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Ghazanafar Abbas

Ghazanafar Abbas Contact Number: +923466387608

Email:,,ghazanfar.abbas183@skype Objective

To work in a dynamic and progressive organization and make this work worthwhile for the organization as well as the profession.

Work Experience

December(2014) to Date National Refinery Limited Plant Operator

Job Responsibilities

Operate the three number of RO plants sea water and brackish water designed basis having the scheme Dissolved Air flotation unit, MMF, UF and RO.

Performed the UF and RO Chemical Cleaning on the base of requirements.

Ensure the proper dosing of chemicals at RO.

Operate the Plants efficiently and safely to optimize output adhering to Quality and HSE standards.

Monitoring, analyzing, troubleshooting, performing technical reviews and economic evaluation of improvement opportunities.

Executing PERMIT-TO-WORK SYSTEM for all jobs.

Operate different type of controllers like Level controller, level switches, Flow controller, and Pressure transmitters.

Independent Plant operate and supervision

Plant programing Auto (PLC)

Installation and operation of R.O Plant

Start-up and Shut down of R.O Plant

Mechanical maintinence of R.O Plant

Multimedia filter, Cartadge filter back-up filter Auto operate

01 years Water Engineering and management Services

Mechanical supervisor

Job Responsibilities

Involved in erection and commissioning of Waste water treatment plant. As a mechanical supervisor performed maintenance of different Equipments like Pressure vessels, pumps compressors, air blowers, high pressure pumps, cartridge filters replacements, line leakages etc.

Check and control the flow of effluent by manual operate the valves

Check the pressure of Blowers and control according to parameters

Check the chemicals dosing pumps and control its flow rate

Control the Over flow of Equalization Pit, Aeration Pit, Secondary Clarifier & Supernatant Tank

Check and operate Sand filter & Activated Carbon filter

Control the Operation of Plate and Frame Filter

Check Waste Water (COD, BOD), COD Meter self Operating

Prepare the daily record of incoming and out going material.

Dealing with the customers and provide after sale services.

Maintain all the record and reports to superiors.

01 years Faruki Pulp Mills Pvt. Ltd Plant supervisor

Job Responsibilities

Control process Parameters by DCS Responsible for monitoring the plant process, Making daily plant report Performed Plant Shutdown & Startup ActivitiesWashing plant :

Washing the straw pulp.

Remove the lignin from straw pulp.

Control the quality and KAPPA no of straw pulp.

Bleaching plant :

Bleach the straw pulp by passing the different stages.

Control the brightness of straw pulp by using sodium hypo chloride (Naocl).

Control the PH of straw pulp.

Control the SR by using refiner.

05 Years Sitara Chemical Industries Plant supervisor

Job Responsibilities

Operation of reaction towers, cooling tower, compressors & Pumps. Record parameter of different operational units in the log sheet. Report shift supervisor in case of any process interruption. Coordinate during operation with other operation staff and maintenance team. Control the process variables for smooth operation and production target achievement. Controls plant upsets and brings to normal operational level. Check the Production on hourly basis. Controls products specification and give-away. Operate the DCS system of NaoH and HCl Cleaning internal Gases ducts.

Installation of Gas filter and quarts filling.

Reactor installation, checking, drying and catalysts filling.

Absorber filling with Rashing rings and saddles.

APT Pumps checking and operating.

Installation of controller, Flow meter, Temperature transmitters, Pressure Meters, Level

Transmitters and Acid Conc. Analyzer either. Back up as DCS operator system of Advan-Trol supcon (Chaina) Monitor the Reaction parameters in HCL furnace.

Logging the plant parameters.

Co-ordinate with other department regarding maintenance jobs with safe measure.

Natural Gas Compressor screw type (GEA Grasso, 900 m/h).

Instrument Air Compressor (CompAir, 650 m/h).

Cooling Towers (Hamon Industrie Thermique, France, 2500 Tons/h).

Centrifugal Air Compressor (Cameron, 10000 m/h).

Water Treatment Plant (WEMS, 34 m/ h)

Chillers (Train 100 Ton/h, Century).

Vacuum Pumps (SIHI)

Centrifugal Pumps (ITT Goulds,single stage & Grundfos, multistage02 years MauriFermentation PlantOperator&Lab analyst.Job Responsibilities

Ensure the smooth operation of Plant

Perform the jobs with the coordination of maintenance Department.

Control the product specification and meet the requirement of products. Online process monitoring and take necessary actions.

Monitoring and verification of Molasses.

Perform physiochemical analysis according to product.

Perform the micro biological tests.

To assist in internal and external audits.

Record keeping of daily quality documents.

Customer complaint handling and start investigation.

Collect market samples for cross verification.

Lab equipment calibration and maintain record.

Supervision of Water treatment plant, and Wast Water Treatment Plant.

Prepration all the chemical which are use in water02 years Alpha Chemicals Plant Operator

Job Responsibilities;An industry involved operations like Fermentation, liquid-liquid extraction, Hydrogenation, Hydro-chlorination, Distillation, Crystallization and Demineralized Water Plant for the Production of Ephedrine Salt in accordance with the defined Quality of Novartis, Pfizer, Abbott ,GSK and other multinational companies .

Ensure the smooth and safe operation of plant.

Enhance the production by following the standard operating procedure

To co-ordinate and follow-up all field operational, maintenance and HSE activities to ensure adherence to procedures.Academic Qualification;

DAE Chemical Matriculation in Science (SSC)Professional Skills

09 Dec 2013 - 09 Feb 2014 Certified Safety Officer in line with NEBOSH IGC from University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore.

Hazard, Identification and control measures Accident, Investigation & Prevention.

Job safety analysis.

Personal Protective equipment & breathing apparatus.

First aid.

Emergency plan.

Risk assessment.

Permit to work procedure.

Personal protective equipment.


Personel Skills:

Strong team working, leadership and communication skills

Effective at time management and prioritizing tasks to achieve deadlines

Developed ability to produce reports and presentation to a professional standard

Ability to work with minimal Supervision & as a cooperative team member


Reading Technical Books Reading NewspaperLanguages:- English



Computer Skills;


CMMS for Inventory control.

Personal Information;

N.I.C. #



Nationality :

PakistaniPassport # :


Postal Address:

Chak # 168/E.B Post Office Chak # 166/E.B,

Tehsil & Dist. Vehari