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<ul><li> 1. GINAKMIRALDI Design is in everything we make, but it is also between those things. It is a mix of craft, science, storytelling, propaganda and philosophy. [Erik Adigard] As an experienced graphic designer, I have spent the past seven years refining my professional skills with a solid Midwestern work ethic. Working with a publication, a printing firm and a growing marketing agency, I have amassed a collection of design work that spans a broad range of concepts and objectives. I am motivated, skilled and well-trained; a strategic thinker able to be passionate about a design and pragmatic in its solution. I have a thirst for innovation and am very quick to learn. With a dynamic, modern and sophisticated style, my professional portfolio is abundant with work done for corporate clients. I satisfy my high-octane alter-ego working with musicians, photographers, dancers and artisan brewers in my spare time. I am always looking for new challenges. I am flexible and agile, but confident. I take honest pride in my work, which explains my dedication to perfection. Above all, I am a genuine, natural-born creative.</li></ul> <p> 2. GINAKMIRALDIG r a p h i c D e sign e rMinneap olis, MN | gina@ginamiraldi.comE d u c at i o n P r o f e s s i o n a l E x pe r i e n c edecember 20052007 PresentUniversity of Wisconsin-Stout [Menomonie, WI]Futura Marketing [Eden Prairie, MN]Bachelor of Fine Arts-Graphic Design Creative Department [Conceptual Designer] promoted May 2012Ce r t i f i c a t i o n s &amp; S k i l l s Professional growth and drive initiated a new position to develop and direct the creative strategy behind new campaigns for the agency and its clients, as well as to Design Evolution, Theory &amp; Methods support each set of specific brand guidelines while retaining the responsibilities of Graphic Design &amp; Computer Imagery the Senior Graphic Designer. Typography &amp; Letterform Design Advanced Photography &amp; Photo Retouching [Senior Graphic Designer] promoted December 2009, July 2011 Product &amp; Packaging Graphics Promoted to work closely with the Design Services Supervisor on developingExpert in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop; also comfortablecreative concepts, designing layouts and conducting strategic planning whilein Quark and in all Microsoft Office programs, including PowerPoint. guiding the growing design team.Strong background in print and pre-press. [Graphic Designer] promoted February 2009Familiar with Adobe Dreamweaver and Prezi. Experience designing forRecognized for talent and initiative and given more responsibilities and specializeddigital presentations, mobile, email and social media. tasks; including devoting time to original concepts, finalizing files for output and handling digital archives and libraries.Proficient copywriter with an expertise in creative strategy and planning.Excellent sketching ability and illustration experience. [Production Artist]Organized, cooperative and efficient working both independently and as Chosen as a member of a design team to build the creative department of a growingpart of a team. Particularly adept under pressure and when presented marketing firm, providing process implementation, project execution and creativewith challenges. support. Handled department and administrative responsibilities; specifically in relation to image retouching, client brand guidelines and design trends.F r ee l a n c e W o r k 2006 20072 0 1 2 | Logo, identity and packaging design for independent winemakers Digital Dynamics [River Falls, WI] Attic 2703 [Minneapolis, MN]Graphics Department2 0 1 1 | Album artwork and promotion for musician [Graphic Design Manager] Adrian Krygowski [Nashville, TN] Supervised the daily flow of design jobs in a busy design and printing firm; from2 0 0 9 | Logo, identity and promotion for landscaping business meeting with clients to initialize projects, to working through ideation and design, Coalburn Landscaping [Minneapolis, MN]to sending the finished creative to production.2 0 0 7 | Logo and event promotion for ballet studio River Falls Ballet Academy [River Falls, WI]Re f e r e n c e s Available upon request.Aw a r d s &amp; r e c o g n i t i o n Platinum Hermes Award [Advertising / Point of Purchase] AGDM Award [Calendar Design]All work 2012 Gina Miraldi. Please do not reproduce without the expressed written consent 3. Futura MarketingBr a n d Id e n t it yIn response to the growth of the marketing agency, and withover four years spent building the creative team, I undertookthe challenge of re-branding my own firm. My vision was toupdate the brand in order to modernize the look, keep pacewith the creative industry and be attractive to potentialclients and employees.Concept development, brand application examples, styleguidelines and executive presentation. 4. Hagen-Dazs Shops Da zz le r Fr oz e n D e ss e rtPr od uc t r e laun c hI chose to re-introduce a line of extravagant desserts using thecharm of simple ingredients and a basic wordmark that can beadapted to match the flavor profile of the featured product.Concept development, photo retouching and promotionaldesign including in-store point-of-purchase materials.Hermes Platinum Award WinnerAdvertising / Point of Purchase 5. Hagen-Dazs ShopsSum m e r C a m pa ign Co nce p tIn a grass-roots movement to engage a youngerdemographic, I designed a summer campaign for thisgourmet ice cream shop. The promotion was centeredaround a simple, popular and versatile flavor with apowerful, refreshing and youthful flair.Concept development and promotional designincluding in-store point-of-purchase materials and asocial media plan. 6. Ecolab, Inc.Food &amp; Beverage DivisionPr ogr a m C a m pa ign &amp;fie ld Se rv ic e R e po rtThe employees of Ecolab Food &amp; Beverage needed a toolto help their clients see the value of protecting the foodthat their customers enjoy from the time it enters theirestablishment until its on a plate. And also the plate. And thehands that touch the food and the plate. You get the idea.Concept development, layout and design. 7. Ecolab, Inc.Corporate DivisionE xe c ut iv e Pr e se n tati o nOn a whirlwind timeline, I worked with a selective team tocreate the visuals behind the PowerPoint presentation forEcolabs president and CEO in the time it took him to fly fromMinneapolis, MN to London, U.K.Concept development, presentation layout and design. 8. Womens BusinessDevelopment Center20 0 9 E n t r e pr e n e u r i alWom a n s Con fe r e n cePr om ot ion a l M at e r i al sEach year, the Chicago-based WBDC hosts a businessconference, targeted to women business owners andentrepreneurs in the United States. With the featuredspeakers, workshops and sponsor giveaways, they neededtheir promotional material to be organized and concise.Concept development and layout design for brochures, printads and conference materials. 9. Staffing PartnersCom pa n y We bsit eDiversity and humanity were the central ideas that I workedwith for this professional staffing agency. Therefore, I let thecolors in the images jump forward from an otherwise greycreative; keeping the environment professional and the peoplevibrant, just like the experience.Concept development, website layout and design. 10. Coalburn LandscapingId e n t it y Syst e mA new landscaping business had the idea of individual servicewith completely sustainable methods, down to a customizedbicycle to transport equipment. I used a mixture of rustic andmodern fonts in a simple layout to convey the traditionalvalues with cutting-edge awareness.Logo, business card and flyer design. 11. River FallsBallet Academy N e v e r la n d There can still be mystery in a small town. The senior classof the River Falls Ballet Academy wanted to showcase theirtalents and friendships in a unique performance featuringclassical ballet, modern and hip hop dances. I was happy todesign the promotional materials...especially since Id alreadychoreographed and produced the show itself.Photography, photo retouching, design and event promotion. 12. Adrian Krygowski Hope for usIn everyones life, there is a musician. This album, written andperformed by one of my close friends, is the embodiment ofthe musician in each listeners life. I wanted to convey therecipe of rock and roll, acoustic guitar and a dash of countrywestern in the deconstructed wonderland he occupies.Concept development, photo retouching, album layout anddesign, print coordination. </p>