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This is my portfolio with projects I worked on while at Dunwoody College of Technology.


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Interior Design Portfolio

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About MeI recently graduated from Dunwoody College of Technology with an Associate in

Applied Science in Interior Design. I graduated as Phi Theta Kappa and maintained my spot on the Dean’s list my entire time at Dunwoody. Prior to Dunwoody I took

classes at Inver Hills Community College with a focus on Business. During my continuing education I have worked retail jobs to gain knowledge and exper tise in customer

service and Interned at D&D Associates at International Market Square. I also intend to take LEED classes to gain my cer tifi cation and continue my education after graduation.

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ContentsBezoar Restaurant p.4-7Dr. Winter’s Offi ce p.8-11LiveWork-Ft. Lauderdale p.12-15Dunwoody Resource Center p.16-19The Griffi ns Residence p.20-24Drafting p.24-25

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This project is a new Mediterranean-American fusion restaurant in the heart of Uptown. The client’s main wish was to Incorporate a pizza oven someplace within the restaurant and have someplace for retail to sell as well. I was able to not only design the restaurant but to create a logo and name for restaurant.

I was inspired by the food for the color pallet, the olive oils and vinegars. During my research I came across the Mediterranean mountain goat and its Latin name, Bezoar. Having a large bar was important because the main business would come from the night life scene. The outdoor patio includes a smaller bar and a separated Hookah lounge. The summers in Minnesota are important to take advantage of and I wanted to

Create a unique spot. This was a great project to challenge us to investigate differentCulture, fi guring seating numbers while

Keeping code and to mold a space the public will want to gather.

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Refl ective Ceiling Plan

Bezoar’s Floor Plan

Dining Room

Private Dining



Patio DiningHookah Lounge

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Private Dining Room With Olive Oil and Vinegar Rack


Dining Room

Booth Seating

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Dr. Winter’s Healing Office

Hematology & OncologySpecialist

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This project we had that choice to choosing between three offices; a doctors, lawyers and tech specialist. I wanted to work on something new and out of my element. Health care is a up and coming niche in design. In my research of health care facilities it was shown that nature had a natural healing affect on the body, mind and soul. Dr. James Winter is a specialist in Oncology and Hematology and runs a outpatient office for people with various blood cancers or diseases. I really focused on bringing the outdoors in this building. The reception has a unique desk made of Tiger wood, burnt orange granite and honey onyx tile. The patient rooms have custom Nora vinyl flooring with a pattern that resembles a stream and on the ceiling I had faux skylight installed. Nature

had to be seen from floor to ceiling. In the conference room I chose to use a moveable wall system called Move-n-Go so that they could close out the space for private patient & doctor meetings or open the space for staff meetings or holiday parties. This space is here to heal not only patients but help their fami-

lies cope as well and to bring a home away from home for the staff. Health care design is an amazing because you are making a space that is there to help heal those in need.

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Dr. Winter’s Floor Plan

Reception Exam Room

Exam Room


Conference Room

Dr. Winter’sOffice

Supply Closet

File Storage

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Perspective of Reception

Elevation of Reception

Elevation of Exam Room

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Live WorkLux LucisFort Lauderdale, FL

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We created a vibrant urban space for young professionals. We have a multiuse building of living, dining and retail. The space incorporates sleek linear lines, organic shapes and chic materials.

This was a one of a kind project because we were not only required to design a space inside a building but we were able to take a lot and form a building of our very one. We partnered with the graphic design department as well to create a logo for the building complex. The building had to have designated space for retail and housing as well. We were put in groups of two and could pick any place in the United States and out area of choice was Fort Lauderdale, FL. My partner and I wanted a new climate to work with and Fort Lauderdale is a young professional hot spot, which was our area of focus. The lot we found was located along an inlay waterway and had a completely different lot shape. The V-shape of the land inspired the cruise ship type building. We made the main floor retail and the top floors for condos available for rent or to own. The condo’s are luxurious will floor to ceiling Windows, wood flooring, and lofted second level. At the water point of the building we have 2 parking levels along with Additional parking spots the waterfront. The most unique part of our building is the roof top seafood restaurant that will Enhance the area nightlife.

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The Lux Lucis condos of

Fort Luaderdale offers

panoramic views of the

inland waterways

Rooftop Restaurant

& Nightclub

RIver Walkway Pet Friendly Docking Avalibility Modern & Luxurious Condos

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“...perfect for up and coming young professionals...”



Offi ce




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DunwoodyCollege of Technology

Student Lounge & Resource Center

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This was my fi rst commercial project and a school administrator from Dunwoody, Mike White, came into our class to talk to us about plans to take the current Outdated library and bring it into a modern resource center. The programs at Dunwoody are transforming, the school is not only offering 2 year technical pro-grams but offering bachelor programs as well. The current library is closed off and not a welcoming area for the students or staff. My group wanted to take the

space and open it up so that students can fl ow easily in and out of the space. The school wants to take the library and turn it into a resource center, a place for stu-dents to come and research with the help of the librarians and computer center. Areas that were important to have were an offi ce for the librarians, testing room,

study group room, solo study areas and student lounge. Since this is still a college we thought it would be important to incorporate the Dunwoody Logo in this space. Our solution was a maple and tiger wood piece above the reception that draws the eye up to the multi level sculpture. For the librarians we lofted the

Offi ce in general spot that the old offi ce was placed and put additional storage cabinets under the loft. It was a nice change for their work space allowing them some privacy as well to allow them to have an eye over the whole space while working away from the reception desk. Because of the location of the library in the center of the school it gets no natural lighting we took advantage of a small gap where the courtyard once was above the library and put in three large skylights

running along the south side of the wall. The skylights allow daylight into the offi ce and study corner for the students. The students don’t need to have homework to come to the resource center but they could come to socialize with peers as well.

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Floor Plan of Resource Center

Refl ective Ceiling Plan

Reception Desk

Study Chairs & Study Carrels

Student Lounge

Student Lounge

Testing Room

Group Study



r Bar

LibrairansOffi ce

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Elevation of Testing Centerand group study room

Elevation of Student Lounge

Elevation of Reception Desk

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The NewlywedsGriffin Residence

Residential Studio

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A custom piece was important because I thought that since they are starting a new life they should start with an amazing piece of furniture. What it resulted was a great bookcase that also doubles are a piece of art.

The Newlywed town home was our very first project. My couples, Bill and Jennifer Griffin, are in their early thirties with no children. They like to socialize with friends and Jennifer loves to cook. On their downtime they like to watch movies and relax around the house. They really enjoy the beauty of art deco buildings and so I went for a design to reflect art deco and paired it with contemporary. Circles inspired me a lot with this residence because when I think of marriage I think of the rings which represent unity and a whole. For the floor plan I kept an open flow to keep the social flow of the house easy to travel between rooms. The cook top stove is on the island with the table pushed up to the end so when Jennifer is cooking guest and Bill can watch. I used three 3 form panels near the front door to create a little privacy between the door and family room. The fire place has stainless steel running up to the ceiling. The project ended up being a beautiful sophisticated home that they could start their marriage off right.

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Floor Plan


Living Room


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Living Room Elevation

Kitchen Elevation Kitchen Perspective

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Gina A. Gustafsonp. 952.261.9723

e. [email protected]

7033 130th Street WestApple Valley, MN 55124