Gestalt’s approach on educational psychology

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<ul><li> 1. By:-Lt. K Praveen KumarSlt. Vanya ShyamSlt. Bhavishya VinodSlt. Sonu George</li></ul> <p> 2. SCOPE OF PRESENTATION EVOLUTION THEORY STUDIES GESTALTS FACTORS IMPLICATIONS IN EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY 3. Gestalt is a psychology term which means "unifiedwholeTheories of visual perception developed byGerman psychologists in the 1920s.These theories attempt to describe how people tendto organize visual elements into groups or unifiedwholes when certain principles are appliedGestalt was a holistic approach and rejected themechanistic perspectives of the stimulus - responsemodels 4. Max Wertheimer Wolfgang Khler Kurt Koffka 5. GESTALT THEORY 6. GESTALT STUDIES OF LEARNINGINSIGHT AND MENTALITY OF APES Khler: intelligence in apes Solving the problem: Could the chimp see the whole problem? Would proximity of objects influence solutionof problem? Insight Spontaneous understanding of relationships 7. There is no line making a triangle, so how do we see one? 8. BISTABLE FIGURECant explain how we could see two different images thatalternate another one, glass/silhouette ??? 9. If were thinking about theperils of growing old, well onaverage see the oldwoman. But if were focusedon the joys of youth andbeauty, its the youngwoman that will appear. 10. GESTALTS FACTORSSimilarity 11. GESTALTS FACTORS PROXIMITY 12. GESTALTS FACTORS Closure 13. GESTALTS FACTORSGood continuation 14. FIGURE/GROUND Failing to divide figure from ground 15. The Factor of Closure - brain attempts to complete part togenerate the whole.The Factor of Proximity - when elements are grouped closelytogether, they are percieved as wholes.The Factor of Similarity - learning is facilitated if similar ideas aretreated and linked together and then contrasted with opposing orcomplementary sets of ideas.The Figure-Ground Effect - eye tends to see the objects, ratherthan the spaces or holes between them.</p>