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<ol><li> 1. Get Connected: How to Make Social Media Work for You @RichardRDancy @BarkingMadHQ </li><li> 2. Introductions Richard Dancy Nick Strong Its going to be 45 mins with questions afterwards (ask during and well save) Theres going to be an advert Richard Dancy FRANCHISOR &amp; CONSULTANT </li><li> 3. Arghh! Not another bloody social media presentation!! </li><li> 4. Fed up with social media? Incessant coverage Unbearable complexity Limited traceable ROI What do you think? How do you use it? Whats in your newsfeed? </li><li> 5. On-line Marketing Case Study </li><li> 6. Objectives Challenge Understanding Case Study Perhaps Create Discussion Different Perspective Trends </li><li> 7. Communities can be accessed and reputation leveraged and grown in relevant niche communities at a speed and scale that was hither to not possible David Amerland, Google: The Semantic Search </li><li> 8. ? </li><li> 9. Honestly? And who knows it? Whats Your Social Strategy? </li><li> 10. Whats Your Situation? 1. Basic - Sole user or colleague in office 2. Advanced Integrated strategy Outsourced: Agency / Marketing department Other? Assumption: Youre using social media + you have a marketing budget. </li><li> 11. KISS Keep it Simple Stupid! 3 Steps </li><li> 12. 1. Get involved, plan, you and staff - SET UP 2. Generate relevant daily posts - CONTENT 3. Get talking to the right people ENGAGE Link everything together Use the power of your network </li><li> 13. Education, Education, Education - HQ Staff - Franchisees - Franchisees staff - Content Management - Social Media Policy - Training </li><li> 14. Its not about the brand first its about the person, the need, the worry and the emotion. </li><li> 15. Our Audience? </li><li> 16. Source: January 2015 </li><li> 17. 80+% are using their mobile device! </li><li> 18. Content is KING Bill Gates but engagement is Queen (and we all know she rules the house) </li><li> 19. 8. Budget </li><li> 20. Conclusions / Results Facebook is biggest lead source Social media is never free Building relationships Use content you already have </li><li> 21. Its all about YOU! </li><li> 22. Your Objective? Get more publicity Develop relationships SELL MORE?! Is your brand getting it right? Most are not. Social Importance </li><li> 23. Whats your resource? How do you agree this? % of your marketing budget? Staff involved Social media policy? What does your CEO know? How do you link with your brand in other countries? Social Importance </li><li> 24. Is Social Media your biggest marketing initiative? Likes are dead. Groups are the future Video content Landing pages </li><li> 25. Trends: In-the-moment updates will dominate. </li><li> 26. In-app functionality will increase and diversify </li><li> 27. Buy buttons will take over tap, tap, done. </li><li> 28. Questions? #Overwhelmed </li></ol>