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  1. 1. Get Connected: How to Make Social Media Work for You @RichardRDancy @BarkingMadHQ
  2. 2. Introductions Richard Dancy Nick Strong Its going to be 45 mins with questions afterwards (ask during and well save) Theres going to be an advert Richard Dancy FRANCHISOR & CONSULTANT
  3. 3. Arghh! Not another bloody social media presentation!!
  4. 4. Fed up with social media? Incessant coverage Unbearable complexity Limited traceable ROI What do you think? How do you use it? Whats in your newsfeed?
  5. 5. On-line Marketing Case Study
  6. 6. Objectives Challenge Understanding Case Study Perhaps Create Discussion Different Perspective Trends
  7. 7. Communities can be accessed and reputation leveraged and grown in relevant niche communities at a speed and scale that was hither to not possible David Amerland, Google: The Semantic Search
  8. 8. ?
  9. 9. Honestly? And who knows it? Whats Your Social Strategy?
  10. 10. Whats Your Situation? 1. Basic - Sole user or colleague in office 2. Advanced Integrated strategy Outsourced: Agency / Marketing department Other? Assumption: Youre using social media + you have a marketing budget.
  11. 11. KISS Keep it Simple Stupid! 3 Steps
  12. 12. 1. Get involved, plan, you and staff - SET UP 2. Generate relevant daily posts - CONTENT 3. Get talking to the right people ENGAGE Link everything together Use the power of your network
  13. 13. Education, Education, Education - HQ Staff - Franchisees - Franchisees staff - Content Management - Social Media Policy - Training
  14. 14. Its not about the brand first its about the person, the need, the worry and the emotion.
  15. 15. Our Audience?
  16. 16. Source: January 2015
  17. 17. 80+% are using their mobile device!
  18. 18. Content is KING Bill Gates but engagement is Queen (and we all know she rules the house)
  19. 19. 8. Budget
  20. 20. Conclusions / Results Facebook is biggest lead source Social media is never free Building relationships Use content you already have
  21. 21. Its all about YOU!
  22. 22. Your Objective? Get more publicity Develop relationships SELL MORE?! Is your brand getting it right? Most are not. Social Importance
  23. 23. Whats your resource? How do you agree this? % of your marketing budget? Staff involved Social media policy? What does your CEO know? How do you link with your brand in other countries? Social Importance
  24. 24. Is Social Media your biggest marketing initiative? Likes are dead. Groups are the future Video content Landing pages
  25. 25. Trends: In-the-moment updates will dominate.
  26. 26. In-app functionality will increase and diversify
  27. 27. Buy buttons will take over tap, tap, done.
  28. 28. Questions? #Overwhelmed