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Genre. Prodigy: Omen, Music video.

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  • 1. Genre.
    Prodigy: Omen, Music video.

2. The Genre.
The genre of our music video is experimental.
Experimental music videos try to break codes and conventions.
Our aim was to create a music video with new conventions and something to break the mould of mainstream music.
Familiar and the Unexpected. (G.Burton)
The same but different. (N.Lacey)
3. Codes and conventions.
We used typical conventions which you find in most successful music videos. E.g.
Relationship between the lyrics and visuals.
Video matches the tempo of the track.
We also broke codes and conventions by.
Not using an artist in the film just a narrative plot with the music playing over the background.
We also didnt show any musical performance.
It was vital to use typical elements so that people can easily recognise that its a music video and that will help to promote the band.
4. What We Did Different.
Nearly everyone in our class did performance videos and we really wanted to do something different so we chose to use an experimental genre.
We didnt focus on the bands appearance but their song.
We also experimented with lots of different camera shots and really fast paced editing.
We thought it was vital to bring something to new to music video because that's how genres expand to make a bigger target audience.
5. Innovations.
We had a good idea that are innovations would be successful because we did a lot of research on our target audience.
We also looked into other music videos in the same genre, like pendulums propane nightmares and The prodigys warrior dance.
We also thought that they would be successful because people seemed to like our ideas when we would talk to people when we were planning.
6. Choices.
I think that our choices worked well.
We gave out 10 questionnaires out and overall 6 out of 10 like The Prodigy.
There was 4 males and six females who we gave questionnaires to and all of the men said they preferred experimental music videos to performance and narrative. And the majority of the women (4) preferred experimental genre as well.
Out of all the songs from prodigy omen was the most popular.
7. Choices.
8. Summing up.
I think that the genre of our music video suits the song really well.
I think that our music video was only successful thanks to the planning and understanding of genre.
If we didnt do any research I would have thought that we would have failed.
In conclusion I think that we understood genre and have worked well as a team to produce such a good music video. I think that the planning would have been better if we just gave the questionnaires out to our target audience but the results were ok in the end, so it didnt really matter.