getting under the hood - wordpress file & directory structure

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  • Getting Under the Hood - WordPress File & Directory Structure

  • Types of Files

    Core WordPress Files

    Files in the wp-content Folder

    (your theme, plugins, and uploads)

    WordPress configuration files

    Your WordPress Database

  • FTP & Text Editors

    A text editor is similar to Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on Mac. Most programmers use more versatile tools but if you only have the basic ones installed, they will do just fine.

    A few great text editors include Notepad++, Sublime, Coda and

  • WordPress Top-Level Structure

  • WordPress Top-Level Structure

    Dont touch these!

  • WordPress Top-Level Structure

    Okay (with some limits)On occasion (be cautious)

  • wp-config-sample.php

    When performing a manual install of WordPress:

    1. File needs to be copied and saved as wp-config.php

    2. The highlighted areas must be filled in.

  • Hidden Files

    Some files may be hidden

  • Content Folder

  • SQL DatabaseDont touch this file directly!

    Only way you want to manually update the database is with phpMyAdmin

    Be cautious and always make a backup first!

  • Uploads Folder

  • Plugins Folder

  • Themes Folder

  • Theme Folder - Example

    Okay to change / modify these two files but

  • Best Practice is to Create a Child Theme

  • Plugin Option for Creating Child Theme


    Based on article from WP Beginner:Beginners Guide to WordPress File and Directory Structure

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