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Dear Friend,This letter might upset you.Why?Because this letter will ignite your greed by showing you how you - yes, you - can make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year by following a simple set of proven money making steps.Not only that, this letter will strike deep into the gut-wrenching terror we've all felt but are too scared to talk about...What I'm talking about - and as you'll soon see, learned from personal experience - is a terror so crippling it can end someone's life in their early twenties - even if their heart keeps beating until their nineties.I'm talking about the fear of SUCCESS.Have you ever imagined yourself as a millionaire - only to think "No, it couldn't happen to me"?Believe it or not, most people - myself included, until a few years ago - carry with them a deep rooted fear of success. In some cramped, dark part of themselves, a place so deep and hidden they may not even know it exists, everyday normal people are absolutely horrified of succeeding because - and this is the Gospel truth - they don't feel they deserve to succeed.This story - my story - is one that deals with facing this fear head on, and how I went from a low-wage slave to a MILLIONAIRE in less than two years.Are you with me? Then let's roll...


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