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Get more patients - convert more website visitors into patients 13 September 2014 Therapy Expo 2104, Manchester, UK Physio123 specialists in designing and marketing website for therapists tell therapists what simple things they can do to their website to generate more referrals, For a free website redesign please visit: Physio123 0800 5200 709


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2. Overview1. Presentation2. Live website reviews3. Q & A 3. The presentation:What is conversion rate?Understanding the maths behindconversion rateHow do I increase my websitesconversion rate?How do I increase my websitesnumber of visitors?How do I increase my websitesnumber of converted visitors?Ive done this now what? 4. What is conversion rate?Definition:Conversion rate is thepercentage of userswho take a desiredaction. 5. What is a conversion?A phone call An Email An online formsubmission 6. The maths 7. Conversion rate formulaNumber ofvisitorsConversionrateNumber ofconvertedvisitorsx = 8. How to increase visitors 9. How to increase visitorsOn-site Off-siteUnique contentMore contentSearch engineFriendly codeQuick pageload timesLocal hostingSearch EngineOptimisation (SEO)Pay-Per-Click (PPC)Social mediaOther websitesOffline marketing 10. How to increase yourconversion rate 11. How to increase yourconversion rate3 second ruleReadily availablecontact detailsMake it useableEasy to navigateSearchableAccessibleCredibility &trustabilityMultiple call-to-actionsPersonasLet them know youwant their enquiryFormsRemove barriersRemove pricesProfessional images 12. How to increase yourconverted visitorsIncreasevisitorsIncreaseconversion rateIncrease visitorsand conversion rate 13. The power ofincreasing both 14. The power ofincreasing bothVisitors Conversion rate Converted visitorsExample #1 100 1% 1Increase visitors 400 1% 4Example #2 100 1% 1Increase conversion 100 4% 4Example #3 100 1% 1Increase both 400 4% 16 15. Ive done this now what?Answer everycallRespondquickly to allenquiriesRespondprofessionally toall enquiries 16. Final thoughtRemember:Number of visitorsConversion rateNumber ofconverted visitorsx=Therefore:Increased numberof visitorsIncreasedconversion rateLots more patients!x= 17. Live website reviews!Find out more:Visit: 0800 5200 709 18. Any questions? 19. Thanks for listening!Find out more:Visit: 0800 5200 709


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