Get Your Sales Mojo Back | 3 Useful, Easy Tips from Oneupweb's CEO

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Post on 23-Aug-2014




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Everyone who's in sales has lost his or her mojo at some point. Whatever business you're in, whether it's auto parts, real estate, or digital marketing, try these 3 tips to prepare for that upcoming meeting or sales pitch. Exercise. Get those endorphins flowing with some jumping jacks or a brisk walk. Talk comfortably. Call a client you're on great terms with, toss around some ideas, and you'll be feeling like your old sales-y self in no time. Laugh. Seek out the funniest person in your office, or think about some of the bone-headed things you've seen lately. Laughter is great for pre-presentation stress. Aside from jogging in place and telling jokes, see how else we roll at


3TIPS FOR GETTINGYOUR GROOVE BACK What to Do When You're Off Your Sales Game Heres the SITUATION You have an IMPORTANTmeeting scheduled OFF But you wake up just feeling Your mind starts racing Your mind starts racing YOURE FEELING STRESSED Your mind starts racing THIS MEETING IS A BIG DEAL YOURE FEELING STRESSED PRESENTATION Youve poured yourself into the STRATEGY Spent hours thinking about the RESEARCH & COMMUNICATION Youve spent weeks on All colliding into a one hour DO OR DIE PRESENTATION And of all days, youre just NOT FEELING YOUR MOJO WHYTODAY? Weve all been there. SO WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT IT? GO OUTSIDE 01 When you have a couple spare minutes. PLACE JOG IN WALK Take a two minute JUMPING JACKS Or try Get your brain fired up by GETTING YOUR BLOOD FLOWING After all YOU KNOW THIS STUFF SMALL TALK 02 Call a client you have a good relationship with. Ask them about their marketing STRUGGLES new ideas BRAINSTORM By the end of the call, your juices will be FLOWING LAUGH 03 DUMBEST Think about the things youve done or witnessed FUNNIEST Or ask someone else about the things theyve seen lately Clears your head LAUGHING RELIEVES STRESS and helps you get CENTERED & FOCUSED Preparing for an important meeting requires you to be ON YOUR GAMEand firing on all cylinders Those of us that have to do it likely LOVE DOING IT EVERYONE HAS A TOUGH DAYand thats okay; you can work through it. 1.877.568.7477 ONEUPWEB.COM LETS TALK