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  • 1. GERMANYAcross The Rolling Plains To Berlin Photography by Geoff and Brian

2. GERMANYTHE BRANDENBURG GATE IN BERLIN 3. GERMANYThe Reconstructed Reichstag or German Parliament 4. GERMANY The Reichstag is now the second most visited attraction inGermany, not least because of the huge glass dome that waserected on the roof as a gesture to the original 1894 cupola giving an impressive view over the city, especially at night. 5. GERMANY Charlottenburg PalaceFamous for the golden era of Baroque andClassical music in Berlin. 6. GERMANYThe Elephant Gates at the Berlin Zoo 7. GERMANYBerlin Opera House 8. GERMANYThe Neues Museum was built between1843 and 1855 9. GERMANYAltes Museum on Museum Island. 10. GERMANYThe Reichstag with the famous glass Berlin Victorydome behind.Column 11. GERMANYBerlin Hauptbahnhof, orBerlin Central Station is themain railway station in Berlin and the largest crossing station in Europe. It beganfull operation opening on 26May 2006. It is now Europeslargest two-level railway station. 12. GERMANYInside Berlin Central Station 13. GERMANY The Sony Centre contains a mix of shops, restaurants, a conference centre, hotel rooms, luxurious rented suites and condominiums, offices, art and film museums, cinemas, an IMAX theatre, a small version of LEGOLAND, and a "Sony Style" store. Free Wi-Fi connections are available for all visitors. During major sport events like the 2012 FIFA World Cup, the centre also has a large television screen on which the events can be broadcast to viewers sitting in the large open area in the middle.Dome roof of the Sony Centre 14. GERMANY Alexanderplatz Originally the square was called the Ochsenmarkt or ox market, but in 1805, after a visit by Russian Tzar Alexander I it was renamed to Alexanderplatz. The locals simply call this large square Alex Most of the buildings on the square were destroyed by allied bombing during the Second World War. After the war it became the centre of East- Berlin and the square was used as a showcase of socialist architecture. This resulted in some plain bulky buildings and a huge television tower. 15. GERMANYTen days after closing the border on August 13, 1961tourists from abroad, diplomats and the military personnel of the WesternThis is the Museum at the crossing pointPowers were only allowed totoday. The checkpoint at Friedrichstrasseenter East Berlin via thegot the name Charlie.crossing point at BerlinFriedrichstrasse. 16. GERMANY The most famous painting on the Berlin Wall, depicting Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev kissing his East German counterpart Erich Honecker 17. GERMANY Tiergarten Park Our tour party entering the Tiergarten Park in the centre of Berlin. With 210hectares, it is the largest park in Berlin.The park also has one of the three Soviet WarMemorials in Berlin. 18. GERMANYSoviet War Memorial 19. GERMANY Soviet War Memorials in Tiergarten Park 20. GERMANYThe Holocaust Memorial in Berlin to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust.It consists of a19,000 squaremetre sitecovered with2,711 concreteslabs arrangedin a grid patternon a slopingfield. 21. GERMANYOn The Road To Dresden 22. GERMANYJean and Anne welcome you to abrief tour of Dresdenon the way to Prague.Photography by Geoff and Brian 23. GERMANY 24. GERMANY 25. GERMANY 26. GERMANY 27. GERMANY 28. GERMANY 29. GERMANY 30. GERMANY 31. GERMANY 32. GERMANY 33. GERMANYTHE END


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