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Marketing through LinkedIn


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Brief History of LinkedinBrief History of Linkedin contMarketing through LinkedInIts as simple as it getsCreate a company pageThis helps LinkedIn members learn about your business, brand, and job opportunities

AdvantagesCompany page optimised for SEO can help in ensuring top ranks in search enginesFollowers see advertisements and company updates in their news feedsSponsored updates help in reaching the targeted audience with engaging content. This helps brands to spread awareness, generate leads and change their public perceptionsBrand Influencers help in spreading information through their posts and publications which appear on their profile. E.g. Richard BransonLast but not the least use LinkedIn Marketing solutions to Deliver the right content to the right people and boost quality leadsHSBC Success Story

Join groups where your customers and prospects areStart with People You KnowFind People by companyStart asking and answering questions on LinkedIn answersUpdate your status oftenConnect your LinkedIn and Twitter accountsJoin Groups, Add discussionsUse your own LinkedIn analytics to check success of the group

LinkedIn groups are informal communities formed around industries, professions, themes, niche topics, etc.Natural extension to social-media marketing efforts.Great way to build credibility andmake new connectionsthat can ultimately help grow your businessPeople build their entire business, market a number of products and services, sell out their paid events, and become thought leaders in their niche all around a single LinkedIn groupEvokes interest and generates enquiries for your business.Help you meet people that share common passion and interestsIBM 1.8 million interactions on LinkedIn in year 2011 uses platform to let people know whats going on within the organization, and it also posts articles from around the Web on IBM-relevant topics. For example, theres an article on big data which generated plenty of interaction on the companys page. Creating your own GroupBuilds Thought LeadershipConnects A Thriving Community - People love to belong to a community, the more you are able to connect like-minded people together, the more they will appreciate you for doing so.Drives Traffic To Your Site - Put your website link in the group profile, add the site RSS feed to the News Section, send a weekly message to your group, and include a niche related article from your site, create a discussion and include your link.Builds Personal Network - people love to connect with the community leader.Sending Weekly Messages free marketingLead Generator - The more you give, the more you will receive. Connecting people, providing job leads, referrals, valuable content to help them achieve their goals: these are things that you can give to people, and by doing so they will give you an abundance of leadsin returnHiring Talent

AdvantagesBecoming a thought leader

Tips on how to become a thought leaderRegularly update your statusUtilize LinkedIn PulseOptimise your LinkedIn profile Start a LinkedIn GroupContribute to LinkedIn groups

Few of the best managed brands in LinkedIn are:WIPRO: For expertise in e-waste managementRAMCO: For ERP expertiseHCL: For its employee first promotion

Recruit New Hires

Build Engage Recruit is an effective and efficient strategy in Social Media

44% recruiters used social and professional networks for hiring in 2014How Employers Are Using LinkedIn for Recruiting??Develop and expand a personal network of professionalsStay in touch with former, valued, trusted colleagues for potential future employmentrelationshipsActively search for candidates among LinkedIn members by searching on keywordsSearch for employees based on references from recommenders who are trustworthy.Can ask your current employees to activate their networks to reach out to potential passive candidates for jobsCan use In mail, to directly contact suitable candidateCan joingroups at LinkedInFor a fee, canpost jobs on LinkedInand recruit andhire candidates

How LinkedIn help students in getting recruited?

Benefits to LinkedIn ??In 2014 61% of third-quarter revenue, totaling $345 million, came from recruitment services sold to both professional recruiters and employers.20% of revenue, or $114 million, was generated throughselling premium subscriptions to job seekers, professional recruitersLinkedIn lacks in ??LinkedIn is more beneficial within certain industries and for finding professional and salaried employees than non-professional and hourly employees

Conducting Market Research

Excess number of connections should not be added as it compromises quality over quantity.Being inactive in a group after joining it and not posting any relevant content and not getting involved in the discussions will not help the cause.Should not add way too many groups and should restrict itself to some relevant groups in different categories.Should not spam peoples inboxes in a regular interval as it irritates the person and creates a negative image about the company/brand.Should not post irrelevant content in groups as it downgrades the position of the company/brand in the minds of linkedin users.