getting ready: the basics of using the mobile cart & laptops

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GETTING READY: The Basics of Using the Mobile Cart & Laptops

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  • GETTING READY:The Basics of Using the Mobile Cart & Laptops

  • Keeping laptops clean Clean your hands before using the laptops. NO food or drink when you are using the laptops!!

  • Laptop numbers A laptop will be assigned to you. You will use only this laptop unless otherwise instructed by your teacher.You will use the same laptop each time we use the computers.

  • Pick-up Procedures Prior to leaving your desk, clear all chairs and backpacks from the aisles! Put away pencils and pens. 2 students at the cart at one time & 2 students waiting. The next students should be ready to step up to the cart, creating a steady flow of traffic.

  • Returning to your Desk Walk holding the laptop with both hands and against your body.

  • Returning to your Desk Place the laptop carefully on your desk/table before sitting down. Do not open the laptop until asked to do so.If you walk away from your desk, partially close the laptop and make sure it is in the middle of your desk.

  • Opening up the Computer Locate the open button. It is a slender silver button. Hold the bottom half to stabilize the laptop when opening and closing. Do NOT touch the screen.

  • Using the Track Pad or mouseYour teacher will help you decide if you need to use a mouse or the trackpad. Remember to do what is most comfortable for you.

  • Inspection As soon as you open the laptop, check it over carefully for any damage and report that damage immediately!!! Are there any pen marks, scratches, missing keys?

  • Turning on the Laptops Press the button in the upper right corner, and wait for the computer to boot up. Allow the computer to boot up completely without playing with the keyboard and/or mouse.

  • Logging InUsername: rpsstudentPassword: 4me2use!

  • The Desktop The desktop has a few icons already available for your use. Wait for your teacher to tell you which icon to launch. When you launch Internet Explorer, you should immediately connect to the internet. If that does not happen, let your teacher know right away.

  • Printing You should not print without the permission of your teacher.

  • Shutting Down Quit any open applications. Press the Start button. Click Shut Down on the window that pops up. Wait for the laptop to shut down completely. The screen will go black. Close the laptop.

  • Start ButtonShut Down

  • Putting Laptops Back Wait for your turn to walk to the cart. Carry the laptop with both hands following the same procedure as before. Let your teacher place the laptop in its assigned spot and then let your teacher plug in the power cord. Be sure the mouse gets returned at the same time as the laptop if you used one.

  • Remember.Using these computers is a privilege, not a right. It is up to each of us to make sure our laptop cart remains in good condition and all laptops remain in good working order for our daily use.

  • Congratulations! You are now ready to use our laptop computers!