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Travel Guide For Germany


  • 1. GermanyDesigned by STA

2. Location ofGermanyCallingCode+ 1.00 GMTPopulation>81 millionLanguageGermanTime Zone+49Designed by STA 3. CurrencyEUR Euro1 Euro = 100 centCoins1,2,5,10 & 20 cent1, 2 euroBanknotes5, 10, 20, 50, 100,200 & 500euroExchange Rate1 EUR = 71.14 INRDesigned by STA 4. Some other Information ElectricityElectricity in Germany is at 230V, 50Hz. Health & HospitalsVaccination certificates are required. Safety & SecurityEmergency dial 112 VISAVISA Schengen Visa for IndiansDesigned by STA 5. Getting toGermanyFrankfurt RheinmainInternational AirportIATA Code: FRAMunich International AirportIATA Code: MUCTegel International AirportIATA Code: TXLTrain ServicesRegular euro rail service fromSwitzerland, Poland, Denmark,Czech Republic & AustriaDesigned by STA 6. DivisionsofGermanyDesigned by STA 7. TouristLocationsofGermanyDesigned by STA 8. Berlin Capital ofGermany. Berlin is bestknown for itshistoricalassociations as theGerman capital. Berlin is thelargest city inGermany and hasa population of 4.4million. After 1989, it wasagain become partof Germany.Designed by STA 9. TitiseeDesigned by STA 10. It is a lake in the southern black forest. It got its name from Roman Emperor Titus. It covers an area of 1.3 km. Average depth of 20 m. The lake is surrounded by Fir Trees. There are shops selling cuckoo clocks.TitiseeDesigned by STA 11. HeidelbergCastle It is a famous ruin inGermany. It is a landmark ofHeidelberg. It is situated near riverNeckar. The cattle gallery offers ascenic view of theHeidelberg Town. The earliest castlestructure was builtbefore 1214 AD.Designed by STA 12. Rhine Cruise in Germany It offers service onRiver Rhine. The Rhine is one of themost important river inwestern Europe. It Covers an area of1320 Km in length. In Germany it flowsinto the north sea atRotterdam.Designed by STA 13. RoutingofRhineCruiseDesigned by STA 14. CologneCathedral It is a roman catholicchurch in cologne. It is a Germanys mostvisited landmark. It is a Gothicarchitecture. It is a UNESCO WorldHeritage site. It has the 2ndtallest spires(157 m) &largest facade of anychurch in the world. It built in 632 years(1248 1880 )Designed by STA 15. Designed by STA 16. ReichstagBuilding It was constructed to house the Imperial Diet Reichstag ofthe German empire. It was severely damaged in a fire in 1993. It was recompleted in the year 1999. It is meeting place of the German parliament. The large glass dome at the very top of the Reichstag hasa 360-degree view of the surrounding Berlin cityscape.Designed by STA 17. FernsehturmTelevision Tower Height : 368 Metres. It is a Television tower in the city centreof Berlin. It was intended as a symbol of Berlin. It is the tallest structure in Germany. Fourth tallest freestanding structure inEurope. The visitor platform, also calledpanoramic floor, is at a height ofabout 203 metres. It have a revolving restaurant.Designed by STA 18. FIFA 2006Designed by STA 19. It is located on the famous Alexander platz. It displays the time for various cities around the world. It is Known as Weltzeituhr in Germany. Each clock being labelled with the name of a major city or time zone in the world.WorldTimeClockDesigned by STA 20. BrandenburgGate It is a former city gate. It is most well knownlandmark of Germany. The gate is themonumental entryto Unter den Linden. Height : 26 metres Width : 65.5 metres Thick : 11 metres Built in 1780 Restored in 2002Designed by STA 21. PariserPlatz It is a square in the centre of Berlin. Named after French capital Paris in memory of anti-Napoleon Allies. It is one of the main focal points of the city.Designed by STA 22. Berlin Cathedral It is the citys largestchurch. It was built in 17thcentury. It includes theHohenzollern Crypt,with its royal tombs, &the monumental pipeorgan. The centerpiece of thebuilding is the soaringdome, with its stainedglass and mosaics. It was destroyed inworld war II & restoredlater.Designed by STA 23. promos attracting towards westDesigned by STA 24. EuropaPark It is the largest Theme park in Germany. 2nd most popular theme park resort in Europe. Most Popular Seasonal Theme Park in the World. It is located in Rust (S.W. of Germany). Open from Mid March Mid November. Park is split into 16 different areas, mostly named afterEuropean countries or regions. Park mascot is a grey mouse named "Euromaus Was Opened in 1975.Designed by STA 25. Designed by STA 26. europa ride whole day is less for this.Designed by STA 27. Dresden It is the capital of Germanfederal state of Saxony. Located on Elbe River. known worldwide for theBruehls Terrace and its historiclandmarks in the Old Town(Altstadt). Landmark of Dresden isDresden Frauenkirche(Church of our Lady)Designed by STA 28. Zwingerpalace It built in Rococo Style in 17th century. It was initially started as a green house. It served as the orangery, exhibition gallery and festival arena of the Dresden Court. It was formerly part of the Dresden fortress of which the outer wall is conserved. It has the bath of the Nymphs with fountains & grottoes. There are lot of Sensuous female statues.Designed by STA 29. OperaHouse Known as Semperoper. It is one of the worlds oldest and best-known orchestras. Built in 1841 & rebuilt in 1869 1878. It was built by the architect Manfred Semper & named after him. It offers 19 premieres, including eight operas, five ballet productions, two gala eveningsand four productions of the youth programme.Designed by STA 30. Designed by STA 31. Events in Germany German Unification DayOctober 3rdFall of Berlin Wall OktoberfestEuropes most visited festival.Worlds largest fair.Also known as biggest Winefestival.Designed by STA 32. magnetize the heritagetravellers atleast once in a lifeDesigned by STA 33. Designed by STA


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