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Gezi parkI. Taksim GEZİ PARK, in the Beyoglu district of Istanbul, Taksim Square is located in the north east . Attractions in the park each day's events had a different significance. If I were to talk about these days; MAY 27. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Gezi parkI

Gezi parkI

Taksim GEZ PARK, in the Beyoglu district of Istanbul, Taksim Square is located in the north east.

Attractions in the park each day's events had a different significance. If I were to talk about these days;MAY 27Soldier Quarry Street in Taksim Trip Park 3-meter section of the wall overlooking Taksim pedestrianization Project was destroyed . 4-5 of trees uprooted in line with the Taksim Solidarity group began to react to these events, a few groups set up tents in the park by morning they did the action.MAY 28Has increased the number of activists in the morning. BDP deputy Sirri Sureyya Onder also support the group, stopped the demolition work. Police and police intervention has come. Symbol photo 'The Woman in Red' was filmed that day. Meanwhile, the number of respondents in the park seizures began to increase.

29 MAYOn Thursday, police intervention teams began to activists. accom activists burned some tents.

30 MAYAround 5:00 in the morning the police against demonstrators in the park once again intervened. Activists kept vigil until the evening. In the evening, the number has increased rapidly.

31 MAY

Trip park events accelerated. After the strong intervention of the police was confused mess. One day in the actions of the Secret Suresh BDP leader was among the injured. Action has quickly spread to other provinces. Ankara, Izmir, Istanbul, Izmit, Izmir, Manisa demonstrations took place in many cities such as. for example, if my friend witnessed another event where people dealing with agriculture in Edirne that fertilize the fields of action in Edirne, leaving all the work to come to the road truck driving in their mouths tried to prevent police intervention. 'On the same day in Istanbul 6 Administrative Court, Artillery Barracks decided about Project execution. 'The strong intervention of the police, especially in Taksim garnered great response.May 30 night, the social media began to wake up. Televisions and newspapers, for 3 days, could clarify the issue and people can understand what the situation is in size due not published a single article, in particular the events described in Taksim twiter began. People fall asleep at night, clearly not aware of the situation because the next morning, all the social media tools to get informed about this situation began. right or wrong in a number of public information was attained in this way. But the insurgents, in contrast with false information event occurred in a segment that understands different. Due to fear of government repression occurs, this situation due to publish newspapers and television misunderstanding of the situation has increased:. Starting the first day of the event from the pressures of affected people realistic about TV reviews by locals in a bit if I was aware of the situation. Go to events after a while due to an exacerbation of issues all began airing on television and newspapers. but in the other side of the news that every broadcasting organization to the public in accordance with his own taste and was forbidden. our people and the media play in this case or was a game where you have to play. In this way, social media reporting has occurred. people poured into the streets from their own perspective, their phone cameras, social media gracing the event.Before that, starting this movement with the aim to save the park, the attitude of the media bosses and give the public accurate information on the reasons why social media has led to an increased interest. This movement began with the goal of environmental protection of the government, impulsive and corrupt style of the people, the discomfort trip to the park earlier in the show in their actions caused. Trip to the park with the harsh strongly protest of the people against the government which has become a platform and you can even broadcast media was censored. It rings sitting at home with the confidence of the government, the photos posted on social media even claimed that photoshop. 'Trip Park events' in history as beginning with the May 27 resistance spread to the world has turned into a popular movement.