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<ul><li><p>Welcome to your LinkedIn Career Page! Your Career Page is the first impression that candidates will have of your company and will illuminate your unique talent brand. </p><p>This guide will show you how to create an engaging page within minutes.</p><p>Getting Started: 3 Steps to an Irresistible Career Page</p><p>Getting StartedLinkedIn Career Page</p><p>with</p></li><li><p>The Anatomy of a Career Page</p><p>If you have a Gold Page you can create a page for each of your audiences.</p><p>TARGETING</p><p>Once your license has been issued, you will be notified by our support team by email.You can now edit your Career Page:</p><p>Simply upload your images, links and copy/paste your text.</p><p>Add a banner and link it to your website (or another site).</p><p>MAIN BANNER</p><p>Click to add your headlines and text content.</p><p>TEXT CONTENT</p><p>Basic Editing</p></li><li><p>Build an irresistible presence1</p><p>Build credibility by sharing certifications earned, clearances obtained, and awards won.</p><p>Certifications &amp; awards</p><p>You can use a mix of text, images, and video to showcase your employer brand in a unique and interactive way. The best way to get started is to utilize the multimedia assets that your company on-hand: text, graphic, and even an explainer video. If you want to create custom content and dont have it readily available, you can still launch your page now and build out your presence over time.</p><p>Need inspiration? Check out this blog post</p><p>Attention-grabbing opening textCreate a headline and summary that instantly energize your LinkedIn audience. Write like you want to hire not like you want to be hired or sell your products. </p><p>Rich mediaShare pictures, videos, blog posts, Slideshare presentations, and PR coverage that shed insight into your companys culture and boost your talent brand.</p><p>Volunteer activitiesPaint a complete brand picture by showcasing your volunteer work and causes that your organization supports.</p><p>Ask your team members to share their experiences.</p><p>Employee quotes and testimonials</p><p>LinkedIns audience is interested in learning about your brands culture, values, and career opportunities. Your Career Page should speak to your organizations recruiting presence rather than your companys products and services.</p><p>tip</p><p>Did you know?</p><p>Upgraded Career Pages allow you to customize your content for different audiences such as engineers, data scientists, sales reps, and marketers. Talk to your relationship manager to learn more.</p><p>CONTENTCUSTOMIZATION</p></li><li><p>Craft engaging status updates</p><p>Career Pages are SEO-friendly, so be sure to use keywords that your audiences are using to find your company. </p><p>Optimize your pages for search engines</p><p>Ask them to like and share your company updates and add a link to your Career Page in their email signatures.</p><p>Engage your employeesYour web team can pull code for a Follow button from to add to your blog or website. </p><p>Add a follow button to your website</p><p>Ask your community to follow your Career Page. You can use your other social media channels and email newsletter.</p><p>Announce your Career Page</p><p>tip</p><p>Collaborate with your marketing team to create recruiting-specific text, graphics, and video. If marketing cant help, you can curate content from whats publicly available online. </p><p>3 Start creating a follower-base</p><p>Millions of LinkedIn users visit Career Pages to learn about company news, industry insights, and job opportunities theyre looking to learn about the culture and values that drive your brand. Status updates through your company page will be a major part of this process. </p><p>Any organization, large or small, can be a discussion leader. In addition to sharing blog posts from your own website, you can curate interesting articles from popular media channels. Your company will never run out of editorial content to share.</p><p>2</p><p>Need inspiration? Check out this gallery of great status updates</p><p>Did you know?</p><p>Upgraded Career Pages allow you to customize your content for different audiences such as engineers, data scientists, sales reps, and marketers. Talk to your relationship manager to learn more.</p><p>TARGETING</p><p>Your follower base is your talent community and candidate pipeline -- LinkedIns research shows that 79 percent of Career Page followers are interested in new opportunities and 3x more likely to respond an organizations recruiters. Heres how to get started:</p><p>Help Center | Learning Center | Product Updates</p></li></ul>