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Отличный рассказ для тех кто только начал учить английский язык.


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2. George Sees StarsThe Happy Holiday Hotel is a small English hotel nearthe sea. These people work there:George the hotel managerMaryshe helps George(George and Mary are married.)Judy the cookPeteran old man. He helps outside in the gardenand carries the bags in the hotel. 1 3. (George puts down the telephone.) Scene 1 The telephone callGeorge Today ... Tonys coming today! Mary, listen!(In the Happy Holiday Hotel. It is three oclock. George is Ive got good news!talking to Mary.) Mary Dont shout George. What is it?(The telephone rings.)George Tony Madoc - you know, the television star -is coming to our hotel this afternoon!GeorgeHello? Happy Holiday Hotel. George Harris Mary Who?here ... Yes, I am the manager... Tony who? George Tony Madoc. Hes famous! Hes coming hereOh, Tony Madoc the TV star. Youre Tony at five oclock today!Madocs secretary. I see . . . Yes, thats fine ... Mary Hes a TV star, you say? Is he in Neighbours?You want a large room for Tony and he I dont watch TV very much.wants to see the sea. Right? Yes, yes, IGeorge Neighbours! Probably. Hes going to have ourknow - Tonys very important. A TV room and our best food. Im going toYes . . . Fish, you say? Yes, thats easy. Right, look at the room now.then. Today ... Tonys coming today.Mary Fine, George, but Im busy. Im going to theFine ... Goodbye, and thank you!supermarket.George Dont be silly, Mary. You cant go to the shopsnow. He is a famous man. Do youunderstand? An important person.Mary Tony Madoc? I dont know him. Is he veryrich?George I dont know, Mary. But hes very important.I know that.Mary Yes . . . Well... Im going to the shops now.See you later, George.George But, Mary ... stop! 23 4. Judy No. Its chicken on Thursdays. Right? Scene 2 Fish for dinnerGeorge Oh, OK Judy ... chicken.(In the kitchen.)George Good morning, Judy! Weve got good news. Tony Madoc is coming today. The famous TV star.Judy Tony who? I dont think I know the name . . .I dont like TV. I like reading. TonyMadoc . . . ?George Thats right, Tony Madoc. Now what have you got for dinner? Have you got any fish?He likes fish, his secretary says.Judy No, I havent got any fish today, Mr Harris.Sorry. Ive got some chicken.George No. He wants fish. Can you buy some?Judy Oh no, Mr Harris! I never buy fish on Thursdays. I always buy chicken.George Well, his secretary says fish, not chicken.Right?Judy Dont shout at me. I dont like it. Im leaving.Im not going to buy anything. Im going home.George No Judy, please . . . stop! Im sorry Judy. Youre a good cook, Judy, a beautiful cook.Please dont leave now. Mr Madoc is coming here today and he wants fish. Please, please,please Judy, go and buy some nice fish.4 5 5. Scene 3 Flowers Scene 4 The new light for Tonys room(In the garden.)(In the corridor.)PeterHello, Mr Harris. You dont usually come intoGeorgeMary, can you help me? Take these flowersthe garden. Can I help you? to Tonys room, please. Ive got this new lightGeorge Hello, Peter. I need some flowers for our best for the room. Do you like it?room.(The new light is green. It has yellow and red flowersPeterWhat? Ten hours on the telephone? Thats aon it.)long time . . . and expensive too!George No, Peter. Not ten hours! I want SOMEMary Oh, George! Its horrible. You cant put thatFLOWERS for our best ROOM. in his room!PeterOK, OK. Dont shout, Mr Harris. I can hear George Yes, I can. I think its beautiful. I like it andyou. Flowers. Ive got lots of flowers. Im going to put it up now. Can you help me?George Thanks, Peter. Theyre for an important TV Mary Oh, all right. Give me the Hes coming here today.PeterWhats that? Your green car?George No, Peter. No. A TV STAR, HERE TODAY!PeterOK, Mr Harris. Dont shout, dont shout.I can hear you.67 6. (In the room.)Scene 5 An old woman arrivesGeorge Hold the ladder, Mary. Im going to put thelight up. Careful, now!(It is five oclock. A woman is getting out of a taxi.)Mary I want a cup of coffee. Woman Good afternoon! Are you the manager?George Please, Mary. Not now. Hold the ladder for GeorgeEr, no . . . yes! Yes, I . . . Careful! There! Woman Have you got a room here for me?Mary Ouch! Youre standing on my hand. GeorgeA room? Oh no. Im afraid were full. WereGeorge Hold the ladder, Mary. Dont go, Mary...! very busy this year.Ah! Help! Woman What! No rooms. Busy? But I think my . . .(He falls off the ladder.) GeorgeThats right, no rooms. Weve got important people in the hotel today. But er ... whats your name? Woman Margaret Adams. And Im tired, too. GeorgeOh, all right. Come in. (In the hotel again.) George Yes, you can have a room for one or two nights. But its small and you cant see the sea. Woman But I want to see the sea. Have you got any other rooms? George I dont know ... No. There isnt another room. Were very busy, you see. Woman And Im very tired. The small rooms OK.Why are you busy? George A famous TV star is coming.George Ooh ... my head!Woman Oh, very interesting. Do you like TV? 8 9 7. George No . . . er ... yes! Very much.George Heres your key. Your room is number 5.Woman Yes, I do too. I like films best. Woman Thank you. Im going up to my room now. Please bring my bag - its outside, in the(She laughs.) street.(The woman goes out.)GeorgeHer bag? I havent got time. I cant take herbag to her room.(George carries the womans bag into the hotel andquickly puts it in a cupboard. Mary comes in. She isdrinking coffee.)Mary Whos that woman, George?George Thats . . . er . . . Miss Adams. Shes inroom 5.Mary Oh, thats a horrible room. Its very small andyou cant see the sea.George Thats right. But it is quiet. Its fine for her.Shes only going to stay for one or two nights.Do you like the new light in the big room?Its nice, I think ... very nice.Mary Its horrible, George. Red and yellow flowers!Ugh! And its very big. Is it safe?George Safe? Yes, oh yes, its safe. Ha, ha!1011 8. Young man Very nice. Thank you very much. But I Scene 6 The TV stardont understand.GeorgeWell, youre famous. Youre a TV star.(It is half past five. A young man is coming into the hotel Young man Me? Famous? A TV star?carrying a small bag. He is wearing jeans.)(He laughs.)GeorgeOh, hello, hello. Welcome!Young man Hello.GeorgeAnd heres the key to your room. I canGeorgeThank you, thank you, thank you.take your bag.Young man Oh, thank you, but its not heavy. I can(He takes the mans hand.) carry it. And Im not famous.GeorgeYes, you are.Young man But Im not.GeorgeAh, I see ... youre not famous. You dont want any TV cameras here. Ha, ha! Yes, I understand.Young man You understand?GeorgeYes. You want a quiet holiday. Youre not famous. Ha, ha! All right, I understand.Young man Good. Can I see the sea from my room?GeorgeOh, yes, its one of the rooms in the front of the hotel. Its very nice.Young man Is it expensive? I havent got a lot of money, you know.GeorgeThats OK. I like you. I dont need theYoung man Thats O K . . . er, why?money. For you, the room is free!GeorgeYouve got the big room, and theres aYoung man I dont understand . . .new light in there for you too - aGeorgeMary! Mary! Come here! Come andbeautiful new light. meet Mr Madoc! 1213 9. (Mary comes in. She is holding a cup of coffee.) Young man Oh, its all right. It isnt important. I canwash my jeans.MaryWhat do you want now? MaryIm sorry, Mr Brown.GeorgeMary, meet Mr Madoc. This is my wife, GeorgeDont be silly, Mary! His name isMaryMr Madoc.(George takes Marys arm. Her coffee goes over the young Young man Er, no . . . my name is Paul Brown.mans jeans.)GeorgeYes, Mary, in this hotel his name is PaulBrown, but on TV his name is TonyMadoc. You understand . . . he wants aquiet holiday. (He smiles at the young man.) Young man What? GeorgeMary, please ask Peter to takeMr Browns bag to his room. Quickly now! Thank you. MaryCan I get another cup of coffee? GeorgeNo, Mary, you cant. The bag, Mary.Do you like flowers, Mr Brown? Youve got some nice flowers in your room. Theyre from our garden, you know. Young man Oh, no. Im sorry. I dont like flowersMaryOh, Im very sorry! Your jeans! Im sorry, very much. Mr... Mr... GeorgeFine, fine. I dont like flowers either.Young man Mr Brown. Paul Brown. Mary, put the flowers in the kitchen,GeorgeIm sorry, Mr Madoc. Please excuse myplease. wife. We can clean your jeans for you MaryBut Peters going to be very angry, here. Im very sorry. George. 14 15 10. George In the kitchen, Mary. Young man But I dont like television and I dont(Mary and the young man go out. The woman comes in.)drink champagne, thank you very much. MaryHe doesnt want them, George.WomanExcuse me, but wheres my bag?Young man Im going out for a walk near the seaGeorge What? Oh, your bag? Its here. now. What time is dinner?WomanI need it in my room. GeorgeDinners at half past seven, Mr Brown.George Yes, yes. Im sorry, Mrs ... er ... but notMary, go to the kitchen and talk to Judynow. I am going to take it to your room,about dinner, please.but Im very busy now. We have a veryMaryDont shout, George. Im going.important person in the hotel.WomanBut my glasses are in the bag. I cant(Mary goes to the kitchen. The young man goes out.learn the new play without my glasses ...George goes back to reception.)George Sorry, Mrs . . . er . . . not now.WomanMy bag, please, Mr Harris.(The young man comes in again.)George Ah yes. Its here, in the cupboard. YouGeorgeMr Brown! There you are! Is the room can take it to your room now . . . OK, Mr Brown? Woman But I cant carry the bag. Its very heavyYoung man Yes, its fine, thank you. and Im 74 years old.GeorgeGood, good. Would you like anything? George Oh, all right. Give it to me.A drink? Some champagne? A television? (He goes to the cupboard and takes out her bag. They goYoung man No, nothing, thank you.out.)GeorgePlease, have a drink. Mary! Bring a bottle of champagne.(Mary comes in.)MaryChampagne, George?George Yes, bring a bottle of champagne and askPeter to put the television in Mr Brownsroom.16 17 11. Woman Id like