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<ol><li> 1. Searching for a girls hostel in Indore is not easy, but still you can find one thats safe and secure. Many girls from various part of India come to Indore to complete their study, and most often they struggle to find a good Girls Hostel in Indore. There are many girls hostels in Indore, but finding a good one a little difficult. Here I would like to help you find one that fits your expectation and provide the best facility and friendly environment. Girls hostels are provided with high level of security. Here you can find some girls hostels that provide the best security for girls. Visit to to find out girls hostel of your convenience. Its hard, for some girls, to live alone, away from home. Sometimes its quite scary for them to live in a strange place. There are some of tips for those girls who are scary about hostel life: 1. Be open Being open is very helping especially when you are totally strange to the place. Because being open helps you to make a way for the others to come to you and start a conversation. Once you start a conversation the fear goes away. You gradually start building your confidence. 2. Be self-reliant Self-reliance helps you to make a strong impression on others. Self- reliant person is respected everywhere. If people start respecting you, you become stronger inside. 3. Put your view, but keep patience This is a really important advice, if you want to get away from bitter arguments. You need to remember that everyone have the privilege to keep their view. You cant correct anyone. You can just put your view. Dont persist, just smile and say what you want to say with confidence. 4. Keep your things organized I know you keep your things organized already, but in a hostel this is really important. If you keep your things organized, you will have enough time to study and finish your other work. Living is hostel is a lot more fun that you could imagine, just know that there is a place for everyone in the room. Coordinate, help and motivate each other and you will have greater experience while living in a girls hostel. </li></ol>


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