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Karl Lindmaa XIB. Geoffrey Chaucer & The Canterbury Tales. Geoffrey Chaucer. 1343 1400 A wine merchant Married with Philippa One daughter Two sons 1359 100 - Years War Buried in Westminster Abbey. The Canterbury Tales. A collection of stories Influenced by Decameron - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Geoffrey Chaucer &The Canterbury TalesKarl Lindmaa XIB

  • Geoffrey Chaucer1343 1400A wine merchantMarried with PhilippaOne daughter Two sons1359 100 - Years WarBuried in Westminster Abbey

  • The Canterbury TalesA collection of storiesInfluenced by Decameron30 pilgrimagersThe Tabard InnAn elegant dinner by other pilgrimagers

  • Knight love and honorMonk carpentersReeve millersMan of Law - constancyShipman moraleWife of Bath marriagesFriar summonersSummoner friarsClerk Griselda and her patienceMerchant - cheating

  • Squire supernatural eventsFranklin marriagesPhysician tragedyPardoner moralePrioress martyrsChaucer MelibeeMerry Monk tragedyNun's Priest animals and peopleCanon's Yeoman canon (his master)

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