Girl in a Dress - ?· Make the creases in order shown. Then valley-fold the bottom edge to the top (5.Girl…

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<ul><li><p>Make the creases in order shown. Then valley-foldthe bottom edge to the top (5.).</p><p>Girl in a DressBy Stephen Weiss</p><p>Valley-fold the front flap downto crease 4.</p><p>1.</p><p>2.</p><p>3.</p><p>4.5.</p><p>1 2</p><p>34</p><p>Pleat the model into sixteenths.</p><p>Keeping point A stationary,Slide out outer layer of pleatsso that the appendage sticksout at a right angle. Partiallyopen the pleats to facilitate this.</p><p>Be she Little Red Riding or Little Bo Peep,with just one sheet and a fleet of pleats,shes a model so catching a model so sweet,shes worth a zillion trick or treats.</p><p>Use foil paper for best results.</p><p>4.</p><p>AA</p></li><li><p>Head &amp;Arms</p><p>Skirt part ofthe Dress</p><p>Legs</p><p>5</p><p>6</p><p>78</p><p>Orient yourself as to theanatomy of the model.Then, spread open theaccordian pleats.</p><p>Box pleat to form the legs and arms and two heads (one becomes the bonnet).Make six reverse folds on the skirt.</p><p>Rabbit-ear the arms to the right. Wrap the dressaround the body evenly on the front and back.</p><p>Valley-fold down the front head.Outside-reverse-fold the hand.Valley-fold the left side of the skirt(all layers).</p></li><li><p>9</p><p>10</p><p>11</p><p>12</p><p>13</p><p>14</p><p>Is this a petal fold, squash, ordouble swivel fold? Whateveryou want to call it, do one ofthose. Make another valley foldon the skirt to lock the front andrear layers.</p><p>Valley-fold the lower half of thehead, slipping it underneath theupper half. Round out the bottomof the skirt with mountain foldsall the way around.</p><p>Crimp the neck.</p><p>On the head, valley-foldthe flap inserting justbarely inside the pocket(or leave it out, curvingslightly, for a scarf).Valley-fold the armsforward (to the left). Round out the model to taste:</p><p>press down on the bonnet, push inthe back of the neck and squeeze-fold the arms and legs. Note creasesfor feet -- bottom section turnsunder horizontally. Adjust feet sothat the model stands. The Girl in a Dress all ready to</p><p>head off to Grandmas house.</p><p>Diagramed by Jeremy Shafer, 1998Model created by Stephen Weiss in 1981</p></li></ul>


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