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<ul><li><p>7/23/2019 Get Information About Architecture of Places of Ahmedabad With Ahmedabad City Tour</p><p> 1/2</p><p>Get Information About Architecture Of Places Of</p><p>Ahmedabad With Ahmedabad City Tour</p><p>Before visiting the famous architecture of Ahmedabad, the main knowledge we have about</p><p>the building. Karnadev Solanki period is rich Hindu and Jain temples. In the early 15thcentury, Ahmed Shah founded Ahmedabad, began raiser new building structure.</p><p>Ahmedabad structures from outside Islam, but they laid the foundation of Hindu and Jain</p><p>traditions. As a result, contemporary architecture art and designs because it seems</p><p>different from other Islamic architecture. We also found out that those things are usually</p><p>ignored. This hybrid architecture is known as India Sarasenic architecture.</p><p>There are many special, structures in the mosque.</p><p> In order to get fresh air and light, and the dome structure proposed in the mosq ue, the</p><p>central place.</p><p>Beautiful art jalis observed in many mosques such as Sidi Sayyed mosque.</p><p>In the wall of the balcony and grooves attractive sculpture is unique.</p><p> Mosque and minaretconstruction process is significant. Ahmedabad swing minaret is a</p><p>miracle.</p><p> The Interi type of architecture is remarkable, for example, Azam - Muaz and Dariyakhan</p><p>Raja.</p><p>In the Mughal period Mughal -built residential structure style arch. This bow is considered</p><p>to be the palace of the Azam khan. With a few changes, an Ahmedavadi bow making. It is</p><p>narrow and tall. It has a Bodhi tree leaf shape this arch is considered in many homes these</p><p>days. Like Motishahi Palace, Azamkhan Palace and Bhadrakali temple structure built in the</p><p>Mughal period.</p><p>In Maratha period, Gaekwad's Haveli built. In Hindu religious places of Bhimnath Mahadev</p><p>Temple building it is worth mentioning. In Ahmedabad, many Shiva Temple, Vaishnav</p><p>Havelis, Swaminarayan Temple, Hathisingh Zaveriwad temples and Jain temple built.</p><p>Special Vastushastra, building science into account while building the temple. Image</p><p>identification marks for identifying Jain Tirthankar as are placed in the middle of the</p><p>pedestal.</p><p>Ahmedabad City, the company has been in areas such as Saptarshi, Dudheshwar, behind</p><p>the construction of the crematorium VS Hospital and Vadaj. Built in Thaltej Cross Street</p><p>crematorium SG highway named Antimdham, is a beautiful image of God Shiva on there is</p><p>attractive, it captures the attention of passers-by, as well as visitors.</p></li><li><p>7/23/2019 Get Information About Architecture of Places of Ahmedabad With Ahmedabad City Tour</p><p> 2/2</p><p>There Parsee corpse was ordained place is called "Dakhma", silent tower. This is the</p><p>traditional Zoroastrians, the dead body was placed into Dakhma vultures devour them.</p><p>Dakhma structure is based on the recommendation of architectural design in</p><p>Zoroastrianism completed. We found that in place in the Protestant tomb stone beautiful</p><p>carvings.</p><p>It is wise to visit the old city walls of politicians to know the citys residential building</p><p>design. Some of the building is built for public use, such as schools, hospitals, cultural</p><p>centers, cinemas, ponds, etc. For more:</p><p>Reference:</p><p>Architecture-Of-Places-Of-Ahmedabad-With-Ahmedabad-City-Tour.html</p></li></ul>


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