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Mini-Lesson 10: Genocide in Rwanda and Darfur 4/3

Thematic Essay 4/6/14Aim: What steps/measures must be undertaken when writing a Thematic Essay?Do Now: Take an essay prompt/outline and begin writing.HW: 1-Study for Midterm tomorrow (34 MC Qs.)2- Vocabulary is Due3-Objectives for the Unit are Due on WednesdayAGENDAAim/Do Now In class writing

Test 4/8/14Aim: How can reading carefully, annotating and using process of elimination help us do better on our Collapse of Imperialism Exam (CCLS RI.1,10)?Do Now: 1. Fill-in scantron (Full Name, Date and Period).2.Please make sure that you REVIEW YOUR FLASHCARDS/GLOSSARY .3. Make sure that your vocabulary has your name on it and is ready for collection.Agenda: 1-Aim/Do Now (Go over this approx. 5 minutes after the bell).2. Hand in vocabulary.3. Take Test.

Mini-Lesson 10: Genocide in Rwanda and Darfur 4/3

Aim: What factors led to genocide in Rwanda and Darfur?Do Now: Answer questions and explain your answers.

AGENDAAim/Do Now Review/Check for Understanding Class work reading and Qs. Review Questions from readingSummary (Check for understanding) Objective

Gordon Koang - Sudan Majaja

Downwind there is a comin',A rumble in the sand.Sets our feet to running,For the fear of the faceless man.For the fear of the faceless man But if I had an arsenal and if it was ten feet tall,Then it wouldn't matter what color you were.And if I had but one wish on which to stand,I'd see the weapons all turn to sand.I'd see the gunners watch their empty hands,Fall down to their sides.If I had but one wish on which to stand,I'd have the weapons all leave Sudan.I'd see the gunners wash their empty hands,Down by the riverside.Who are the Hutus & Tutsis The Hutus and Tutsis are two groups of people that settled in present day Rwanda close to two-thousand years ago.

Some scientists believe the Tutsis migrated from present day Ethiopia.

Over time they worked together and united.They developed a single language (Kinyarwanda) and one set of religious and philosophical beliefs.Working TogetherThe Hutus and Tutsis were cultivators and raised livestock.

With fertile soil and regular rainfall, the region where the Hutus and Tutsis lived eventually became the most densely populated nation on the entire African continent.

Hutus vs. Tutsis The Hutus were the majority around 85%. But they were considered commoners.

The Tutsis were the minority around 14%. But they were considered the elite, ruling class because of their large estates, large number of servants, and large number of cattle.

Hutu 85%Tutsi 14%MarriageAlthough there were some families that intermarried, most Hutus married Hutus and most Tutsis married TutsisThis impacted genetics and the way Hutus and Tutsis began to look.This is a picture from the movie Hotel Rwanda. The man on the right, plays a Hutu character. The woman on the left, plays a Tutsi character.

The Tutsis were often very tall, thin, with narrow features, and fair skin.

The Hutus were often shorter, stronger, with broader features, and darker skin.ColonizationThe Germans were the first Europeans to colonize Rwanda. They did so in the early 1900s. After WWI, the United Nations decided that Germany could no longer rule Rwanda. The country was now under the safeguards of the United Nations, and it was to be governed by Belgium.Belgium decided to use the class system (that had already been put into place) to their advantage.The Belgians favored the Tutsis and gave them privileges and western-style education. The Belgians did this because they could control Rwanda easier this way. The Belgians also favored the Tutsis because they appeared more European in their tall, slender features. They discriminated against the Hutus because they appeared less European.

Activity #1- Class Work:Complete reading on Rwanda and questions that follow (CCLS RI.1-citing strong and thorough textual evidence to support analysis).

Rwanda Video

History of Conflict in Sudan1956 Sudan gains independence from British ruleCivil war between North and South from 1955-1972 and again from 1983-2002South Sudanese not represented in Khartoum governmentWhile oil was discovered in Southern Sudan in the 1970s, the Khartoum government demanded all of the oil revenues be funneled to the national governmentPeace agreement in 2003

Beginning of Darfur ConflictIn 2003, two rebel groups from Darfur rise up against the Sudanese governmentSudanese Liberation Movement (pictured)Justice and Equality Movement

The political aim of the rebel groups is to compel to Sudanese government to address underdevelopment and political marginalization of the region .

Government ResponseSudanese government arms Janjaweed militia, comprised mostly of members of Arab nomadic tribes who have been in conflict with settled farmers in Darfur. Janjaweed kill and expel Darfurians Janjaweed has been translated as devil on a horse in Arabic

Janjaweed in military fatigues in Geneina.

Activity #1- Class Work:Complete reading on Sudan and questions that follow (CCLS RI.1-citing strong and thorough textual evidence to support analysis).

Sudan Video

SummaryWhat factors led to genocide in Rwanda and Darfur?Thematic Essay Writing 4/4Aim: What steps/measures must be undertaken when writing a Thematic Essay?Do Now: Answer the questions below.What is a thesis statement?How do you write a good thesis statement?

Thesis StatementsWhat is a thesis statement?-tells reader what the essay will be about-tells reader what point you will be making

How do you write a good thesis statement?-look at your outline or theme/task*What are the main ideas and supporting ideas?

Your thesis statement will have two parts.-1st part states the topic. -2nd part states the point of the essay. *Or it lists the main ideas you will discuss

Thematic Essay WritingThe purpose of a thematic essay is to measure your comprehension of social studies concepts and themes.It requires you to make connections and links between different historical events across time.

Writing the Thematic RemindersMake sure Intro and Conclusion do not consist of This is What Im Going to Do and This is What I just WroteUse Outline for your essay. By doing so you address the clear plan and organization task of the question

Writing the Thematic RemindersAfter you write a sentence make sure you can not ask yourself a Who, What, Where, When, Why, or How question. If so you didnt write with enough depth.Be sure to use outside info. and to Analyze the Theme not just making a huge laundry list of information. After you write a sentence make sure you can not ask yourself a Who, What, Where, When, Why, or How question. If so you didnt write with enough depth.

Terms You Need to Understand-Thematic Essay Rubric

Student Thoroughly addresses all TasksEssay is More Analytical than DescriptiveRichly Supports the Theme with Facts & DetailsBeyond a Restatement of the Theme

Practice: Change [Individuals Who Have Changed History]Identify two individuals who have changed global history and for each: Explain one belief or achievement of that individual Discuss the positive and/or negative effects of the individuals belief or achievement

Essay PacketThematic Essay Rubric (This will be attached to your essay)Helpful hintsSample Essay ThemeScoring NotesRead Sample EssayWhy is this essay considered a 5?

FridayGlobal History and Geography Content-Specific Rubric Thematic Essay January 2012