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<ul><li><p>8/14/2019 Geothermal Heat Pumps Cordless Electric Lawnmowers</p><p> 1/2</p><p>Program Goals &amp; Objectives/ Energy Efficiency</p><p>/ Indoor Air Quality</p><p>/ Environmental Responsibility</p><p>/ Resource Efficiency</p><p>Geothermal Heat PumpsCordless Electric Lawnmowers</p><p>January 1, 2010</p><p>Name: ________________________________________________________Utility Account #:________________-_____</p><p>Address:___________________________________________City:______________State:________Zip:_____________</p><p>Day Phone:_____________________Installation Address (if different):___________________________________________</p><p>Building Permit Number:_________________________________Final Inspection Date:____________________________</p><p>To see if you qualify for additional low-income incentives, call 339-7215.</p><p>ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS:</p><p>MUST BE A CURRENT REDDING ELECTRIC UTILITY CUSTOMER.MUST FILE WITHIN SIX MONTHS OF PURCHASE DATE. (Not install date)</p><p>CHECK LIST FOR REBATE PROCESSING:</p><p>G COMPLETE CUSTOMER INFORMATION REQUESTED.G CALL 339-7200 FOR YOUR City of Redding UTILITY ACCOUNT NUMBER IF NEEDED.G FILL IN THE BOXES THAT APPLY TO YOUR REBATE ITEM. (separate application and receipt for each item)G SEND COPY OF PROOF OF PURCHASE - RECEIPT, INVOICE AND CONTRACT signed and dated.G PROVIDE PROOF OF EFFICIENCY (EER/SEER) MODEL NUMBERS &amp; DUCT TET RESULTS .G SIGN BELOW AND MAIL TO EARTH ADVANTAGE REBATES, P.O. BOX 496071, REDDING CA 96049-6071.G FOR QUESTIONS OR APPOINTMENT CALL 339-7215.</p><p>Processing takes up 8 weeks before being posted as a credit to your City of Redding utility account. Itemizedrebates can be found on the back of your bill statement. Please do not call to check on the status of a rebate</p><p>until after at least two billing cycles.Geothermal Heat Pump Equipment Information - vertical systems only</p><p>Make/Model Vertical Bore HoleDepth (ft)</p><p>Number ofBore Holes</p><p>EER / SEER Tons</p><p>Cordless Lawnmower Make: Model No.: Serial No.:</p><p>Disposed of Gasoline Powered Lawnmower -Yes / No</p><p>Solid Waste Employee Signature &amp; No.:</p><p>SEE REVERSE FOR REBATE LEVELS AND CRITERIA</p><p>Customer Signature:____________________________________________________________Date:___________________________________</p><p>For REU use only:</p><p>Date Received: Rebate Amount:</p><p>Authorized Signature: Log Number:</p></li><li><p>8/14/2019 Geothermal Heat Pumps Cordless Electric Lawnmowers</p><p> 2/2</p><p>Geothermal Heat Pumps - (additional GHP technology information)</p><p>Vertical Loop Residential Maximum Commercial Maximum</p><p>up to $1,000 / ton $9,000 contact REU</p><p>CORDLESS LAWNMOWER$125 rebate with an additional $25 rebate with disposal of gas powered lawnmower</p><p>GHP Rebate Criteria</p><p>1. All installations must be pre-approved by REU with system design and cost estimate.2. Installation must be by a certified installer and drilling contractor, and only one IGSHPA-approved</p><p>contractor responsible for entire system.3. Only vertical loop systems will be eligible for a rebate.4. Installation must meet or exceed manufacturers installation specifications.</p><p>CORDLESS LAWNMOWERS Rebate Criteria</p><p>1. Only new model cordless, rechargeable electric lawnmowers qualify for a rebate.2. Used, rented or resale lawnmowers do not qualify.3. Gas powered lawnmowers must be turned into City of Redding Solid Waste Transfer Station at 2255</p><p>Abernathy Lane to qualify for additional rebate.4. Gas powered lawnmowers must be emptied of all oil and gas before disposal of unit at Transfer</p><p>Station.5. Additional rebate will only be given with a purchase of a new cordless rechargeable electric</p><p>lawnmower.</p><p>6. Only one rebate per customer (through duration of program).</p><p>TERMS and CONDITIONS</p><p>Funds for these incentives are limited. REU reserves the right to change and/or terminate incentivesat its own discretion based on availability of supporting funds. REU also reserves the right to inspectand verify installation of any energy-efficiency improvements. Customers who reject REUsverification process may be subject to rebate denial or reversal. REU does not guarantee anyequipment or energy savings. Only current REU customers qualify for a rebate.</p><p>Submit your completed application and documentation to:</p><p>Redding Electric Utility - Earth Advantage Rebates</p><p>P.O. Box 496071 - Redding, CA 96049-6071</p><p>For more information or appointment please contact REU at 339-7215</p><p>Rebate information and forms available on-line at</p></li></ul>