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  • Give yourself a pedicure at home

    Pedicuring is tender loving care for the feet. With the slinky shoes that are popular today exposing the toes and much of the feet, it is important that your feet look healthy and attractive. Home remedies could be the answer to your foot care needs. Natural Foot Care can be at home added with pleasure with just a little time and a few natural ingredients. If your time and money constrain you from the relaxing treatment for your feet, you can try the pedicure and the homemade lotions to enhance your feet. It is worth spending some time in preparation of natural, homemade foot care recipes, and then you can spend time in maintaining wonderful, soft feet. It is a good idea to continually give your feet some attention. Buy beauty products from various websites.

    Some Homemade recipes: 1. The first step in a pedicure is to clip or file the toenails, the nails should be filed straight across, rounded slightly at the corners conforming to the shape of the toe. You should never clip or file into the corners of the toenails as this could cause you to have ingrown nails.

    2. Soak feet in a basin or foot bath of warm, soapy water until the water cools. This will allow the dry, calloused (hard) skin to soften. You can use a foot file, which can be bought at a beauty supply store, to rub off the dry skin. Wet the foot file, apply soap and rub gently in a circular motion across all areas of the foot. Repeat on the other foot. Allow one foot to continue soaking while you work on the opposing foot. 3. Remove feet from the basin and pat dry with a towel. Use a cotton swab or an orangewood stick to apply a cuticle removing solution to the cuticle and under the free edge of each nail. Gently loosen the cuticle of each nail, keeping the cuticle moist with water or additional cuticle solution. Do not cut the cuticles; this can cause pain and infection. If you have any hangnails or loose pieces of skin around the nails, you may carefully trim them with cuticle trimmers or toenail clippers. 4. Wipe excess cuticle solvent off of feet with a damp towel. Massage each toe and foot with a thick foot cream or lotion. Allow lotion to penetrate feet for 5 minutes. For extra soften of extremely dry feet, wrap feet in a wet warm towel after you apply the foot cream. Wet your towel, ring out excess water, and heat the towel in the microwave for 30 or 40 seconds. Do not leave the towel unattended in the microwave.

    5. Rinse both feet in a warm, soapy, basin of water. Scrub off any excess lotion or dry skin by using an exfoliating cream such as an apricot scrub. Rinse feet and dry them thoroughly.

  • 6. Wipe each toenail with a polish remover to remove any residue of the lotion or exfoliant. Apply a clear, base coat of nail polish and allow it to dry completely. Then apply two coats of the nail colour of your choice. Allow polish to dry. 7. Rub a light hand or foot lotion on feet, ankles and calves.

    Giving yourself a pedicure twice a month, it will keep your feet looking healthier and more attractive. In the summer time when feet are exposed to the weather, pool and beach, your feet may benefit from a weekly pedicure. Online cosmetics stores can help you to achieve the same.