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Gentle Giants summer 2014 whale watching brochure


  • Hsavk



    this is it Welcome

    Gentle Giants hsavk

    Whale WatchinG

  • 2Hsavk

    the truly oriGinal and experienced family company

    Dear Sir or Madam!

    I want to greet you with a warm welcome to Hsavk, Iceland in the 2014 season. Our family-run company, Gentle Giants Whale Watching, celebrates its thirteenth year and proudly offers you our service and highly experienced and fully qualified staff in our various tours and excursions.

    The company is proud of its originality and background and is owned by people with vast experience in the field. I have personally over 40 years of experience in the bay and like to think of myself as continuing my familys 150 year long tradition started by my great great grandfather who was a fisherman just like my great grandfather, grandfather and father would later be not to forget my GREAT grand mothers too. Put short: We were born by the bay of Skjlf andi and our ancestors too. Way back!

    Gentle Giants goal is to make every visitor a happy one. We are proud of The Certificates Of Excellence from TripAdvisor to Gentle Giants Whale Watching for the past years, 2012,2013 & 2014. It confirms and underlines, that we are surely on the right track in outstanding service and delivering a great experience.

    We hereby introduce to you our company and our new seasonal brochure. More information about our company and services is to be found on our website or by sending us a message directly, or by calling us at: +354 464 1500. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Yours sincerely,

    Stefn GumundssonCEO & Marketing

    Our company, Gentle Giants Whale Watching Ltd., proudly supports UNICEF CHILDREN

    Gentle Giants ensures the safety and security of its passenGers

    simply natural

    Gentle Giants Whale Watching boats and

    staff are fully-licensedby the Icelandic

    Maritime Administration.

    Gentle Giants Whale Watchingis a member of SAF,the Icelandic Travel

    Industry Association.

    Gentle Giants Whale Watchingis a member of the International

    Blue Flag eco-label.

    Gentle Giants Whale Watchingis a partner in the Wild NorthProject of sustainable tourism.

    Gentle Giants Whale Watchinguses ECO LABELLED printing for all marketing material.

    Authentic experience in Iceland.

    Gentle Giants Whale Watching staff is trained in Safety and Survival by the

    Maritime Safety and Survival TrainingCentre of Iceland.

    Our passengers are fully insured by VS

    Insurance Ltd.

    nor th i c e l and . i s


  • 3Hsavk

    the family

    Sylva Ds (12)

    Aena Lind (17)

    Sds Helga (18)

    In 2001 eleven experienced, diverse individuals in

    Hsavk decided to combine their years of expertise in

    a variety of fields to establish a new travel and tourism

    company in Hsavk. The group restored an old oak

    boat, which was originally a fishing and whale-hunting

    boat, and put it back into commission sailing visitors

    around Skjlfandi Bay searching for whales not for

    hunting but for watching! The immense effort proved

    more than worthwhile, growing into a giant success

    among visitors. Ever since then Gentle Giants has

    employed great staff and enjoyed a rapidly increasing

    number of annual visitors.

    Hanna Sigga, Katrn Svava (10) and Rakel sa (13).

    folloW us on:

    Facebook TwitterTripAdvisor

    Photos in the brochure are taken by Gentle Giants team: Peter Waltl jr. & Sr., Jhann li Hilmarsson, Stefn Gumundsson, Daniel & Alexia, Anton sak skarsson, Eln Lilja, Frijfur Helgason, Sarah Arndt, HalliEgils, Rebekka K.

  • 4Hsavk

    Gentle Giants proud fleetBoat rental - six Boats

    m/v SylvaBuilt: 1976 in Akureyri Tonnage: 30Length: 17,5 m Beam: 4,3 m Capacity: 60 paxEUR 2.455 for 3 hours

    m/v AthenaBuilt: 2000 in HafnarfjrurTonnage: 8Length: 9,5 m Beam: 3 m Capacity: 24 paxEUR 977 for 3 hours Specialized for sea angling and smaller groups in various activity.

    m/v FaldurBuilt: 1972 in Westman-islandsTonnage: 26Length: 14,5 m Beam: 4 m Capacity: 45 paxEUR 1.985 for 3 hours

    m/v Axel - ZodiacBuilt: 2007Length: 4,5 m Beam: 2 mCapacity: 8 paxEUR 195 pr. hourOnly as a working boat nr. II - ideal for camera work, diving and coastal transport / beaches.

    RIB Amma SiggaBuilt: 2011Length: 11,5 m Beam: 3 mEngines: 2 x 300 hpMax speed: 52 knotsCapacity: 18 paxEUR 990 pr. hour

    RIB Amma KibbaBuilt: 2013Length: 12 m Beam: 4 mEngines: 2 x 400 hpMax speed: 52 knotsCapacity: 24 paxEUR 1.190 pr. hour


    Call now for information a


    bookings +354 464 1500 or


    visiting www.gentlegiants



    Call now for information a


    bookings +354 464 1500 or


    visiting www.gentlegiants


  • 5Hsavklet us Guide you and take care of you

    The Boss

    Stefn GumundssonCEO & Marketing ManagerCaptain

    Mrs. Boss

    Jhanna S. SvavarsdttirEmployee ManagerCaptain

    The King

    Daniel AnnisiusAssistant ManagerGuideTicket Sales

    The Queen

    Alexia Annisius AskelfWeb Editor Guide & Ticket Sales

    The Dart Player

    Hallgrmur EgilssonSales ManagerDesigner

    The Tough Guy

    Ingimar Eydal skarssonCaptain

    The Hunter

    Elas Frmann ElvarssonCaptain

    The Pro Guy

    Sigdr JsefssonCaptain

    The Gentleman

    Sigurur KristjnssonCaptain

    The Big fish

    Sigmar InglfssonCaptain

    The Rock

    Sigurjn SigurbjrnssonCaptain

    The Mid-field striker

    Sigrn Vala HauksdttirTicket Sales

    Miss Hsavik

    Sigrn Bjrg SteinrsdttirTicket Sales

    The Artist

    Bjrg Skarphins dttirTicket Sales

    The Author

    Sigurveig GunnarsdttirTicket Sales

    The Princess

    Sigrn lf Karlsdttir Ticket Sales

    The Rocket

    Karlna Hildur Hauksdttir Ticket Sales Assistant

    The Champ

    Hilmar r GumundssonCaptain

    The officer

    Birkir ArnarssonCaptain

    The old Dog

    Vilhjlmur Bessi KristinssonCaptain

    The Mustang

    Sverrir Yngvi KarlssonCaptain

    The Leader

    Ptur OlgeirssonCaptain

    The Sailor

    Svavar gstssonCaptain

    The Admiral

    Karl skar GeirssonFleet ManagerCaptain

    The Cosmopolitan

    Sarah ArndtHead Guide

    The Bird Lover

    Karitas risdttirGuide

    The Horse Whisperer

    rds Bjrt SigrsdttirGuide

    Miss Spain

    Beln Garcia OvideGuide

    The Pearl Diver

    Sandra MontesGuide

    The Player

    Hlynur r BirgissonCaptain

    Miss Canada

    Charla BasranGuide

    The Viking

    Axel BjarnasonGuide

    The Poet

    rstur SverrissonGuide

    The Voyager

    Miriam WalterGuide

    We proudly present our experienced team

  • 6Hsavk

    GG1 Whale WatchinGexperience the mammals of the ocean

    Experience the traditional tour from Hsavk. Our birth-place is often considered as the Whale Watching Capital of

    Europe. Whale watching is a unique adventure at sea: Gazing at the wonders of nature in the beautiful surroundings of

    Skjlfandi Bay, sheltered by the stunning mountains of Vk.This is a place where our roots lie, where our ancestors used to live in peace and joy for centuries, living in total harmony with the unpredictable and untamed nature of the North Atlantic.

    RATES:Adults: EUR 56Children 7-15 years: EUR 24Children 0-6 years: FREEDuration: Approximately 3 hours.

    INClUDED:A specialized guide, light refreshments (hot chocolate and an Icelandic traditional twisted donut, kleina), warm overalls and raincoats if needed.

    SEASON:April 1st October 31st.

    Group discounts and tailor made tours available, as well as multi-trip passes or contact us for more information.

    See our timetable on the back page for daily tours.

    Do not miss out of this experience

    July 15, 2013

    20% DISCOUnT

    to the Hsavk

    Whale Museum

    with every ticket


    warm overalls

    available FREE

    every day

    Call now for information and

    bookings +354 464 1500 or by


    Call now for information and

    bookings +354 464 1500 or by



  • Hsavk

    RATES:Adults: EUR 99Children 7-12 years: EUR 69Not recommended for children under 7 years.Duration: Approximately 2,5 hours. Minimum number of six required for the standard tour, or you can rent a boat for a private trip.

    INClUDED:A specialized guide, safety overalls, and a little surprise from Hsavks only winemaker.

    SEASON:May 1st September 30th.Other tours, excursions and schedules can be arranged upon request at our Ticket Center. Early booking is recommended. For your safety and comfort, we reserve the right to change sched-ules should weather or other conditions change.

    New specially

    made overalls to

    keep you warm

    and dry!

    GG2 BiG Whale Safarifor more excitement

    With our speedboats we can offer our passengers more area to cover in search for the gentle giants. A RIB is faster than the wind and makes it therefore more likely for us to find the big whales. Normally we do not have to leave our bay to look for whales of any kind, but on this tour we focus on finding the bigger ones - further out. Nothing is guaranteed but on this tour, your chances to encounter some of the worlds biggest animals ever increase - big time!

    On this tour we