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Want to get software tools? Want to convince your manager to open up the wallet? In this presentation, we show how.


  • 1.Get Your Boss to Say YesTo hear the audio for this presentation, please dial the phone conference numberincluded in the meeting invitation. Audio will not come through your speakers. 2008 Quest Software, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

2. Todays Agenda When Geeks Want Stuff What Managers Need Where You Can Get Help Photo licensed with Creative Commons from 3. When Geeks Want SomethingPhoto licensed with Creative Commons from 4. How Managers ReactSo? 5. How Geeks ReactPhoto licensed with Creative Commons from 6. What Managers Want to See 7. Document All the Options Photo licensed with Creative Commons from 8. Sample Executive Summary 9. Sample Presentation 10. Explain the Current Situation 11. Use Graphics for Illustration 12. Put Costs in Perspective 13. Explain What You Want 14. Explain Your Selection Criteria 15. Sample Vendor Comparison 16. What Managers Want To Do 17. Getting Help From Vendors 18. Reading the Case Studies 19. Justifying Backup Compression Datas still growing, but budgets arent Keep backups online longer Shorter maintenance windows 20. Justifying Performance Tools Spend less time troubleshooting code Developer time isnt free Get faster apps without buying faster hardwarePhoto licensed with Creative Commons from 21. Justifying Monitoring Tools Manage more servers with less people Help junior DBAs do senior-level tasks Stop throwing money at hardware Photo licensed with Creative Commons from 22. Justifying Change Management Patrol environments for change Improve security auditing for less $ Roll back changes with less downtime Photo licensed with Creative Commons from 23. Justifying Capacity Management Shorter maintenance windows Faster storage performance without buying faster storage Buy storage when its cheap, not when youre desperate 24. Lessons Learned Today Do your homework Do your BOSSs homework Document everything Prove your decision Make it easy to forward Get help from vendorsPhoto licensed with Creative Commons from 25. Resources On The Web SQL Server community: Quest Software SQL Server Products: Brents blog: