Geography: Western Africa

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  • 1. Western Africa
    A satellite picture of Africa at night. . . What does the light, or lack thereof, tell you about Africa?

2. Landforms and Climate
Coastline and Forest
The Sahel Region
Physical Geography
The Sahara Desert
The Savanna
3. The Niger River and West Africas Resources
The Life Water of West Africa
Resources Include: diamonds, gold, iron ore, manganese, bauxite, and oil
Staple Crops: millet and sorghum
Other Sources of Income: fishing, cotton
Top Right: sorghum
Above: Niger River
Right: millet
4. West Africas History
Archeology and Oral History
5. The Slave Trade
6. Colonial Era and Independence
Late 1800s Many European countries compete for colonies
1820s Liberia remained free as the Americans set it up as a home for freed slaves
1950s and 1960s Many colonies gain independence in western Africa
1974 Portugal finally gives up its western Africa colonies
7. Challenges
Ethnic Rivalries
Health Conditions
8. Culture
Traditional Clothing/Robes
Rural home in West Africa
Animism Worship
9. Picture Citations
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