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  • Gina DeBarthe ELPS 760 Searches General Questions A. Have you used technology to support your teaching? If so, briefly describe your favorite applications (e.g. blog, course websites, Facebook, powerpoint, prezi, spreadsheets, twitter, wikis,) and how they were used in your teaching. B. Have you been in classes that integrated technology? If so, briefly describe your favorite applications and how they were used. Search Questions A. Quotes on educational technology A revolution at their fingertips - R. Rummel-Hudson We shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us. - Marshall McLuhan B. Consider you philosophy of learning and/or teaching with technology and find at least three web sites that reflect your philosophy.

    My philosophy on the use of AT in the classroom is three fold. 1. Technology should be adapted to the needs of the student. 2. Technology should increase communication 3. Technology should increase access to the general education curriculum and support inclusion. AT can be used to design and support students by providing a wide variety of supports to assist the students access to the curriculum.

    AT in the classroom provides learning opportunities for all students by providing multiple modalities to present curriculum. The various modalities can reinforce the same concept multiple times and provide context to increase understanding of the curriculum. Students can learn together and reinforce the knowledge gained by modeling for their peers. Students use of AT can provide another means for students to model and demonstrate their understanding of core curricular content. Websites Bridging apps Spectronics Inclusive Learning Technologies Texas Assistive Technology Dynavox Technologies Prentke Romich

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    E. I was born in Fairfield California, The time it is in Fairfield when it is 1 pm in Dubai is 11am. Geogrpahic Information Systems

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    Cul es su deporte favorito, pelcula y actor? Me gusta ftbol, Tres Amigos, y America Ferrera.

    Media Searches

    A. Switch Access for iPads. B. Michelle Bachalet


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