genetically modified foods. what are gmos? what does gmo stands for? – genetically modified...

Download Genetically Modified Foods. What are GMOs? What does GMO stands for? – Genetically Modified Organisms GMO Definition: – Genetically modified plants and

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  • Genetically Modified Foods

  • What are GMOs?What does GMO stands for?Genetically Modified Organisms

    GMO Definition:Genetically modified plants and animals created by moving desirable genes from one organism or species to another

    GMOs are also known as Transgenic organisms

  • Genetically modified food can help decrease world hunger & diseaseGolden rice: is rice that has been genetically altered using genes from daffodils and a bacterium.The result is rice that has high vitamin A and help prevent blindness

  • Golden Rice

  • Herbicide-resistant CropsCrops are genetically altered to make them resistant to weeds & this decreases the amount of chemical herbicides that have to be used (good for the environment!)

  • Insect-resistant CropsCreated when scientists took a gene from a soil bacterium, modified it, and introduced it to plantsWhat HAPPENS?Transgenic plants can now produce a toxin to kill specific types of insects

  • Top 5 Countries who use GM cropsUSA (63%)Argentina (21%)Canada (6%) Canola, Corn & SoybeansBrazil (4%)China (1%)

  • Genetically Modified Animals*They are developed to grow faster and resist disease*Transgenic cows produce more milk on less feed

  • Genetically Modified AnimalsSheep, cows and pigs can even be modified to produce higher levels of protein = more meat.

  • Frankenfoods

  • What are some arguments against GMOs?Frankenfoods

  • Arguments..The development of Superbugs, which are resistant to pesticidesLong term effects of GMOs are unknownWho owns agricultural advancements?-What about developing countries?-Farmers need to purchase hybrid seeds?

  • Terminator Plants

    These plants are genetically engineered so that they kill their own seedsFarmers need to purchase new seeds every year, instead of allowing their crops to pollinate naturally

  • Transgenic FishWhat could happen if Transgenic fish escaped?

  • Europe and Transgenic FoodsIn North America, many of us are not aware that we are eating transgenic foods as labeling laws DO NOT EXISTIn Europe, labeling laws require GMO foods to be labeledEuropeans are far less accepting of Transgenic Foods

  • Time for a Video.Take out a piece of paper and make a T-chart

    Pros of GMOsCons of GMOs


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