2 Market Size &amp; Analysis</p><p>2.4 Report Assumptions 6.4 4G</p><p>6.4.1 Overview</p><p>3 Market Snapshot 6.4.2 Market Size &amp; Analysis</p><p>3.1 TAM &amp; SAM 6.5 Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)</p><p>3.2 Global Connected Cars Market Revenue 6.5.1 Overview</p><p>3.3 Global Connected Cars Shipment 6.5.2 Market Size &amp; Analysis</p><p>3.4 Connected Cars impact on Non- 6.6 Others</p><p>Automotive Industries 6.6.1 Overview</p><p>3.5 Related Markets 6.6.2 Market Size &amp; Analysis</p><p>3.5.1 Smart Cities</p><p>3.5.2 Smart Homes 7 Connectivity: Market Size &amp; Analysis</p><p>3.5.3 Wearable Consumer IOT 7.1 Overview</p><p>7.2 Embedded</p><p>4 Market Characteristics 7.2.1 Overview</p><p>4.1 Evolution of Market 7.2.2 Market Size &amp; Analysis</p><p>4.2 Value-Chain 7.3 Integrated</p><p>4.3 Market Segmentation 7.3.1 Overview</p><p>4.4 Market Dynamics 7.3.2 Market Size &amp; Analysis</p><p>4.4.1 Drivers 7.4 Tethered</p><p> Demand from Consumer for Digital 7.4.1 Overview</p><p>Services and Safety 7.4.2 Market Size &amp; Analysis</p><p> Government Regulations</p><p> Standards 8 Applications: Market Size &amp; Analysis</p><p> Investment by Manufacturers 8.1 Overview</p><p>4.4.2 Restraints 8.2 Location Based Applications</p><p> Security Concerns 8.2.1 Overview</p><p> Cost Concerns Point of Interest and Navigation</p><p>4.4.3 Opportunities Traffic and Alternative Routing</p><p> New Market for Mobile Network Geo-fencing Applications</p><p>Operators 8.2.2 Market Size &amp; Analysis</p><p> Emerging Domain for Cloud Providers 8.3 Infotainment &amp; HMI</p><p> Target Marketing 8.3.1 Overview</p><p>4.4.4 DRO Impact Analysis Music and Video Streaming</p><p>4.5 Porter 5 (Five) Forces Social Networking</p><p> News and Alerts</p><p>5 Trends and Roadmap 8.3.2 Market Size &amp; Analysis</p><p>5.1 Market Trends &amp; Impact 8.4 Safety &amp; Security</p><p>5.2 Technology Roadmap 8.4.1 Overview</p><p> Emergency Services</p></li><li><p>Copyrights 2015-2016 | Infoholic Research</p><p>TABLE OF CONTENTS</p><p> Anti-theft System 11.1.1 Overview</p><p> Monitoring Vehicle 11.1.2 Financial Health</p><p>8.4.2 Market Size &amp; Analysis 11.1.3 Business Units</p><p>8.5 Convenience Overall</p><p>8.5.1 Overview Market Specific</p><p> Remote Controlling 11.1.4 SWOT Analysis</p><p> Parking 11.1.5 Key Business Priorities</p><p> Vehicle Diagnostics 11.1.6 Business Strategies &amp; Views</p><p>8.5.2 Market Size &amp; Analysis 11.2 Ford Motor Company</p><p>8.6 Driver Assistance 11.2.1 Overview</p><p>8.6.1 Overview 11.2.2 Financial Health</p><p>8.6.2 Market Size &amp; Analysis 11.2.3 Business Units</p><p>8.7 Others Overall</p><p>8.7.1 Overview Market Specific</p><p> Usage Based Insurance 11.2.4 SWOT Analysis</p><p> Fleet Management 11.2.5 Key Business Priorities</p><p> Electric Vehicles Services 11.2.6 Business Strategies and Views</p><p> Vehicle Relationship Management 11.3 Delphi Automotive PLC</p><p> Electronic Tolling Collection 11.3.1 Overview</p><p>8.7.2 Market Size &amp; Analysis 11.3.2 Financial Health</p><p>11.3.3 Business Units</p><p>9 Regions: Market Size &amp; Analysis Overall</p><p>9.1 Overview Market Specific</p><p>9.2 North America 11.3.4 SWOT Analysis</p><p>9.2.1 Market Size &amp; Analysis 11.3.5 Key Business Priorities</p><p>9.3 Western Europe 11.3.6 Business Strategies and Views</p><p>9.3.1 Market Size &amp; Analysis 11.4 NXP Semiconductors</p><p>9.4 Asia-Pacific 11.4.1 Overview</p><p>9.4.1 Market Size &amp; Analysis 11.4.2 Financial Health</p><p>9.5 Central Eastern Europe (CEE) 11.4.3 Business Units</p><p>9.5.1 Market Size &amp; Analysis Overall</p><p>9.6 Middle East &amp; Africa Market Specific</p><p>9.6.1 Market Size &amp; Analysis 11.4.4 SWOT Analysis</p><p>9.7 Latin America 11.4.5 Key Business Priorities</p><p>9.7.1 Market Size &amp; Analysis 11.4.6 Business Strategies and Views</p><p>11.5 Daimler AG</p><p>10 Competitive Landscape 11.5.1 Overview</p><p>10.1 Competitor Comparison Analysis 11.5.2 Financial Health</p><p>10.1.1 Automotive Companies by Connectivity 11.5.3 Business Units</p><p>10.1.2 Vendors By Operating Application Type Overall</p><p>10.1.3 Automotive Companies by Applications Market Specific</p><p>10.2 Market Landscape 11.5.4 SWOT Analysis</p><p>10.2.1 Mergers &amp; Acquisitions (M&amp;A) 11.5.5 Key Business Priorities</p><p>10.2.2 Joint Ventures &amp; Collaborations 11.5.6 Business Strategies and Views</p><p>11.5.7 Continental AG</p><p>11 Vendor Profiles Overview</p><p>11.1 General Motors Financial Health</p></li><li><p>Copyrights 2015-2016 | Infoholic Research</p><p>TABLE OF CONTENTS</p><p> Business Units 12.4.2 Key Offerings</p><p> Overall 12.4.3 Objectives and Progress</p><p> Market Specific 12.5 Intel Corp.</p><p> SWOT Analysis 12.5.1 Overview</p><p> Key Business Priorities 12.5.2 Key Offerings</p><p> Business Strategies and Views 12.5.3 Objectives and Progress</p><p>11.6 Garmin International</p><p>11.6.1 Overview 13 Companies to Watch For</p><p>11.6.2 Financial Health 13.1 Zubie Inc.</p><p>11.6.3 Business Units 13.1.1 Overview</p><p> Overall 13.1.2 Key Offerings</p><p> Market Specific 13.1.3 Objectives and Progress</p><p>11.6.4 SWOT Analysis 13.2 Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (IMS) Inc.</p><p>11.6.5 Key Business Priorities 13.2.1 Overview</p><p>11.6.6 Business Strategies and Views 13.2.2 Key Offerings</p><p>13.2.3 Objectives and Progress</p><p>12 Global Generalists 13.3 Jasper Technologies, Inc</p><p>12.1 Apple Inc. 13.3.1 Overview</p><p>12.1.1 Overview 13.3.2 Key Offerings</p><p>12.1.2 Key Offerings 13.3.3 Objectives and Progress</p><p>12.1.3 Objectives and Progress 13.4 Mojio</p><p>12.2 Google Inc. 13.4.1 Overview</p><p>12.2.1 Overview 13.4.2 Key Offerings</p><p>12.2.2 Key Offerings 13.4.3 Objectives and Progress</p><p>12.2.3 Objectives and Progress 13.5 Autonet Mobile</p><p>12.3 IBM Corp. 13.5.1 Overview</p><p>12.3.1 Overview 13.5.2 Key Offerings</p><p>12.3.2 Key Offerings 13.5.3 Objectives and Progress</p><p>12.3.3 Objectives and Progress</p><p>12.4 AT&amp;T Inc. Annexure</p><p>12.4.1 Overview Acronyms</p><p>Total Pages Single UserSingle User</p><p>Multi User</p><p>Enterprise</p><p>List of Tables</p><p>List of Charts</p><p>110 35004000</p><p>5000</p><p>24</p><p>39Report Value in $</p><p>FOR MORE DETAILS KINDLY VISIT:</p><p></p><p></p></li><li><p>Copyrights 2015-2016 | Infoholic Research</p><p>Infoholic Research strategic analysis services are limited publications containing valuable market </p><p>information provided to a select group of customers in response to orders. Our customers acknowledge </p><p>when ordering that Infoholic Research strategic analysis services are for our customers internal use and </p><p>not for general publication or disclosure to third parties. Quantitative market information is based primarily </p><p>on interviews and therefore, is subject to fluctuation.</p><p>No part of this strategic analysis service may be given, lent, resold or disclosed to non-customers without </p><p>written permission.</p><p>Reproduction and/or transmission in any form and by any means including photocopying, mechanical, </p><p>electronic, recording or otherwise, without the permission of the publisher is prohibited.</p><p>For information regarding permission, contact: </p><p>Tel: 080-22222833, 080-22222644, 08022221300</p><p>Email:</p><p>DISCLAIMER</p><p>Page 1Page 2Page 3Page 4Page 5Page 6</p></li></ul>