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Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). And how they are important in the 21 st century By: SB. What Are GMOs?. GMOs are organisms who have had their genetic makeup altered to give them new characteristics or traits. Can be used to greatly improve all types of organisms Bacterial Cells - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

    And how they are important in the 21st century

    By: SB

  • What Are GMOs?GMOs are organisms who have had their genetic makeup altered to give them new characteristics or traits.Can be used to greatly improve all types of organismsBacterial CellsPlantsAnimalsHumans

  • How Theyre CreatedDesired gene is isolated and cut with restriction enzymesReplicated many times through PCR or bacterial plasmids.2 ways of getting the gene into the cell- A vector (bacterial plasmids or viruses)- Shotgun method (bio-ballistics)Done in the embryonic stem cells.2 types of genetic engineering- Positive eugenics- Negative eugenics


  • GM Bacterial CellsAntibiotic resistant bacteria made to help find new drugsHuman genes added to bacteria to produce human hormones that can treat certain diseases or disorders.Certain bacteria can be used to benefit our environment.

  • Genetically Modified PlantsEnhances the taste and quality of fruits, vegetables, grains, etc.Takes less time to ripen and stays ripe longerGreater resistance to disease, insects and herbicidesIncreases the yield of the crop




  • Genetically Modified AnimalsAgricultureBetter yield of meat, eggs and milkIncreased resistance, hardiness and productivityPharmingCertain animals produce substances that are useful in treating human patientsMedical ResearchHelps to determine what certain genes doExperiments done on animals with human diseases allow for discoveries of new drugs

  • Genetically Modified HumansEradicates all genetic diseases.All physical traits of a person can be modified to be what the parents wish.Its believed that psychological and social characteristics can be altered as well.Improve health and lifespan.

  • Pertinence in the 21st CenturyThe use of genetically modified crops and animals to help solve world hunger problemsUsing genetically modified bacteria or animals in the field of medical research to find or develop new drugsGenetic engineering of humans to eradicate genetic diseasesGermline manipulation of humans to produce designer babies

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