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  1. 1. (whip = car) From the song name German whip we immediately connect it to wealth, in this shot we dont see much wealth which brings a twist to the song
  2. 2. Here we see Meridian (the rapper) filling up his car, this is a really irregular way to fill up a car which make us question the video
  3. 3. By this scene we have heard German whip and it is strange that the song is about a german luxury car but we see a ford which is the least luxury car.
  4. 4. His car doesnt start he is in a difficult part of his life so he results to sleep to escape his sorrows.
  5. 5. Here we are introduced to the German Whip this is a very large change from the last scene, we can already tell that he is in a better place from his body languageThe Mercedes-Benz and luxury finish is very prevalent which suits the song much better
  6. 6. Luxury essence is very prevalent again showing he is in a good place and much different from the beginning of the video He mentions leaning back, this gives us an insight on what type of person, it makes us think he is the type of person to enjoy the finer things in life
  7. 7. Here he is mysterious and is making a point.
  8. 8. The black rims make the car look much more intimidating Mentions looking like a baller, it would be accurate since the car is very expensive and looks very baller
  9. 9. UK hip hop and grime is very grimy and more street level compared to US rap
  10. 10. There is major juxtaposition with these really high end cars in the ghetto. Classic hiphop scene with two wealthy guys still in the ghetto.
  11. 11. Heavely emphasizes on speed and going over the speed limit There is a phrase in the song where they talk about the sport model, AMG is the sport model of Mercedes-Benz
  12. 12. The way in which these young men show their money is by what they have and not where they live
  13. 13. This is where we are introduced to a new character, we can tell that he is with the other guy, we can also tell that they hang around together and are almost like a family
  14. 14. Emphasizes on the importance of what he is saying, this is one of the most iconic parts of the song and everyone will notice his lines in the song
  15. 15. Here we can tell that they are all together, like they have formed this group of guys who have german whips
  16. 16. Stays quiet out of respect, we can relate him to the white car behind him which is an extremely luxurious vehicle, this makes us realise there is a hierarchy, he has the best car so he has the most respect
  17. 17. The second last scene shows off the most luxurious car showing that all the eyes are on him
  18. 18. He awakes from his dream and the audience is brought back to reality The light is much dimmer, duller and grey which is like he has come back to his reality which is much more depressing.