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Volume 61 Number 1


  • Volume 61 Number 1 2013 February - March

    Proud To Be German - AmericanStolz Deutsch - Amerikaner Zu Sein

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    From the presidents desk by Beverly Pochatko

    Letter(s) To The Editor

    Chapter Chatter (Chapter News and Updates)

    DANK Executive Office Update by Eve Timmerhaus

    Carnival In Germany by Francine McKenna

    Calendar of Events

    Odds and Ends (TidBit news out of Germany)

    Editorial StaffBeverly PochatkoEve TimmerhausEva Timmerhaus

    George Nagata

    CorrespondentsAnne Marie Fuhrig

    Christa GarciaFrancine McKenna

    Desktop Publishing and DesignGeorge Nagata

    Advertising and ClassifiedsEve Timmerhaus

    General InformationGerman American Journal -ISSN 1086-8070 is published bi-monthly and is the official publica-tion of the German American National Congress. Periodicals postage paid at Chicago IL. and addi-tional mailing offices.

    POSTMASTERSend address changes to:

    German-American Journal 4740 N. Western Avenue

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    DANK does not warrant or assume any legal lia-bility or responsibility for the accuracy, complete-ness or usefulness of any information published herein. DANK preserves the right to change or amend submissions for any reason without prior notice.

    Cover Design By Beverly Pochatko, Eve Timmerhaus and George Nagata


    Welcome New Members, Donations, In Sympathy

    Curating Germany by Klaus Grimberg

    Carl Schurz

    Great Lakes Bay Region Working To Be New DANK Chapter

    Bichen und Stckchen

    The Opening Of The Hofbruhaus in Chicago

    Karneval In Germany - Photos

    24 Trends - The Old Town of Goslar in the Harz

    NASA Loses a Legend - Jesco Von Puttkamer

    38 Kinder Ecke


    DANK seeks to bring together Americans of German descent in the pursuit of cultivating and presenting their heritage and interests on local, regional and national levels. These were the primary reasons that the German American National Congress was founded in 1959 and they are still among the organi-zations primary objectives today.

    DANK National Executive Board

    President: Beverly Pochatko

    Vice President : James Dombrowski

    Treasurer: Bob Miske

    Secretary: Linda Voit

    Membership:Erik Wittmann

    DANK National Executive Office4740 N. Western AvenueChicago IL. 60625-2013Phone: (773) 275-1100

    Toll Free: 1-888-USA-DANK

    Office Hours:9am - 4pm

    Monday, Wednesday-Friday

    Executive SecretaryEva Timmerhaus

    Office ManagerEve Timmerhaus

    From ThePresidents Deskby

    Beverly Pochatko, National President

    Dear Members and Friends of DANK, How quickly time seems to fly byalthough it does seem that winter has a tendency to slow things down a bit. Participating in any activity depends on the weather. As the New Year settles in, one thing is certain...I am privileged to have you in it! As members of DANK, we can be proud of our past ac-complishments and look forward with confidence, and anticipation, to our future. I like recalling old sayings and this is one of my favorites. An organization is only as good as its members. Members come in all shapes and sizes. Some are the movers and shakers and others are the take-charge doers. All too often there are those who are content to just be a dues paying member. Where do you fit? I wish that there was a magic wand that I could wave and see more mem-bers becoming an active part not only on the Chapter level, but also region-ally and nationally. I would like to see more members attending their chap-ter meetings and activities; to support the other cultural groups that work so diligently to keep the various aspects of our Germanic culture alive. An-other saying is It takes an entire village to raise a child. How truejust as the village is there to see a child mature and go out on his/her own, it is so important that they are schooled in preserving their God-given heritage. If the village doesnt work together, then soon it will be a thing of the past and eventually forgotten. Lets not let that happen to DANK! As we get into the new year, I hope that you will volunteer your unique tal-ents; volunteer to serve as an officer of your chapter; help coordinate activi-ties and/or work on charitable projects. Each DANK member is a part of the life-blood of our organization. We depend on you for our survival for de-cades to come. Thank you for your loyalty and dedication to your heritage! Congratulations and top honors to Chapter Pittsburgh who sold 229 tickets for our national fund-raising raffle. They received a check in the amount of $572 for their efforts. Many kudos to the members who worked together to make this happen. Thanks to working with a bare bones budget, we have been able to greatly reduce our predicted 2012 budget deficit of -$19,000 to under -$1900! A substantial decrease of 90%! The changes we made will stay in place for 2013 and hopefully with the help of our chapters and members, we can be-gin to replace that amount and build a stronger DANK with a bright future. We have a great year ahead and lets join forces and make it prosperous for DANK and all our chapters. RememberWorking together, we can ac-complish great things! Thank you for all you do to support DANK and to preserve our German heritage. Beverly A. Pochatko, National President

  • Letter(s) To The Editor

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    The German American Journal welcomes letters from our readers. Letters should not exceed 150 words. We reserve the right to edit and shorten the text. Anonymous letters and letters using a pseudonym will not be published.


    I think your new journal and journalist is a great im-provement over the old one. First the size is much easier to handle, and the table of contents make it much bet-ter to use. The Chapter Chatter column gives chapters a place to share news of whats happening in other areas. Keep up the good work.

    Al Schafer, Chicago

    On behalf of Eries DANK Chapter, I would like to ac-knowledge the receipt of a check for $90 as our share for selling 36 of the Nationals fundraising raffle tickets. While, we wish we could have sold more, we were happy to do our part. Our chapter is far from rich; however, it is our desire to return the check to you to help build our financial reserves. There is a saying, by your example you shall lead. Thank you for all you are doing to keep DANK a viable organization.

    Margaret PotockiPresident DANK Chapter 71

    The German Heritage Society of Erie

    Responding to the Letter to the Editor article October/November subject WWII POW Legacy. It was nice that the U.S. treated German POWs so well, but remember the U.S. had no fighting going on here. But one must study General Eisenhowers record to see what was go-ing on in the treating of German POWs under him after the war. He hated the German people and his idea was to make it as difficult as he could for the German POWs after the war. I have a story from a survivor from one of these camps. This is just one more unknown part of the WWII that has to come out, so people know the truth.

    Al Schafer, Chicago

    Dear Madam or Sit:The following are four items I would like to mention:

    1. I like the new magazine format very much.2. I appreciate the article by Dr. Anne Marie Fuhrig which makes reference to German-American involve-ment in the Civil War.3. I have enclosed a contribution of $100.4. President Obama is about 5% German descent. Ref-erence to an article from the Indiana German Heritage Society.

    Tom A. Bowen, Jr.

    Liebe Mitglieder des Netzwerks Sprachvergngen,Ich hoffe, es geht Ihnen allen gut und Sie hatten einen angenehmen Start ins neue Jahr. Zum Jahresbeginn haben wir die Rubrik "Language and Education" unter vllig neu berarbeitet. Dort finden nun alle Deutschlerner und Deutschlehrer in den USA sowie diejenigen, die an ei-nem Studium in oder einem Austauschprogramm mit Deutschland interessiert sind, einen benutzerfreundli-chen und stets aktuellen praktischen Leitfaden zu den wichtigsten Fragen. Dieser soll unseren Nutzern einen Einstieg in die Thematik ermglichen und verweist fr weitergehende Informationen auf unsere Mittlerorgan-isationen und Partner in den USA. Da die vorhandenen Informationsquellen und Angebote mannigfaltig sind, wollen wir Ihnen auch ermglichen, sich durch Kommentare und Vorschlge einzubringen. Hierfr haben wir in der Rubrik ein Kontaktformular eingerichtet. Wir hoffen, unser neuer Internetauftritt kann Ihnen weiterhelfen und freuen uns jederzeit ber Anmerkungen und Verbesserungsvorschlge.Mit den besten Wnschen fr das neue Jahr.

    Jacob Comenetz, Cultural Affairs Officer Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany


    Carl Schurz

    Carl Schurz was born in Cologne, Germany, on 2nd March, 1829. While studying at the University of Bonn he became involved in radi-cal politics. He was forced to flee to Switzerland for having taken part in the 1848 German Revolution. Sch-urz i


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