GLAM Rocks! London Semantic Web Meetup

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'Libraries, Media & The Semantic Web hosted by the BBC' event 28th March 2012 at BBC White City. Accompanying video now at


<ul><li>1.GLAM ROCKS UK 2012london semantic webmeetup bbc, white city, london, uk28th march 2012#londonsemweb adrian stevenson senior technical innovations coordinatormimas, university of manchester, uk @adrianstevenson</li></ul> <p>2. 3. LINKING 4. 5. 6. BRITISH #sxsw #lodlam 7. #lodlam 8. DISCOVER Y 9. BRICOLAG #lodlam 10. MORE GLAM ROCK archon SALDA openArt OEM-UK - contextual wrappers - openbib comet trenches to triples open Book digital.bodlean 11. DISCOVERY WW1 #sxsw #lodlam 12. TRICKY STUFF 13. WHERES THE DATA? you shouldnt be allowed to publish linked data unlessyoure using somechris gutteridge,university of southampton 14. NAME MATCHING 15. MORE TRICKYSTUFF dirty data, URI persistence. data modelling can be hard Steep learning curve Complexity how sustainable are the data sources? how scalable are triple stores? can you track the provenance of datasources? are data licensing issues covered? 16. BIBLIOGRAPHIC 17. adrian stevenson mimas, university of manchester, 18. attribution and cc licensesections of this presentation adapted from materials created by other members of the LOCAH &amp; LinkingLives projectsthis presentation available under creative commons non commercial-share alike </p>