geophysical observation network of jamstec in northwest pacific region geophysical observation...

Download Geophysical observation network of JAMSTEC in Northwest Pacific Region Geophysical observation network of JAMSTEC in Northwest Pacific Region Seiji Tsuboi,

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  • Geophysical observation network of JAMSTEC in Northwest Pacific Region Seiji Tsuboi, Y. Ishihara, H.Mizutani, H.Nagao, Y.Yamagishi, Y.YukiIFREE/JAMSTEC

  • Network Data Center systembased on web servicesuser interface of each DC is accommodated in WSDLUsers PCIFREE/JAMSTECDCData Center BData Center DIRIS DMC

  • SummaryBroadband seismogram database Network Data Center system by using web services science data viewer using Google Earth SEED for broadband seismograms SEED for synthetic seismograms

  • Earth Science data onGoogle EarthMulti purpose geoscience data viewerIntegration of geochemical and geophysical data.Efficient use of various format data.Tool to convert geoscience data to a KML fileWe adopted Google Earth.

  • Target dataNavigation data of JAMSTEC vessels.Geochemical rock data.Tomography model data.

  • KAIREI 2003

  • Zoom up KAIREI 03-08

  • Information of KAIREI 03-08

  • Information of KAIREI 03-08 (2)

  • Landscape of sea floor

  • Navigation data on Google EarthMultiple routes.Detail path.Information ( contain link to Database ).Date.Temperature and sea depth.

  • Geochemical rock dataPetDB and GEOROC.Excel file from PetDB.CSV file from GEOROC.

  • SiO2 at Pacific Ocean from PetDBRed ~ Blue

  • Main compositionsblue:SiO2, dark blue: TiO2, light green: Al2O3, purple: Cr2O3, green: Fe2O3, dark green: FeOyellow green: MnO, orange: MgO, emerald: CaO, gray blue: Na2O, light blue: K2O, violet: P2O5black: residual

  • Geochemical rock data on Google Earth Color, Height, Thickness of bar graph.Various composition data.Shape of bar graph.Ratio between compositions.Main compositions.PetDB + GEOROC.

  • Tomography modelText data.Data file at each depth.

  • Global tomography modelObayashi et al., 2006

  • Global tomography model (model information)Obayashi et al., 2006

  • Vertical cross sectionObayashi et al., 2006

  • Tomography model on Google EarthGlobal / Local model.Information of the model.A part of original model.Vertical cross section along any profile.

  • Development of conversion toolOriginal data to a KML file.Navigation data, geochemical rock data and tomography model.Easy and quick data plotting.Various data on Google Earth together.

  • Navigation data text data

    $SOJ:+09.0,20030702,220000,W84,GP1,V, 2.2, 6,38-55.76330N ,145-45.50240E ,SC:HYB,G 13.3,$SOJ:+09.0,20030702,220005,W84,GP1,V, 2.2, 6,38-55.74600N ,145-45.49600E ,SC:HYB,G 13.3,$SOJ:+09.0,20030702,220010,W84,GP1,V, 2.2, 6,38-55.72840N ,145-45.49010E ,SC:HYB,G 13.3,$SOJ:+09.0,20030702,220015,W84,GP1,V, 2.2, 6,38-55.71120N ,145-45.48300E ,SC:HYB,G 13.0,$SOJ:+09.0,20030702,220020,W84,GP1,V, 2.2, 6,38-55.69360N ,145-45.47780E ,SC:HYB,G 13.0,$SOJ:+09.0,20030702,220025,W84,GP1,V, 2.2, 6,38-55.67630N ,145-45.47080E ,SC:HYB,G 12.8,$SOJ:+09.0,20030702,220030,W84,GP1,V, 2.2, 6,38-55.65860N ,145-45.46560E ,SC:HYB,G 13.0,$SOJ:+09.0,20030702,220035,W84,GP1,V, 2.2, 6,38-55.64130N ,145-45.45860E ,SC:HYB,G 12.8,$SOJ:+09.0,20030702,220040,W84,GP1,V, 2.2, 6,38-55.62030N ,145-45.45170E ,SC:HYB,G 13.0,$SOJ:+09.0,20030702,220045,W84,GP1,V, 2.2, 6,38-55.60270N ,145-45.44530E ,SC:HYB,G 13.0,$SOJ:+09.0,20030702,220050,W84,GP1,V, 2.1, 6,38-55.58550N ,145-45.43950E ,SC:HYB,G 13.0,$SOJ:+09.0,20030702,220055,W84,GP1,V, 2.1, 6,38-55.56760N ,145-45.43390E ,SC:HYB,G 13.0,.

  • Temperature and ocean depth

  • SiO2 and Al2O3 at Pacific OceanTriangle: SiO2 (Red ~ Blue)Hexagon: Al2O3 (Yellow ~ Orange)

  • Al2O3/SiO2 at Pacific OceanBlue > 30 %, White < 30 %

  • Global tomography model (color bar)Obayashi et al., 2006

  • A part of original model

  • Local tomography model Isse et al., 2006

  • Geoscience data on Google EarthS. TsuboiY. Yamagishi, H. Tamura, K. Suzuki, and H, YanakaJAMSTECFujitsu



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